Metal Drum Tracks Still Flowing from the Double Bass Mania Series!

YouTube Screenshot of customer using Double Bass Mania drum loops and drum samples

The Double Bass Mania Series – Still Inspiring Metal Drum Tracks Every now and then you get sucked down the Youtube wormhole and you come across all sorts of things. This video came up and we heard the drums and thought, “Hey, wait a minute, these drum tracks sound familiar!” Sure enough, the audio was […]

User-Submitted Video Using Jazz Essentials II

Jazz Drum Loops, Jazz Drum Tracks - Jazz Essentials Sample Series

Jazz Essentials II Jazz Drum Loops: Commercial Our drums show up everywhere. Check out this one, using the full-take live jazz drum tracks from Jazz Essentials II. Video Info: Content Marketing for The New Summer Lamb Burger. Music from Beta Monkey Music, editing together tracks from their Jazz Drum Tracks collection. If you need some […]

Beta Monkey Drum Loops in Action!

Angel Reca – Florida based guitarist has been playing Hendrix and Hendrix inspired music since the seventies, he is one of the best in the business when it comes to Hendrix! The video features the bluesy-rock, rock drum loops of Drum Werks IX – get the same drum tracks behind your music. Learn more about […]

User-Submitted Video Using Double Bass Mania II

Double Bass Mania II… wreaking havoc from the very beginning! When we released Double Bass Mania way back in 2004, nothing of its kind existed. Literally, there was nothing out there that was for metal songwriters and guitarists in terms of loop-based songwriting tools. If we remember correctly, this way before anything like Superior Drummer […]