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Jazz Drum Loops and Drum Tracks: Always live, always acoustic!

The Jazz Essentials Series delivers jazz drum loops and jazz drum tracks for traditional jazz, big band, swing, bebop, jazz trios, Latin-Jazz, jazz brushes, and jazz ballad styles. To capture the free-flowing improvisational spirit of jazz in these loops and samples, we recorded some of New York City’s most in-demand jazz drummers live in the studio.

The result? Versatile songwriting and rehearsal tools for jazz musicians who demand 100% live acoustic jazz drums.

Available Jazz Drum Loops and Jazz Drum Tracks

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Learn More About Our Jazz Drum Loops and Jazz Drum Tracks

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. Get Beta Monkey jazz drum loops and get all the swing you need.

All available libraries in the Jazz Essentials Series strive to explore the essential grooves of jazz music. These collections cover a wide range of tempos (and we do mean wide!). From a relaxed 60 bpm to an energetic 325 bpm, our jazz drum loops and tracks offer users unmatched versatility in writing new jazz music or simply practicing along to a live studio drummer. However you like your jazz, our jazz loops and tracks bring live, acoustic performances to your music. Available as loops as well as full-length drum tracks.

All the basic swing patterns are performed with brushes and sticks and span a wide range of playing styles from swing, bebop, and big band to modern Cool Jazz and Latin Jazz.

If you think you can program jazz drum tracks with MIDI, think again. One listen to any of the Jazz Essential libraries and you will hear the difference. You can get the subtle swish of brushes on the snare, the punchy accent of the kick, the human pulse of the jazz ride pattern. And, it's recorded live so it never sounds the same. Just deliciously unpredictable and perfect.

Authentic jazz drums are notoriously difficult to capture. Recording involves a wide range of dynamic levels, syncopation that often go beyond the bar, complicated snare and kick comping, delicate brush sweeps, kick drum feathering, and more. It's a lot of information for the microphone to pick up. Not to mention, of course, recording the swing only a live musician can express! Jazz beats are essentially impossible to program.

The Solution?

The Jazz Essentials Series - the jazz drum sample libraries that will definitely bring "real" jazz grooves into your music.

We've captured the essence of jazz drumming in any style you're after. From slow ballads, spaciously and beautifully performed with brushes, to the frenetic pace of bop with energetic rolls, we've recorded it. If you want jazz loops and performances that need to be 100% authentic, you need the real thing.
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