Beta Monkey Presonus Studio One Drum Loops

All Beta Monkey drum loops are ready for use in Presonus Studio One

Looking to get some quality PreSonus Studio One drum loops? While Presonus’ Studio One® includes loop and sample content, many users are turning to third-party providers to truly get the grooves they really need and want. It’s hard to get your creative juices flowing with a bloated “one size fits all” grab bag of loops. Sure, if you do techno and electronic styles, they have you covered.

But, what if you’re after drums for jazz, rock, blues, or metal? Studio One includes their proprietary Audioloops, Musicloops, and Soundsets for PreSonus® Presence™, Impact™, and Mojito virtual instruments, but the styles they include are certainly not for everyone.

That’s where Beta Monkey comes in and delivers the drum styles your music actually needs.

presonus studio one drum loops

Can I use Beta Monkey in Studio One?

When you have more demanding needs for your Studio One drum loops, let Beta Monkey deliver the real studio drums you’re after.

All Beta Monkey drum loops are compatible with PreSonus Studio One. After previewing the loops, you simply drag and drop our ACIDized WAV format loops or Apple Loops onto available tracks in Studio One.

You’ll find it quick and easy to locate the Apple Loops and Acidized WAV grooves you want and to create a professional drum track that will inspire your music.

Check out the video from PreSonus below for a help on how to work with loops in Studio One.

Not currently using Studio One?

PreSonus offers a free demo of Studio One if you’re interested in trying out one of the newcomers to the DAW market. Many users swear by its capabilities and features so, if you haven’t tried it for yourself, you can do so easily by visiting PreSonus here.

Download Studio One Professional Demo:

Download Studio One Free Demo: