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User Submitted Track Using Jazz Essentials II Drum Tracks

User submitted video using Jazz Essentials II

Live Jazz Drum Tracks in Action – Jazz Essentials II It’s always nice to hear what our drum loops and drum tracks can actually do when put into the right hands.We go to the best rooms and hand the sticks to some of the best players in the business so you can make your songs…

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? | Competing Product Crossgrade

The Only Serious Choice for your drum tracks. Beta Monkey has got your style.

Bought “other” loops that let you down? If you shop around, you’ll notice we always beat the competition in terms of price and value. We offer no-nonsense low prices every day and deliver loop releases with hundreds of inspiring and usable grooves. No over-priced, underwhelming drum packs here. But, sometimes you are mesmerized by the…