Monthly Archives: October 2015

MusicTech Magazine Review: 9/10 Stars for Drum Werks XXVII

Groove Rock Drum Loops - Live Drums for Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Nice to see one of the solid hard hard-rocking additions to the Drum Werks Series received received so warmly by our friends over at MusicTech Magazine. You can read the full review in the September 2016 edition, but this summary should suffice: Uncluttered, driving rock grooves with a punchy sound, which would work well as…

Beta Monkey releases over 1 GB of new odd time drum loops

Odd Time Meltdown IV Product Image

Beta Monkey delivers another round of odd time drum loops to inspire the rock, prog-rock, and fusion drum tracks you’ve always wanted. The newest member of the Odd Time Meltdown series, Odd Time Meltdown IV brings a modern punchy mix to a decidedly uptempo and energetic collection of drum loops in 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, and…