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Our History and Story

Beta Monkey Music has developed critically-acclaimed drum loops and drum tracks since 2001, providing songwriting tools for over 90,000 artists worldwide. We are known for several popular sample library product lines, including the Drum Werks, Double Bass Mania, Jazz Essentials, Odd Time Meltdown, Rock Hard Funk, and Pure Country series of drum loops and drum samples.

For use on all Mac and Windows audio DAWs, our drum loops and drum samples can be heard in a wide range of film, TV, and advertising as well as countless music projects, commercial and home recording.

Beta Monkey Music has been reviewed with acclaim by music magazines worldwide, including Electronic Musician, ReMix, Music Tech, Sound on Sound, and Recording Magazines. Read what the press has to say about our loops and samples.

Why did we start Beta Monkey?

Beta Monkey Music began with a simple philosophy: Offer musicians a viable alternative to high-priced loop libraries and produce genre content not typically offered by the sample and virtual instrument industry.

Beta Monkey quickly evolved and has developed over 50 drum sample libraries for multiple styles of music including rock, alt rock, heavy metal, blues, country, fusion, jazz, and world music. Beta Monkey Music is the go-to source for acoustic drum loop libraries for artists wanting an alternative to virtual and MIDI-based drum track products.

As one of the world’s largest independent developers of drum loops and drum sample libraries, we offer creative inspiration to artists looking for the live vibe and rhythmic possibilities only live drumming can offer.

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The Beta Monkey Difference

Beta Monkey offers the highest-quality drum loops for many styles of music: rock, country, blues, metal, funk, jazz, fusion, pop and more.

What sets our drum loops and samples apart from the rest?

Great Value: We offer the most competitive prices around. Compare our prices anywhere and you will find that you get two or three times the drums for any competitor’s price. Sure, we could charge $49.99 a library, but we won’t. We’d rather have you get two or three loop packs, love them, and come back for more. We do a huge amount of repeat business and price is certainly an important factor. Pay more elsewhere or get more here. It’s that simple.

Great Service: We make sure you get the right product and we stand behind our product. Need help before or after purchasing? We are here. Our customers send us their music and praise daily – It’s not by accident that these things happen. Visit our contact page for any help you may need.

We pride our company on providing the best customer service available anywhere – just ask any of our intensely loyal and satisfied customers. Email us! Ask questions or just say hello – you will be heard.

Great Drums: While other loop sellers offer heavily processed, heavily effected, and repetitive drum sounds (and, even worse, programmed MIDI drum loops masquerading as live drums!), Beta Monkey offers a wide variety of clean, pure drum loops. The one comment that consistently comes back to us is that our drums are incredibly usable. The choice is yours. We’d like to suggest you choose the real thing.

And, as our user-submitted music demonstrates, there is a simple truth and beauty to what we believe in and offer. Listen to what our customers have written over the years here.


Beta Monkey – The drum loops that put your creativity first.

Hard-hitting rock, alt-indie pop, blues, jazz, fusion, country and metal — Beta Monkey drum loops are powerful songwriting tools for all musical genres.

As the world’s most popular independent drum loop producer, our sample libraries deliver incredible bang for the buck – inspiring artists to record, edit, and mix their music with easy-to-use and natural acoustic drums, delivering professional studio audio quality and creative control throughout the entire songwriting process.

So, who needs Beta Monkey? Learn more!