Can We Ask You a Few Questions (And Save You 25%)?

We appreciate your business and value your opinion of our products. To help us continue making great loop and samples, we’re asking you to share your opinions and ideas about loop and sample products.

Simply take this one-minute (survey it’s truly under a minute – the average time for over 300 surveys is 57 seconds!) and we will get you a special code to save 25% on any order with us.

Beta Monkey Survey

It truly will help us know what we are doing right and, more importantly, what we might need to work on!

We appreciate your business, wish you the best, and hope to hear your thoughts soon.

Enjoy the grooves!

5 thoughts on “Can We Ask You a Few Questions (And Save You 25%)?

  1. Tommy Riot says:

    Great loops! Need new products been waiting for years now on a new double bass Mania. Looking forward to a thrash double bass Mania!!

  2. Keith Shaw says:

    Your samples are great and simple to use. I have published 2 songs and am working on a 3rd now. I started using them in November of 2017.

  3. Peter Gutteridge says:

    Great drum loops guys I`m using them as we speak on some original songs and the only thing I wish came with the collection I downloaded were all the single hits so I would have the kicks, snares,hats, and crashes to match but hey that`s no drama.

    • Beta Monkey says:


      Most, if not all, of the Beta Monkey loop packs have complete matching samples. Which set did you get? We can certainly get you the samples if you let us know.

      –Beta Monkey

  4. Faron Collins says:

    First off let me start out by saying these loops are some of the best available. Levels above drum machine kits and virtual instruments. There are some caveats and some areas that would be more useful for myself in particular and possibly other artist as well. There are some kits that have a ringing tone on the snare it’s a minor bug and can be EQ’d into a happy medium. Another is a lot of the kits are much too busy for simple rock tracking. Fancy and complex is okay but when you are searching for a groove in song creation it sometimes gets in the way. And I end up searching for a simple rhythm to build with. I did purchase one kit that had multi velocity single hits and this was great for finding the right drum for a particular sound. I would like to see a kit released in multi track. What I mean is a main groove with all the kit together and then the groove broken down into individual files for kick, snare, toms, hats etc., as well as room and overheads. This would allow for building a very dynamic sounding kit in a multi track DAW recording and each piece could be tailored for individual sound. There are some other loops out there that sell multi track files but it is done wrong and they can’t be processed for that thick beat sound. They provide room and overhead but it isn’t clear it only bring mud into the mix. I have been creating my own room mixes by using individual hits on separate tracks blended with a main groove with slight reverb. It works well and can be made very thick and lots of punch (without muddiness) Anyway that is my thoughts on it. Y’all keep them beats comin’

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