Root Tempo™ Songwriting Drum Loop System Info

The Root Tempo™ Songwriting System is a Beta Monkey exclusive innovation designed to help songwriters develop drum tracks quickly and easily. It was developed for styles of music that frequently employ shifts in tempos, notably half-time (or cut-time) and double-time tempo shifts.

Beta Monkey Drum Loops Catalog

An integral component of such styles as metal and rock, we’ve built our tempo-based Groove Sets to include all related drum loops in a single folder. So, rather than searching around for loops with half or double your project tempos, all tempo folders contain loops in half-time and double-time varieties.

How does this work?

Take this situation as an example: You’re working in a metal project that is set at 120 BPM. You’ll find plenty of loops for that given tempo. But, you have a section that needs a half-time feel. Rather than going to a 60 BPM folder, you could first start with the half-time feels in that 120 BPM folder. These files are labeled as HT (“Half-time). Later, in the same project, you want to take the song out with a double-time feel. Again, you could find loops in a folder at 240 BPM (if there is one), but, instead, you look for double-time grooves labeled as DT (“Double-time”).

We’ve grouped them in Root Tempo™ folders for songwriting ease. No need to change project tempos or insert a tempo change – they are configured to drop right into the root tempo of the project and get you back to what is most important: making music.

And, while we are on the subject, you’ll likely notice that many Beta Monkey discs are conceived with another concept in mind: Complementary Tempo Sets™. What this means is that many discs were created with tempos that naturally (and mathematically) complement one another.

So, you’ll see loop folders at 60 BPM and 120 BPM or 80 BPM and 160 BPM. This allows for more cross-compatibility across the disc. It is easy to take a 16th-note fill in an 80 BPM folder and use it as an eighth-note fill at 80 BPM. A simple charge of the loop properties in your DAW would easily allow for you to make greater use of the loops contained in the loop library.

We hope you find the Root Tempo™ Concept useful in your songwriting efforts. We’re confident you’ll find it a powerful way to bring more dynamic drum tracks in your songwriting!

Check out the drum loops shop for all Beta Monkey sample products, including the many which are built upon the Root Tempo™ Concept.