Product Review | September 2016 MusicTech Magazine | 9/10 Stars for Double Bass Mania VIII

Always nice to hear that others see our work the Heavy Metal Drum Loops: Double Bass Mania VIIIsame way we do: as the most usable and versatile live drum loops available anywhere.

And, what makes this review particularly rewarding is that is so highly praised for a genre seldom covered in the world of drum samples: metal. As always, a big “hats off” to the folks over at MusicTech Magazine for recognizing the quality and value of the powerhouse collection of metal drum loops found on Double Bass Mania VIII.

A bit of what MusicTech had to say about Double Bass Mania VIII modern metal drum loops:

If you’re after some intense metal drum grooves to add power and excitement to your tracks, then you might want to check out Double Bass Mania VIII from Beta Monkey Music. Recorded and mixed by one of metal’s leading engineers, the library contains over 1GB of deep and punchy toms, fierce snares, and fast but tight kick-drum rolls.

The playing really is world class, with some blistering fills and high octane beats delivering straight-up metal grooves alongside more complex syncopated patterns and alternative time signatures.

Get some serious metal drum performances into your music today with Double Bass Mania VIII: Metal Drum Loops.

Double Bass Mania VIII is part of the Bay Are Recording Sessions. It is fully compatible with the loops and samples on Double Bass Mania VII as well as Drum Werks II:Reloaded.

Read about about multi-library compatibility from many of our Beta Monkey sample library series.





Double Bass Mania VIII; Pure Modern Metal Review