“These loops are INSANE… BAD ASS!”

— Nikki Sixx / Mötley Crüe

“Thank you so much for the great drum material!”

— Vernon Reid / Living Colour

“These are how rock drums should be played. My Fox TV spots rule because of Beta Monkey!”

— Mark Slaughter / Slaughter

“Enjoyed Drum Werks IV… already pieced a nice track together.”

— Anthony Kenney / The Kentucky Headheaders

"I'll admit, I use the hell out of them, cause I've checked out a lot of different loop CDs and sites, downloads, etc.... and you guys blow everybody else away."

—  Donnie Vie  / Enuff Z'Nuff

“Why didn’t someone tell me about Beta Monkey before? Best usable loops I have ever heard.”

— Luca Tomassini / Indie Recording Artist

“Beta Monkey drum loops are designed to juice up your tracks.”

— Keyboard Magazine

“Drum loops that are well-played, well-recorded, and natural sounding. Excellent performances that sit nicely in the mix.”

— — Darwin Grosse / Recording Magazine

Beta Monkey Drum Loops – Customer and User Testimonials

If there is one thing we have always appreciated, it is the kind words of our customers. We know everyone has a lot to do – personal lives and professional lives as well as our musical ones.

So, for anyone to take the time to let us know how much our products have done for them, then we feel we are doing a lot of things most companies, big or small, just don’t seem to do anymore. Great prices, great grooves, great services – that’s why we outsell our competition. On to the kind words of our customers…

Some notable testimonials…

“These loops are INSANE… BAD ASS!” — Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe)

“Thank you so much for the great drum material!” — Vernon Reid (Living Colour)

“Enjoyed the Drum Werks IV… already pieced a nice track together.” — Anthony Kenney (The Kentucky Headheaders)

“These are how rock drums should be played. My Fox TV spots rule because of Beta Monkey!” — Mark Slaughter (Slaughter)

“Why didn’t someone tell me about Beta Monkey before? Best useable loops I have ever heard.” — Luca Tomassini (Indie Recording Artist)

“Beta Monkey drum loops are designed to juice up your tracks.” (Keyboard Magazine )

“Drum loops that are well-played, well-recorded, and natural sounding. Excellent performances that sit nicely in the mix.” — Darwin Grosse (Recording Magazine)

Twenty Years of Customer Praise!

We used to organize praise by time, but there’s just too much to organize given it’s been coming in for about twenty years. These comments were emailed — remember that old-school way of getting in touch? — prior to the move to our automated method of collecting feedback and reviews.


“The Jazz Essentials III multi-track loops sound great.” — Chet Nichols

“Thanks a heap. I love the beats you guys sell.” — Lucas McGee

Thanks for the links! The kits sound really nice! Completely changing the sound of my recordings for the better and inspiring me to program some nice drum lines. Cheers, Pascal

“Perfect! Thanks, Chris! The samples sound great!” — Allen Simpson

“I purchased your Blues loops, they sound great!” — Clarence Bush

“Got the Pure Country V download, dropped it into the song, sounds great! Thanks again!” — Traz Damji


Dear Beta Monkey Music,

I live near a very small and pretty impoverished coal mine town in western Colorado and have very little opportunity to get a drummer to come to my house to record music. I can’t thank you enough for the great drum loops and tracks. I just finished my first recording using the jazz tracks I purchased yesterday, the file name is “120_Straight_C”. It’s a little rough but I think I’ll get the hang of doing this with some more practice.I hope you might enjoy knowing how much I appreciate being able to record my own music projects. I just uploaded a sort of music video using my finished song entitled, “Wassup” hopefully to get some gigs for my band. I gave you credit at the end of the video for sure. I’ll also attach an .mp3 for you too.

If you know the drummer who contributed to this project please pass along my many thanks for doing such an outstanding job! Also, please ask him/her to package up a full menu of jazz brush tracks and loops too will you please? I could surely use some of those for some ballads and swing tunes.Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to doing more projects starting tomorrow. I have many ideas waiting now thanks to you guys.http://youtu.be/9NYKjUUzTII

— Respectfully,John Paul Riger

“Thank you once again. You guys are the shit! I will be ordering from you more often and telling everyone i know how RAD your loops are and how helpful, fast and efficient your customer service is!” — Lundy K.

“Amazing! Thanks so much for the quick response! You are a life saver.” — Andrew Keeble

“These are by far the best sounding collection for odd meters i have heard. Keep it up and you got a customer for long long time.” Thanks, Ron H.


“Just about done with my first recording using this awesome loops (Drum Werks II: Reloaded – Modern Hard Rock Drum Loops). I like ’em just as much as the DBM Series. Awesome!” — Tom Cline

“I’ve used your stuff on all 6 of my CDs and I bought both of these to use on CD number 7. You guys rock!” — Jerry Vayne

These are fantastic samples. We are very grateful to use these! Thanks! — Jenn Susner

“I’m a big fan and user of your wonderful loops!” — Dave Talon

“The loops have such variety and just that overall power sound needed for any genre. I was able to easily make a song in less than 30 minutes -that I am fully happy with. These loops are killer the best I will use them for a long time. They are simply amazing.” — Cheers, Brian Waymire

“Just wanted to add “Thanks!” for developing such a cool and useful collection. Looking forward to getting the Percussion set soon. Please put together some Latin and Fusion based sets.” — Jimmy Layton

“Many thanks in advance. Keep up the excellent work, I have been looking for this kind of stuff for over 2 years ;-)” — Best regards, Jan Piette


“I’d like to give you a little feedback on my live drum loop experiences. I’m a guitarist and work mostly with live drum loops.I’ve found yours to be the most natural, unprocessed recordings. I like the sounds of the new rock groove package. I just thought I’d give you that 2 cents. I’ll monitor what else you release this year.” Thanks, Rich

I know you have a tons of people hit you up to share what they are doing with your product, and I am no different! lol.I just wanted to share an instrumental Progressive Metal Album I put together using Beta Monkey Loops. I used the full “Double Bass Mania” line. Your products are by far the best I have found and it really adds a sense of power and professionalism to recordings.Thanks again for the great work, I look forward to your next series!Please feel free to use any of the songs as examples if you would like.https://soundcloud.com/this-urban-grave/sets/this-urban-gravewww.thisurbangrave.com — Cyan Black

I REALLY appreciate the time you’ve taken to provide all of those details. It’s exactly what I was looking for. From listening to the user demos it’s difficult to compare drums, since, as you’ve said, each producer uses different techniques.I’m producing a project and looking for thick, Zep-like drums, but would like to add a few odd time signatures here and there to keep the mix interesting. It looks like the combination of “Odd Time Meltdown II” and the “Drum Works XV” and “Drum Works XVI” should do the trick.I will be ordering those libraries. Take care and keep groovin’!- DP

“I’m from France and I’ve been building all my songs with your loops for the last several years. Your sound is so great! I have practically all of your loop collections.I can’t wait to have the newest ones. Have a good day and thanks again to everybody at Beta Monkey!” — Yohann Burton

“You guys have totally expanded my guitar and bass playing with the loops so far. Thank you and I will be getting more.I have the Odd Time ones – I plan on ordering more. It’s the only drums on my album – I will send you guys a free copy when it’s finished. Please create more loops – I will buy them!” — Chazz Korvex

Thanks for your help. You guys offers some great products. Thank you for your time and for offering an excellent product. Have a great day!”– Loyal Customer,Steven Murphy

Beta Monkey Drum loops are the best drum loops out there! I have tried many other ones, but they don’t even come close. The Double bass Mania series is insane! I am working on Odd Time Vol 1 now. good stuff! — Bo Cano

Thanks for this. The loops are doomtastic!!! — Nico Spahni (referring to Double Bass Mania V and Double Bass Mania VI – Doom metal drum loops

“Love the loops so far!” — Anibal @ www.zenproject.nl

“Hi Chris…I’m a huge fan of Beta Monkey drum loops and have told many of my friends about purchasing drum loops from you guys, which are by far the best I’ve ever heard. Keep up the good work. You have a fan for life.” — Geoff at Large

“Your stuff is just awesome. I’m excited to get my hands on this one. Thanks for the great stuff!” — Justin Valente – It’s All Starts With A Simple Philosophy!Thank you very much Chris. I got them and will download them tonight and start having fun with it. It’s good to know that there are other business as mine, that share the same philosophy regarding good costumer service. Great to have someone like you that share the same philosophy.Kind regards,Sage.Sage Benadowww.benadoeffects.com

Chris – just want to thank you for putting out such a high quality product. I have bought a bunch of your loop libraries over the years and they are always terrific. Most of the tracks that I have put together for my soundcloud page start with your loops and I thought it was time I said thanks Here is the latest track I put together with a little help, using your Drumweks 23 – Blueshttps://soundcloud.com/justin-valente/little-by-little-collaboration. — Thanks again, Justin Valente

“I got the links and they’re downloading now. Thanks, you guys rock!” –Rich Wilson

“I have long been a customer and am always happy about new sounds.” — Regards Walter Meller

“Really appreciate your help. I’ll get onto my music PC in a bit and get them safely downloaded. As for the REX files….I’m using quite an old version of Cubase, they import and play OK but some of the cymbals sound almost clipped to me (probably my ears!). I’m not doing anything exotic with regards beat slicing or anything like that, just straight loops so REX doesn’t give me any advantage.On a separate note – these are really brilliant loops, the sound of the kits and the playing really is top quality, very impressed.” — Best,Graham Hilling


“Woo! Thank you very much! I received the revamped Double Bass Mania loops and they sound just fantastic. I was just wishing for some new metal drum samples recently so this worked out swimmingly. Thank you so much again and I’ll be sure to send you some material with Beta Monkey’s loops or Drum Werks’ samples.Have a lovely day.” – Luke

“Hey Chief!Just wanted to write a quick mail to you – I bought the new Double Bass Mania 1 – reloaded set that was released in the middle of march and I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and the team for putting together another spine-tinglingly good set of grooves with an absolutely monster drum tone. I’ve gotten all the sets of double bass mania so far, bar 5 and 6 as the wife has orders to get that for my birthday!Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that I was so inspired and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some more beta-monkey goodness that I got the Drum Werks sets 9 and 11 today to give them a whirl as well.To be absolutely fair to you guys, the marketing blurb on your site is totally accurate – none of the nonsense you get from different sample companies, just honest to goodness sweet grooves at unbelievable value. Suffice to say, I never use anyone else for drum loops. Anyway, you guys rule! Keep on making the world keep on rocking!” — Cheers, Derek Scott


Praise For the Latest Doom Metal Drum Loops!

“First I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my DOOM loving heart for making these loops. YES! YES! YES! The metal gods delivered me a mighty fine Christmas present this year. I have wanted these for a very long time!!!Thank you,Gary Lambert PS…You have no idea how much you made my day when I saw these loops. My motto: Tuned Lower and Played Slower!!! Horns Up” Got ’em (Double Bass Mania V and Double Bass Mania VI) … Actually a couple of hours ago… but I was Jammin’ away while they were coming down and got side tracked… LoL! Thanks Again… You Guys ROCK!!!” — Rob Howard

“It is now 00:49 on Thursday January 24th, and I have just completed the downloads.I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me with these loops. I will not forget it. You can be assured you will be my first port of call when looking for loops in the future. I will recommend you to anyone who needs loops.May I take this opportunity to wish you all you would wish yourself for the years ahead.I’m off to bed now. Looking forward to discovering all the new loops over the next few days.” — Dave

“I have some new demos I’m working on which will feature pedal steel, a singer, the works! The “Pure Country” drums really make all the difference. They blend in the mix effortlessly and they feel so authentic, I love them!” — Alex Cattaneo

“I just got home and the disks were in my mailbox, now it’s time to kick out the jams. Thanks again, I can’t wait to get started!Cheers!” — Denis Tytler

FOLLOW-UP (A Few Hours Later) “I just want to let you know how happy I am with these loops. Well worth the wait. I have the drum pattern for one song and working on another. Very cool indeed !Cheers!” — Denis Tytler


“Hi Chris,Thanks for the links. I am now downloading them. Great products you got there. Will come back soon for more loops.Happy holidays!IanF@#k you guys are fast at responding. That’s awesome ….no hassle and thanks.” — Dennis Houle

“Love your stuff and service, by the way.” — Regards, Bill Farrelly

“Files received … they sound GREAT.Thanks, I’ll be back!” — Michael Coffin Informed Publishing

“Wow, that was fast. I’ve got the loops and they sound great. Thanks for the incredibly fast response, it is much appreciated. You guys Rock!!Cheers,Jeffrey Carvalho

“Thanks Chris…I appreciate your customer service, it is outstanding….loops too!” — Sam Casamento

“All is good — downloads complete! Loops are killer too by the way, first tune nearly done. “Nearly” meaning the 90% that takes 10% of the time. I’ll flick you a result when finished. I really appreciate the fine work you’ve produced.” — Cheers, Miklin Halstead

“Thanks a lot for your help, and for a great product. I don’t underestimate the value of useable, organic, acoustic drum loops that can sound totally real when doing a “full band” recording without a drummer.Thanks for being a part of what I do.” — Autumn Sun Productions

“Just wanted to send you an email telling you how pleased I am with the service, the loops and the overall experience I have had with your company. The loops are great, perfect for what I need and the delivery was super-fast seeing as I live in England.Keep up the great work and I will be using you again when needed.” — Thank You,John Dixon


Best Letter of Praise this Year. A MUST-READ!

I just got Double Bass Mania 4, and I’m pretty excited. I have been a solo musician for quite a few years now, and you guys have really been an important part of my music.A couple of years ago, I was making music with a crappy drum machine built in my guitar processor. I was new to drum programs, machines, and loops. Especially loops. I was desperate to add heavy drums to my music, (I play metal) and you don’t think about how much drums really add or take away from music ’til you have none.So, after searching on the net for drum machines that were extremely expensive, not to mention hard to use for a newbie, I found you guys. I googled something like “Double bass drum program for metal” and up pops Double Bass Mania. I read up, and my god! it sounded perfect.Now, I’m always on a strict budget, so I don’t have room for mistakes. I took a chance, and got Double Bass Mania II. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was happier than a schoolboy at a strip club. THESE LOOPS WERE BRUTAL!!!I now swear by Beta Monkey, and I recommend you guys to everyone (except my rivals). The thing that was so great about these loops, is that anybody can use them. Its not hard to copy paste. On top of that, these loops sound good in several genre’s. I made thrash, black metal, and death metal just to name a few.I just can’t run out of good things to say about them.

Did I mention how cheap they are? When a buddy “borrowed” my Beta Monkey disk and never returned it, I got another brand I will not name, (big mistake) and they claimed they were brutal metal samples. It was over 150 bucks. If you think Motley Crue is brutal metal, it would be perfect for you. I wasn’t impressed, and for the amount of money I spent, it should’ve been great. After some time, I’m online again, and I just got Double Bass Mania 4. I’m waiting for it to arrive, and I know I won’t be disappointed.Thanks for what you do.My music would suffer without you.

–Leslie Collins

Beta Monkey Note: If we never received another email thanking us, then this one alone is worth all the hard work we’ve done over the last ten years. It really is one that stands above, for so many of the right reasons.

New Feedback… A Long Time Coming! So many nice letters have come in and we really have slacked on keeping the testimonial page current – just too much to do keeping things running smoothly while putting out new and inspiring content. So, here’s a few of the more memorable ones. And, if the last one included doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will!

“Beta Monkey drum loops inspire me to keep kicking out the tracks! Ive got three local drummers I work with, but I tell you the work to set up the drums and get a good drum sound is very tedious and hard work. That’s were your guys loops kick ass to help get to point A to B more quickly with more professional results.I’ll also get you a mix of my Floyd Cover when I get a chance.” –Thanks, Jeremiah UnderGunned Productions

“Hi Chris, Just want to take some time out to say thanks to everyone involved in creating your double bass mania library. I have been using these samples and loops for a few years now and for someone who likes to hear their ideas and fashion their own demos, they have surpassed any expectation I could’ve had before purchasing. And don’t get me started on value for money! Amazing!!Attached is something I’ve created for my band using these samples.” — Thanks again,Jonathan Ruffles

“Thanks Chris! Beta Monkey ROCKS! And thanks for the freebees, guess I better put on some coffee… it’s gonna be a late night in the studio” — Michael Wysocki

“Hey guys, first off you fucking rock! I have double bass mania 1 and 2 (among other drum werks libraries) and I wanna get DBM 3 and 4…but I noticed you have a package deal for all 4 for $80…otherwise they are $40 a piece, so it would be $80 for just 3 and 4. Any way you can cut me a deal or am I just fucked if I already have 1 and 2 and only need 3 and 4?” — Thanks,Adam Lasater  Beta Monkey Note: We took care of Adam, got him a deal only the discs he needed. Needless to say, he was happy.

Man, I wish I’d known about you while I was working on the Guitar Hero tracks from GH3 until the final one.AMAZING sounding drums and loops. You’ve got a really good thing happening here… I’ll definitely be back. Best, Steve Ouimette www.steveouimette.com

“Just wanted to praise not only your product but also your customer service. I called on a Saturday and got to talk to a real, live person who actually knew what he was talking about.Your CD has allowed me to just concentrate on the music writing and my own guitar playing. I recently made a demo for a friend and he was astonished when I told him that, no, I did not form a band …. that that rockin’ beat came from a drum loop!” –Tom Coolberth Leominster, MA

“Everything is cool & the download is complete. Thanks again for the speedy reply and download link to accompany the order. Been browsing through several of the loops and I’m definitely recommending Beta Monkey to other songwriters/producers, composers, and filmmakers we know.” — Jay

“I have all your amazing collections of drum loops. I would like to know when Double Bass Mania V will be released and if I understand that it is a collection for Doom metal mood? Really?” — Thank you,Ludovico Padovanps.

“Thank you to you, I have fired my bad drummer!!! I’m free!!!AMAZING product you guys have! I’m having so much fun! Y’all gained a new loyal customer.” — Nathan Rice

“Thank you! You’ve got a great product and excellent service! Really appreciate your help. Downloading everything now.” — Michael McMorran

“This email is just to thank everyone at Beta Monkey for helping me bring back my love and passion for composing music again. Beta Monkey Loop Praise Pull Quote 02I purchased the Double Bass Mania II and I’ve been enjoying every second of it. I thought I would share my appreciation for Beta Monkey for helping me bring back something I thought was gone for ever.Thank you.” — Alvin Betancourt


Five stars product review

“That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Awesome. These loops work perfectly for the project I’m currently working on. I shouldn’t talk trash. But I will. I bought some loops from _______________ and dropped like $150 for essentially 50 squashed loops and about 1800 fills. I’m stoked to try out your stuff!” — Joel

“The download is complete. All is cool. The files sound amazing and I’m excited about putting them to work. I appreciate your quickness & awesome customer service. I will highly recommend Beta Monkey tracks to all my people and continue to work with you in the future. Thanks again.” — Jeff Eisenbraun


Here are a couple of songs that I put together using your “life-saving” terrific files. Thank you very much mate and keep up the great work! Cheers & Beers!” — Shaun Christensen


Your loops are far and away the best I’ve ever bought. I have never had to ‘fix’ a loop, because it was not done right. Yours are the most perfect and seamless.They are the most usable. Also I get a lot for the money. I’ve paid more for some loop disk and gotten a fraction of what you guy’s offer.” — Thanks, Andrew Vega


“I got so excited I forgot to send you the note that I completed the download! Sorry! I completed the download right after you sent it. Loops are awesome! Thank you so much for the quick response and the terrific product! You guys rock!” — Ed Shultz


While many emails come in every week, sometimes one stands out. With that in mind, here’s a really thoughtful one from a long-time Beta Monkey User who goes way back! Fred doesn’t know we are posting this, so hopefully he doesn’t mind! This one is from Fred Leo at: http://www.fredleo.com/2010/08/04/a-recommendation-for-beta-monkey-drum-loops/

A Recommendation for Beta Monkey Drum Loops.
Posted on August 4, 2010 by fred

Of all the forms of advertising (and my background includes a lot of time at an agency,) one of my favorite forms is the testimonial, and I mean the real testimonial, not the acting in Activia commercials. Oh, I know, it’s rarely a particularly creative genre, but to me it can be the most believable and therefore very effective. Even better than that is the unsolicited user-generated testimonial, which is what this is.

I first stumbled on Beta Monkey Music years ago, I believe not too long after proprietor Chris Donlon started his loop business. From the outset I was just delighted with the loops, the sound quality, the grooves, the useful way he packages them. He obviously put a lot of thought into how to guarantee their ultimate usefulness. And I used the crap out of them, so much so that all these years later (at least, what seven?) I continue to buy and use his loops. More often than not, I actually start most compositional efforts with a loop that particularly catches my ear. Other times, I’ll have come up with a guitar riff in my head and browse through my Beta Monkey loops to find he’s already anticipated it. If you browse through his libraries, I think you’ll be impressed with his musical knowledge.

Lastly, I’m just really impressed with how he does business. He’s a great communicator, does everything he promises, and really wants his customers to be happy. I wish he’d run for office. But failing that it does my jaded heart good to see a guy build a solid business and reputation the old school way. Beta Monkey Music has earned a lot of fans, so if you’re in the market for loops, shop reassured.


Five stars product review

While we try to keep everything updated on site, something always gets neglected. Maybe it’s due to the fact that we have put out four new releases this year so far, pounded through three major recording sessions in various places across the U.S., and did our damnedest to meet the daily demands of groove-starved customers… well, you get the point! On the the latest wave of kind words from Beta Monkey loop users from around the world.

Just thought I’d share this e-mail that we got from Jim Vallance last week… since we used your drum loops in the song we demoed for him. — Take Care, Rob & EcHoS oF eNvY

Wow, good band. I like some of the heavy influences (Slipknot, perhaps?).

Your drummer is very solid, but some of the guitar parts need to sync closer to the drummer. If you’re recording digitally, it shouldn’t be too hard to nudge stuff into line.

Very impressive musicianship and arrangement skills. With some proper production and engineering you guys would sound amazing. Good work.

Best wishes,


(And, if you are looking for a really thorough and thoughtful look into the world of songwriting, Jim Vallance’s site is one of the best around. You owe it to yourself as a musician and songwriter to read his words about the work he’s done with major artists such as Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, Alice Cooper and Bryan Adams. Visit the notes section)


I just thought I’d send you what may be your first “glowing testimonial” regarding the new “Classic Backbeats 2” download… Great job, well done!

There were quite a few times as I was just trying out grooves at random where I started playing along with the loop, and it repeated itself, and I played a little longer… and so on, …’til I noticed 40 minutes had gone by! I noticed a long time ago that people respond to those old “tried and true” beats… of which you had some, …but they also like it “spiced up a bit” …and you had some of THAT as well…

I know I’ll have a great time piecing together the different segments and, hopefully, I’ll come up with the “Next Great American Pop Song”… HEY… I think I’ve got an idea for one of those “reality” shows…

OK, I’ve got to give Simon a call, and then my accountant… and, of course, my lawyer(s)…

Keep up the good work…

Mark Bennett


Chris..You the MAN!!! I’ve been using acid pro for years and I’ve never come across that feature…I tried it and it worked. Hey..I really appreciate you taking the time to point that out to me and including the screen shot. Now I can use all the Grooves…the new ones and the older ones I ordered from you a few years back that had a few folders with lower than 70 bpm that I never used. Again..i love the new Vintage rock grooves I got today…they sound great..just right..not over processed or anything…very cool.

Thanks again!
Charlie DeYoung


“Beta Monkey knows Metal. You guys are the best.” — Thanks, Jack Pepper


I’ve just downloaded the files and everything appears to be working fine. I’m very impressed with the loops so far and especially your customer service!Your products are certainly a good investment – can’t go wrong! Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Your customer service can’t be beat!

Thank you,
Jordan Doherty


“Download finished! They sound amazing, next time I need some drum tracks I will be buying them through you again no question. Thanks again!” — Adam Saylor


“Thank you very much for the very prompt response! Your loops are AWESOME and very affordable! Great customer service!” ~ W. Kyle Young


“I was able to download the loops and I played around with them last night. They sound great and are perfect for what I need. Thanks again!!!” –Brett Clark


BTW, thanks for being reasonably priced and having loops that kick ass! I think I found you via Google, luckily as I had been buying the rather shitty and overpriced Platinum loops in the past for my DJ work. Your work is better and cheaper. I can appreciate the effort and time to produce quality sounds and keep it down-priced – an extra pour in your favorite drink sir! Have a great weekend, expect a multi-pack order next week…

David Santora


“I already downloaded the two files. They rock. Just like as usual. Just continue to make great drum grooves.” — Philippe Laiss


I received the link and got the demo done that was needed. Thanks so very much for following-up. You guys have a terrific product and service to match. If there’s any logic to the world, you should be highly successful!”

— John Higgins (Hal Leonard Studio)


Thanks for your prompt help. You wouldn’t believe how many companies do not seem to care… or maybe you would.”  — Thanks, Tom Osborne


Love your drums, sir!




Five stars product review


Thanks very much, I got the links and all seems groovy. I was the lead guitarist for The Pretenders for 15 years or so and now I am doing production/t.v music and have used your drums before and found them to be very useful, so I am looking forward to more overdubbing!


Adam Seymour


I was able to download the loops and I played around with them last night. They sound great and are perfect for what I need.

Thanks again!

–Brett Clark


Beta Monkey knows Metal. You guys are the best. Thanks, Jack Pepper


I just wanted to let you know I keep getting compliments on my “drum sound.” BTW, I give you all the credit!

A customer and fan,

Robert Patton
New Caney, Texas


Hey! Just downloaded DBM 3…. EXACTLY what I was hoping for! Great job, you guys should be really proud of yourselves! You guys really know how to take care of your customers…VERY much appreciated.

While reading the text documents included in the download, I came across the other thing I was looking for: the Multi-Velocity Drum Samples for the ENTIRE kit. I was so hoping you’d be including that and I am very excited you did. This way, I can sequence my own loops from those samples, and they’ll blend perfectly with the loops that Beta Monkey has provided.


-Brian Spector


Thanks Christian! Ace service and fantastic sounds by the way – really impressed.

Regards – Jules Davies



Yesterday I received the discs with the loops. They are totally f###king awesome. I didn’t know that I can play at 200 BPM!

Thanks for the work and the excellent price. I have only one question: Which Drum Kits are you use at the Double Bass Mania Series? It`s not really important but I wanna know what`s the Hardware?

Greetings from Germany!

Ulli Hoffmann


10/29/09 – Kind Words Continue about Our 2009 Releases!


Thanks again. Must say at first pass these sound great. Complements to the crew. – And I am a Berklee grad – yes some do graduate, in percussion/performance.

– Dan Adams

Can I just say that out of all the drum samples I’ve gathered over the years? These are the best sounding and most useable ones I’ve come across.

Thanks again,


So far what I have heard from DBM 3, these are the best double bass loops and samples that I have heard. Definitely an asset to my loop library! Cant wait until 4 to get the break down loops to compliment 3, Great work!


Fritz Seitz

Hi Chris, eternal thanks for producing Double Bass Mania III. I am really looking forward to doing a new album and BTW, I got a small deal out of the CD i produced with dbmII so praise be to you for helping that happen!


Cal Scott


Thanks Christian! Ace service and fantastic sounds by the way – really impressed 😉

Regards – Jules Davies


Hey! Just downloaded DBM 3….EXACTLY what I was hoping for! Great job, you guys should be really proud of yourselves! I’m excited that in ONLY 4 – 5 weeks, the half time loops will be ready. That’s much earlier than I expected! You guys really know how to take care of your customers…VERY much appreciated.

It said that you guys would be able to send me the 200MB download for that. If you could send that ASAP that would be greatly appreciated. This way, I can sequence my own loops from those samples, and they’ll blend perfectly with the loops that Beta Monkey has provided.



5/12/09 – Some Fresh Words about Our Latest Releases (and some classic ones too)!


Let me start off by saying that what you guys do with these cd’s is amazing. The Double Bass Mania 2 cd I just purchased was amazing with the samples I heard. Thank you very much for your time and help on this situation.
Lee Jackson


Just a quick note to let you know I’m all set, got it all, loving it and can’t wait to use Drum Werks XI! Some very appreciated work on all the new sets I picked up, so thanks again! You’re the BEST. I’m glad you’re slammed! More is more! Just keep it up!
Steve at the Time Machine R & D


Thank you so much for getting those available so quickly – it is greatly appreciated. It’s this type of service that will make me a repeat customer every time. I’ve downloaded the .zip file and I should be all set.

Be well and thanks again,



I just downloaded the files. Thank you so much. I just started to use iDrum and needed some good rock samples. I just loaded some of the samples and they are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.
A customer for life.

Nick Matty


Thanks a million!! I received the loops, and i’m off to a session. You guys ROCK!! – Jason Hodge



Thanks so much. I just started downloading it and it looks like it will be done in about 32 minutes.
I just wanted to say, that you guys are the friendliest, most attentive internet business folks that I have experienced. From the little hand written notes that have come with cds to the service provided here for downloads of cd purchases and the quick response, “no problem” kind of attitude it’s all excellent business savvy.

….and the drum loops are wonderful too! You can’t beat that.

Tom Straub (a big fan)



Thanks for the link. You guys rock!! Its nice to see a company stand behind its products like Beta Monkey does. Every product I have bought has been first class and highly usable. I have purchased a lot of sample cd’s that I ended up using one or two hits from but I can honestly say that I have built entire drum kits and tracks from a single CD bought from you. I will recommend your product to all my co-workers, other studio owners and the members of the various beta teams that I am on. Once again thanks for the link and keep up the good work.

Ron Forrest



Received the CDs from my first purchase on your site and I cannot record music without your loops now. Many thanks for your works.

Best regards.

Thorel Sebastien



OK Mate! I’m done downloading. Very good service you guys’ve got going there. Quick, easy, friendly, fantastic value and the quality is excellent.

I’ll be back for more I’m sure.




Thanks for the updates on your products. As mentioned before, these loops are the fucking best!!! You need to advertise this shit in all the Guitar Magazines out there, or websites, or whatever bro…I heard about these through taking lessons for George Lynch, and they were recommended from another of his students…

One thing that would be a personal request while you are creating all of these loops would be similar to something like Steinbergs Groove thing…which you can program loops with sounds from the 60’s all the way up to current. This is the only thing that I would request because of the variety of styles I like to incorporate.

I have tried mixing these with other loops and they dont blend well, for one because your quality compared to other loops is far more superb, it is like mixing a scratched vinyl record sound with something of DVD clarity…In other words, not a good blend.

So, to get to the point, a request i have for future versions would be to include a sound of late 60’s bands, early 70’s like John Bonham sort of style, or Bill Ward, guys that played with complete feel. What would be fucking ideal man is if you could create a simple software interface like the Steinberg Groove Agent thing, include all of these loops with more variety of styles…If you haven’t already done so, get a copy of it so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. Again, only a request because i would rather use your loops exclusively rather than trying to mix yours with others of lesser quality which i have been experimenting with but the blend never works because yours is far more superb in quality.

Either way, thank you for your valuable time, and keep up the great work…



9/19/08 – A Busy Summer Getting Drums to the World!



Thank you Christian. All has downloaded well and I am currently plugging my loops into my music! Thank you very much. This is a great service and I will be sure to continue ordering from you guys.

Kindest Regards,

Lionel M. Brown




Everything downloaded fast. I can now wait for my CD without being impatient 🙂 I love the relationship with US people and the way they consider their customer care. When I bought my first CD from BMM.com, I remember you had signed the invoice, which is something completely unusual here, I even had told it to my wife. I know I’ll buy some other products from you (this is my 3rd one).

Keep up the good job, I love your loops ! And the price is perfect!

Greg Massa


Hi Christian,

I received the Drum Werks IV today and just wanted to say “thank you”.

My order is now complete and I really do enjoy the grooves 😉

Thanks again,
Juha Salonen


“Hey Chris, Bo again with another order. I just can’t get enuff of dem Monkey loops!! I bought Pure Country 1,2,3 and Drum Werks XII this time. Thanks for putting out a really useful tool for songwriters/guitar players who don’t play drums!!

Bo Cano


“I purchased the punk drum loop disc – thanks for your awesome products!!!!! – Eric Herbon



Hey man,

I just bought the Odd Time Meltdown package. The Double Bass Mania II library was so Bad Ass I just had to get the new package.

Thank you guys so much,

Robert Revell



Hello Chris,

I got the package yesterday. It’s here on my desk and I will start using them today!

By the way….awesome customer follow up! Kudos to you on your great business practices!


John Murphy


5/01/08 – Some Springtime Praise for The Monkey!



Hey Christian,

I just got my Drum Werks VI and loaded it into Logic… I am so impressed with the quality and versatility of these loops… wow. Talk about bang for the buck! My teacher is going to be so happy that I finally have some proper drum tracks to use for our BLUES lessons! Just wanted to thank you for the excellent product.

Anne Cutler

I have Double Bass Mania I as well as a number of other metal loop libraries. Yours is unquestionably the best in my opinion.


Don Dewulf
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


“All I can say is… phenomenal service. Wow.” — Michael Hacker



Hey Chris,

I’d like to say thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I researched you folks on the internet before purchasing and I found nothing but praise. And I can see why.

I’m impressed. And I’ve only touched the sample pack so far. I’m excited for the real deal.

Thanks again!

Joshua Davis


Man you kill me! Good product and good business practice….. are you sure you are located here in America? Well put it this way….. if I had Pure Country vol 1.APPLE… sadly there would be nothing left for me to buy. Then I would go into a slow decline, with bad loop withdrawls……neurotically checking the website 3 times a week for new drugs….. I mean drums. I am not addicted.

Yes I am…..

Dude thanks again. I’ll be looking forward to your new stuff. Keep up the awesome work !

Long live the monkey

David Gill




Thanks again for all your help. And I love this stuff from Beta Monkey. Working on a track now and looking forward to sending it to you when I am done. I will respond as soon as the download is done. Again, thank you for supplying the drums for my music. This stuff has truly blown me away.

Beta Monkey user for life,

– Joe Gontarek


“Thanks for making everything cooool! The stuff is GREAT! You have in me a faithful buyer… The Natural volume is Excellent! Plenty of usable tracks. — James Amelia


You don’t know how relieved I am to finally have something good! I’ve been frankensteining other loops to get an almost believable track.

Thanks again,

Lisa Simons



Hi Chris

Just received my Pure Country (III Nashville Brushes), and I am some kind of impressed with your product! Excellent stuff. I am fairly new to Mac/Apple and using Garageband (after being a Cakewalk/PC user for years, what was I thinking?). I am a songwriter but also play out with backing tracks once in awhile, and could never get the right brush sound for the country material. You’ve solved that problem for me. Being that I play all kinds of music, I’ll be buying several more of your great library in different genres in the coming months. Keep up the great work.

Mike Philbin


Hail satan and…. whatever! Great fuckin’ instant drum loops – just add riffs and mix 😉

Bless you Chris! Can’t wait to put ’em on the new shit…

THANX man!

Thomas Olsen (Denmark)



12/31/07 – Best Year to Date – Thanks to All of You!


“I just received the correct order today. Great customer service! I will definitely be purchasing from you guys again. Beta Monkey does live up to their word. Thank You!” – Clayton Matthews


“I got them all downloaded! Thanks a ton! You really went above and beyond! Thanks again!!” – Steve Harp


“Download worked great and loops are awesome. Thank you for the outstanding service!” – Justin Valente


Thank you so much for everything. The download was flawless. This is a really great feature and certainly played a big factor in me buying your product. It is definitely something that sets you aside from your competition… musicians can’t make curb their creativeness for 5-10 days while waiting for it to arrive… I really appreciate your quick response to my request and I will certainly recommend you to fellow musicians.

Thanks again,

Mike Fowler


“Just finished with the download. Thanks a bunch. I’m really looking forward to working with these grooves. You guys rock!” – Gary C. Brown


Thanks for arranging this. The downloads have been successful. I had a quick skim through the loops last night as was really pleased with the range and quality. Hopefully this will kick start me into getting more of my songs properly demo-ed. I will definitely look to explore some of your other products.

Have a good break over the Christmas period.

Thanks again,

Gareth Mills


” I intend on getting the attention of artists and labels alike with this. I am VERY pleased with your loops, they will bring inspiration for me with a lot of different ambiguous timing changes and patterns are possible with them, and that is my next move with my music. Anyway thanks for the awesome sounds” – Blaine Gilder


” Christian you’re the man!!! Thanks again so much you’ve made my day, I look forward to getting stuck into them with Reason tonight as soon as I finish work !
(still blown away that genuine metal loops of this quality even exist!) – Wayne Langlois



Hi Christian,

So I have to tell you that the loops are SMOKIN! Solid enough that I just ordered the punk disc. If you wouldn’t mind making them available for download, you’d rock even more than you already do, which is a lot!


Rob Silva


How you guys doing? Great loops by the way! Used in conjunction with Drumagog, your guys’ loops are the absolute bomb! They also make to make the creative process that much more creative. I’ve always said “The thing that inspires me most as a guitarist is a rock solid drummer.” With Beta Monkey your samples have done just that! I’ve been so grateful for these loop CD’s that I’ve placed a few banners supporting and promoting a fine product!

Thanks a million!

Bart Leggiero “L.G.”


I am really happy to inform you that I received the Beta Monkey Drum Werks Volume XI: UpTempo Rock Grooves CD in the mail today, and the first impression of the loops are really astonishing. I was working with the loops from the other two Cd’s I got from You late this night, and I must admit I was a bit impatient to get the opportunity to also use these faster rock loops, endings, fills and one shots. I was really in the mood for playing some serious heavy and fast rock.
Now the CD is here, and for the moment I’m trying to figure out which groove I shall use for my next song. There are so many to choose from. Pure luxury.

Thank You very much once again

Morten Hjollo




I have purchased grooves from you in the past, and bought some last week,as well as I will be buying some in the close future.

You say in your receipt, thank you for the purchase, but I say to you thank you for the product! You and your team are a God send.

Once again, thank you for the creative inspirations!

Dave Valenzuela



The New Drum Werks IX and More Brings Out the Best in Our Customers!


A nice collection of recent feedback – have to say that the first one really tells it like it is!



The happiest guitar player in the world!!! Wait till my ep comes out!!!



Hello Chris,

I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say how much I love the drum loops.

I’m a guitar instructor at www.Guitartricks.com and I’ve been using your drum loops in my lessons. Man! do they make an impression. Members are often asking me where I got such great tracks. Ya gotta love the monkey, he brings in some mean beats lol

They really bring my lessons to life and I’m getting a lot of positive comments about them.

Thanks for making such great loops year after year.

–Benoit Nadeau
Guitar Instructor


These are exactly what I was looking for. Great sounding and very tight and inspiring. I’ve already got started on my first track with them, have a listen, work in progress. It’s at:



Jason Tessen


Hey, i just received the Rock hard funk and Odd time Meltdown cd’s. WOW. recording and the drum sound is great. i like how the snare sound high in pitch
and not to mention the sweet riffs. definitely useful for my sound design and audio productions. will send something when i have made something nice..

cheers and thanx!!

Youri Hectors



Hi Chris,

First let me say that the quality and methods used in recording your loops are great! I’ve bought several of your drum loops and have emailed you about needing Country Loops. I’m so happy you have come out with this CD and can’t wait to get it in my grubby little hands. I’m really happy with them!

Keep up the great work!

David J. Machac


Just wanted to thank you for the excellent product, good shipping speed, and superb customer service. These loops are exactly what I was looking for, and I am now able to continue recording.

Thanks Again,

David Craig


“Your stuff makes my job MUCH easier…keep up the great work! “





You rock! Thanks so much! This is like my 13th title from you guys, I just can’t get enough Beta Monkey! These are, without a doubt the best drum loops available anywhere!

That was way over the top, Bro! Thanks for those loops! This is why I love doing business with you….you have a great product and you take great care of your customers.

Have a great holiday weekend!





Beta Monkey,

Wow…. That’s all I can say. You guys kick ass! I ordered on Friday, order was processed on Sat I think, and then I received it on Monday! Impressive none the less. The shirt was well worth the five bucks since I would have paid that much for shipping. The little effort such as handwriting on the receipt and all the feedback emails really impressed me. That’s the shit people notice!

I ordered Double Bass Mania I, II and Drum Werks I. So far I’m floored, I have more content than I can shake a stick at. The content is organized very well also (I’m a coder, and you’ve been able to go above and beyond what a lot of the people who spend their life in front of a computer do!).

Thank you!
I’ll def send in some of my shtuff when it gets there. I’ll definitely be a returning customer. The tone on DBM II is perfect for what I was looking for.

Oh btw, I figured I’d mention where I saw you guys from just to spread word:

Paint Your Own Guitar Main Book


Thank you yet again!




I’ve been recording from the DB Mania (I and II) Loops CD’s for a couple of months now and I’ve never enjoyed composing as much as I do now. People that hear my new recordings just don’t see how I can put together such incredible sounding music without hiring a drummer to play on the tunes. The DB Mania CD’s have not only inspired me to write and record again, but they have challenged me musically in many ways. That being said, my style of music/recording leans toward a progressive metal and off-time sort of feel. Are there any plans for a Double Bass Odd Time Loops CD? I’ve toyed with the idea of purchasing the Odd Time Meltdown loops from you guys, and I still may, but my music relies heavily on the Double Bass drums… Thanks for creating such awesome loops!!!!


Joel T. Benton


“Awesome! That is fast service – I’ve heard you were the best, now I see you ARE the best !! Can’t wait to replace the tired old samples in my collection with these. I will be buying Double Bass Mania 1 and 2 very very soon ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!! -Scott H


“First off I want to thank you all at Betamonkey Music. I’ve got Double Bass Mania, Oddtime Meltdown and Rock Hard Funk, and I am very pleased with what I’ve been able to pull off with these drum loops. You guys have made some killer loops! And thanks again for the awesome professional way you guys do business.” – Aaron Azevedo

8/27/07 – Crazy from the Heat – More Praise for The Monkey!


Thanxz for the great service. The drum loops are being used in a Boss BR16 digital recorder with a wav function. They work great and seamlessly. I am looking forward to buying more products from you guys!The 2-CD set Rock Hard Funk is sweet sounding – I am going to get those next. I am sort of going with a 311 type sound fused with heavier stuff, like fear factory. THE Double Bass Mania disc is great. SCREW DISCRETE DRUMS. YOURS are BETTER and SOUND BETTER.




“I just got DBM II and I love it. The loops are awesome. I spent about an hour or two browsing them and I must say they’re much better than the others I’ve heard.” – Scott Crapo


First off, I want to thank you all at Beta Monkey Music. I’ve got Double Bass Mania, Odd Time Meltdown and Rock Hard Funk, and I am very pleased with what I’ve been able to pull off with these drum loops. You guys have made some killer loops! I have only one complaint. The majority of loops you guys have created and the majority of other loops I have feature a closed, very tight sounding Hi-HAT, there are a few but not nearly enough OPEN HI-HAT beats on these loops. Alice-n-Chains “Them Bones” type stuff is what trying to find.Some people got to have “more cow bell” I got to have more OPEN HI-HAT! Let me know whats up.

And thanks again for the awesome professional way you guys do business.

Aaron Azevedo


Awesome! That is fast service! I’ve heard you were the best, now I see you ARE the best!! Can’t wait to replace the tired old samples in my collection with these. I will be buying Double Bass Mania 1 and 2 very very soon!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Scott A.


“Download completed OK! Thanks to your Help! Congratulations about your products! Very Good!” – Vladimir Alves Vidal


Really fast shipping and awesome loopz…. Keep rocking like that! Best Regards, Davide Buscemi




I’ve been recording from the DB Mania (I and II) Loops CD’s for a couple of months now and I’ve never enjoyed composing as much as I do now. People that hear my new recordings just don’t see how I can put together such incredible sounding music without hiring a drummer to play on the tunes. The DB Mania CD’s have not only inspired me to write and record again, but they have challenged me musically in many ways. That being said, my style of music/recording leans toward a progressive metal and off-time sort of feel. Are there any plans for a Double Bass Odd Time Loops CD? I’ve toyed with the idea of purchasing the Odd Time Meltdown loops from you guys, and I still may, but my music relies heavily on the Double Bass drums… Thanks for creating such awesome loops!!!!


Joel T. Benton


7/23/07 – A Midsummer Night’s Praise Update!


Just want to say thank you from Germany. I received last week your Drum Loops CD and they sound amazing. Great work and fast shipment. I will enjoy and come back to you concerning more drum loops!

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Martin Puchter
Verden, Germany


Hi Chris! Just received my order (The 4-CD Alt & Modern Rock). I’m sure they wouldn’t have arrived so quickly if I had ordered them from a company in the UK – 11 out of 10!


Henry Nurdin (U.K.)


Just wanted to let you know that I received my Extreme Double Bass 2 CD and it arrived fast and in perfect condition. All of the tracks are excellent and I love it!!! I have a good friend in Florida who emailed me some metal riffs and I hooked them right up with some drums from your CD in Ableton Live and sent it back to him and he was amazed at how cool it sounded. I am very, very satisfied with my purchase. You have answered my need for a sample CD like this. True metal drums that are played in the way that I want them. I love it!

Now I have something to practice my bass guitar skills and work on my guitar chops and write songs. I am not writing this to blow smoke up your ass but dude this CD kicked my ass into gear. Thank you…and Thank you for creating this product. I am sure that I will be making another purchase in the future. Keep creating and kicking ass.

Gary Lambert


“WOW! Thanks for the ultra-prompt response. You guys are amazing!” – Mike Gatto


I own Double Bass Mania I & II. i am very pleased with your product and support. I am telling my friends to check you out. I would like to know if you are coming out with anymore double bass, “metal” drums, you know DBM 3 & 4?

If you could let me know that would be great. that way I won’t buy any crap from somewhere else. Keep up the great work and keep us metal heads in mind.

Tthank you,

Kent Neideffer

I’m a HUGE fan of your loop libraries. I hopped up online today ( 05.14.07) and saw that your $69 deal was ending on May 12th, yet the offer’s still up online? Are you still offering that deal? Please let me know, as my credit card is in hand…

Thanks for your time and for a GREAT series of products…

Best regards,
Rob Granger


Hi Chris.

I’m a home recording instrumentalist and have used BetaMonkey loops for a little less then a year now. For me, quality drums are a fundamental ingredient for a song being complete. I find BetaMonkey loops invaluable to reaching this goal.

I responded to a question on a recording forum about alternatives for creating rock drum parts when a real drumer isn’t an option. I advocated your product and provided a link to one of my songs as a sample of what can be done using these loops. Another forum member, claiming to be an acquaintance of yours (unfortunately, I didn’t get his name), suggested I send this song to you.

I’ve since learned you accept user submissions. If you feel this song is a good demonstration of the flexibility and potential offered by these loop, Let me know and I’ll happily let it be used for that purpose.

“The Way Through” – http://www.darenwoodall.com/songs/TheWayThrough.mp3

Some details:

I recorded this song in my home using Pro-Tools LE 7.1 and Acid 4 for arranging the drum part. The collection used for this tune came from the Drum Werks V – 90 BPM – Straight Rock and Pop Grooves with an assortment of single hits including cymbals, open hi-hats, kicks, etc.

Though I have a sizable collection of BetaMonkey loops (about 9+ CDs worth), but I need to diversify this collection a bit. Look to hear from once I’ve solidified in my head what I’m after.

Thanks for the great product,

Sincerely, Daren

Daren Woodall
Austin, TX


6/25/07 – Kicking Off the Summer with Some Kind Words!


“Tthanks again for the CD, it’s easy to use and works great. Delivery was quick and integration w/ ProTools is seamless. I really like the concept of your company – truly helps out those of us who are drum-deficient.

Joe Cirello


“Thank you for shipping the loops out so fast. I really like the quality of them.” Aaron Griffith


Hey Chris…… A big thank you x 100….I got the cds which was a great surprise…. as I was about to embark on peicing together a drumtrack from oneshots….. perfect timing and greatness on your behalf…. Looking forward to hearing the latest Nashville hit outs when they are cut up….

Thanks again

Hughie….4.37 am…. time for bed…. still working


Wow! Those are some really awesome metal jams! I’m very impressed. I’ve been on your site for last few hours just listening to samples, and I like everything!!. I’m also very impressed with the Punk and Odd Time Signatures CDs. I’ll probably get more that 3, like you suggested, because it would be cool to have access to many styles.

Thanks a lot for your help – you guys rule!

Paul Leach


Hi Christian! FYI, I was just licensed again for MTV reality tv, several songs used your loops……cool huh? I attached one for you to check out with your drum work. I also wanted to throw you two songs I did a while back with your drums (I think I’m one of your earliest customers??). These tunes made the cut and were featured on MTV’s Road Rules/Inferno 2 back in 2004/2005.


Dave Whiteford aka “Theron Day”
Engineer/Producer/Recording Artist
Porkchop Studios, Bel Air MD


Thank you for the incredibly short amount of time you took to ship my Jazz Essentials CD to the U.K. – Sean Doherty




I got turned onto your product from the Future Music 2006 Buyers Guide drum loop disc. My band, Soul Ephect, is in the process of buiding a recording/rehearsal studio, so unfortunately until then we have no place to rehears or record. So my bassplayer and I decided while the whole studio thing is going on that we’d lay down some demos on Pro Tools Le 7 (also in order to learn how to use the DAW and the MBox2), and your product came to mind quickly for me because I was very impressed with the loops on the Future Music disc.

My band’s music has been played in Cleveland on Randy Allar’s “The Fusion Show”, and in Rochester New York on “The Academy Of Shred” radio show hosted by Steve Bauer, manager of former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland’s band OHM: , with Robertino Pagliari (who has also played with Frank Gambale), and legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker’s son, Kofi Baker. Both Randy and Steve have become good friends of mine.

So your product will definitely be a plus…a MUST actually, in producing our demo recordings, and perhaps might wind up being on our next disc as well. Also, I am planning on purchasing the “Off Time Meltdown” disc as soon as possible because I think it will be of great use in the music my band records.

When I get something down on the Pro Tools DAW, I will send it your way to check out. Thanks for producing these great products and for so little in return monitarily.

Stephen Garen
Wilmington, Ohio


5/29/07 – FIve Years Strong and the Nice Words Continue to Flow!


“Thanks a bunch. I just ordered the Natural Grooves CD. I think I have just about every other disc.I licensed 25 songs to MTV a couple weeks ago. I used your drum loops on about 20 of the songs. They will appear on the dating show called “Next.” The contract allows them to use the songs on all of their networks which include VH-1, Comedy Central, and Nick at Night.”

Thanks for your help. Love the Monkey.

Randy Feifer
GuitarWavs (www.guitarwavs.com)

“Thank you for producing awesome beats and samples. My name is Dallas and I live in Australia about 5 hours west of Sydney. I have been using your beats for a year now and can’t get enough of them. Please find attached a song that I created with the double bass mania cd with a few friends of mine one drunkin night. Let me know what you think.”

Thanks again

Dallas Keenes (Australia)


“I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely happy with the Double Bass Mania cd. The playing and the sound is perfect. I can put your grooves right in my sequencer and they fit right in the mix. I attached a song I am working on using some of your grooves (it isn’t finished yet) for you to check out. Thank you so much for a wonderful product! You ROCK.”



“You sent it Thursday. I thought I would get it the middle of next week (being a holiday weekend and all)…thanks so much. This is my second purchase from betamonkey and you guys never seem to fail…I tell all my friends about ya. I hope things are going good for you. You’re the best!! Thanks for the hard work and the awesome drums!!!!”

Robert Harrison


“Thank you for your attention! I want you to know that your grooves are the best that I had ever listen!!!”

All the best,

João Faustino

4/26/07 – More Kind Words from the Most Loyal Customers Around!


“That’s great!!! Thanks a lot for that. The other cd’s are awesome. The funny thing is, there’s so many grooves to choose from, even from just the handful that I have, that I actually find myself spending a butt-load of time trying to decide which I like for a particular tune. Add the single hits and a ga-jillion ways to arrange them, and i’m usually m.i.a. for days. So, to answer your question, they’ve been invaluable. They all sound great and they really sound “alive” in the songs…if that makes any sense to you. I guess that’s why I keep coming back for more.

Anyway, I’m actually working on a couple of tunes right now using the grooves I got from you. Once they’re completed to my satisfaction, i’ll shoot you a copy. Hopefully they do your product justice. thanks again bro…and keep up the great work!!!

Jason Roxas


“I have just fallen completely in love with your drumloops. I have been ordering several loop-cds from you, and I’ve been overwelmed by the quality on the loops. Now (today) I am going to order som rock loops (wav-format) from your webshop!”

Best regards from Arnt Petter Andersen (Norway)
“the betamonkey-loop lover no #1”


” I just received my new CD’s, DBMII, Drum Werks I and Natural Grooves, and
wanted to let you guys know they are awesome. Perfect grooves for songwriting in my style which is instrumental guitar ( Vai, Rusty Cooley etc.). I actually told my wife to come in and hear them when I was listening to DBM II!”

Again Awesome!!

Lee Carlson


“Thanks man! Awesome playing Chris. I’m such a fan of drummers, I’ve been spoiled in working with some really amazing guys, but it’s always such a hassle and expensive to get them to record, or go searching for a new guy who can cut it. Your service really works great for me. I wish you guys continued success! I’m looking forward to getting a new bundle of your stuff shortly.”

Steve Hale


“Chris, Thanks, it makes a pleasant change to deal with someone who is in the business for the right reasons. I’ll spread the word as you suggest and will look forward to the Beatles disc at some point in the future.”

Neil (Leeds, UK)

3/23/07 – The Good Word Continues into the Fifth Year of Beta Monkey!


“I bought Double Bass Mania I and II and I’m amazed with the results. I’ll send some demos soon. Anyways, thanks so much!” – Rodrigo Albarran


Many months (maybe two years) ago I bought Double Bass Mania. Til now my favourite scource for Drumloops. Thanx so far. PLEASE build up your Download Store. I’m writing here from Germany and (I’am honest) don’t have the patience for shipping. I’d like to pay via Paypal and immediately get a download link. That’s really something I miss about Betamonkeymusic!




I have not come across any other product that even compares with yours. I was glad to see the double bass mania samples on the last issue of Musictech DVD. Keep up the awesome work!!

I also would like to say that you guys are by far the greatest when it comes to rock, hard rock, and double bass drums. The quality of the CD’s are awesome along with fairest pricing in the biz. When I first loaded up my double bass drum CD I was blown away at the quality work and also at finding something out there that will fit my music styles. Hard and heavy. I have turned several of my guitar friends on to your product.

Keep up the great work. I will be making more purchases in the near future.

James Botts


“Holy hell — Double Bass Mania II blows the first one out of the water! I didn’t think it could be done, but these are phenomenal! Thanks so much!”

Twice satisfied customer,

Nathan Laff
Denver, CO


” Here is a tune I did using 180 bpm Drum Werks V5 disc. It’s a demo for my band Sodajerk but I played all the instruments. You can check us out sodajerkcountry.com. I love these loops!”


Alex Brenner


Received them on Monday. Been arranging and working with them since then. Very good material here to use. There are so many good loops, I am having trouble deciding which ones to use. Where I would use 2 to maybe 3 loops per song using Sony’s drum loops, I am finding that I am using 8 to 10 loops, mostly because of all the good fills and the way the loops are organized in the disks. Thanks again for the prompt delivery and response.

Carl Tripodi


“I am creating a 12 song CD using your loops only. Honestly, I would never use a real drummer again unless it was to tour. No attitude, no lack of communication, no PAY, just real deal drums. For me as an artist its no compromise, and that is the ultimate freedom.”

Rosario Panzarella


“I just received your loops yesterday—– I’ve got to say—– I love ’em. I appreciate all the work you do in putting these together. Excellent sound—–all kinds of options—–ALOT–packed on to these discs. I couldn’t be happier—–exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Again,
Grant Castleberry


Christian, I did just as before -the order came very quickly. You guys are doing a great job, and the T shirt fits perfectly! DBM1 is really cool, I think I dig DBM2 a little more but they are both awsom. Are you planing on doing a third one anytime? I love the sound of the sets on DBM2, even if you did sort of a refill thing for DBM2 with tons of new fills etc. that’d be great. Anyways keep up the good work, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again.

Ray Grimson


“I have listened to some samples and was very impressed with the drum loops. They are extremely well done and much better than what came with Sony’s Acid Music Studio.”

Carl Tripodi


“Thanks Christian! They are awesome. You guys ROCK! Keep up the great work.”



“I got my CD’s last Friday. your customer service ROX!!! I will be sending a song that i recorded using Beta Monkey sometime in the next two weeks. Thanks for the priority issue!”

Jason Netardus


“Your products are amazing. I just ordered my first one and can’t wait for it. I work for Guitar Center in Illinois and have already been referring everybody to your site. I can’t wait to purchase Classic Backbeats Plus. I record my own music and have never been satisfied with any of the drums. Beta Monkey Music has filled the final piece to my recording. ROCK ON!!!

Steve Todd


“Hey Chris, Received my order last Wednesday (Odd-Time Meltdown) and it’s awesome. My style spans a lot of areas, and these loops will definitely fuel some kick-butt fusion and progressive rock inspirations. Just to give you an idea of how crazy it can get, here’s my first jam. There will definitely be a lot more where that came from, as the disk I received has a lot of possibilities. Thanks to Beta Monkey Music. I will be back.

Sincerely, Joe Vazquez – www.soundclick.com/vazquez

P.S. Thanks also for the referral to Natural Grooves. Snagged some of the Brooklyn mixes (I grew up in Brownsville), and got busy with that too! Sweet!!!


This is the sixth set of loops (and definitely not the last) I’ve purchased from BetaMonkey and they are by far the most usable loops I own. Each bpm has such a variety of grooves and fills that building drum tracks becomes inspiring instead tiring. Especially combined with the single hits available for each kit. I have more expensive sets that just don’t have variety necessary to complete a suitable drum track.

Thanks again for the follow up on my order,

Mike Vaughn


11/14/06 – Great products are One Thing, but Great Service too? Or, Where is Everyone Hearing About Beta Monkey?! New Feedback for Fall 2006!




I gotta tell you, these loops totally kick ass! Instantly out of the box, I have used them on every single one of my new demos for my orchestral Christmas show that I am working on right now. Seriously, I am a total fan and you can count me as one of your fan/endorsers if you want. I can’t believe how useful they are as well as great sounding!

I do have a question, though. 🙂 I am working on a tune that need the DBM treatment all over it (Carol of the Bells, actually), but I don’t believe the libraries have any 3/4 loops do they? Any thoughts on this as I am in total need of the same feel but just in 3/4.

Thanks so much and let me know if there is any solution for the 3/4 thing.



Beta Monkey Note: If you haven’t already, you OWE it to yourself to check out Neil Zaza. Unbelievable guitar player, musician extraordinaire, flat-out great human being. His music and skills are truly expressions on another level for us mere mortals. We are humbled he found a use for Beta Monkey in his latest works. Hit one of links and prepare yourself to be inspired.


“Thank you, I am very pleased with your business, I am glad I chose BetaMonkey over other the other cookie cutter drum loop libraries. I look forward to hearing back on DBM2, and DBM3, DBM4 yet again. Thank you.



“Chris, yes, the drum sounds are Beta Monkey samples from the Jazz CD. You can get exactly what you need sensitivity wise because of the multi-velocity hits, unlike samples sold elsewhere which tend to sound like the guy hit the drum with a baseball bat.”


John Judd


“Thank you Chris for the Over the Top Service!!! You have a BM advocate right here. Hey…please send the Led Zep files…that rocks!!!”

Julio Caicedo


“I tried the new “Double Bass” loops and they are awesome.” -Aaron


“Hey guys I received the loops today. Thanks a million. I’ll be ordering more soon! And the loop discs I’ve ordered from you earlier this year are awesome, excellent stuff, so I have no doubt this new DB Mania disc will kick some serious ass too. Awesome product and great service.”

Andrew Kapalka


“Your loops are killer and the music [commercial spots] worked out fine.” -Ben


“I just wanted to let you know that I received the CDs today! This proves that patience is sometimes the key to pleasure.Thank you for your help and the extra CDs. I’ll be sure I’ll continue to purchase and support Beta Monkey.”


Vincent Fillon (France)


“Your stuff is very fine. One of the things I like about it is the fact that it is natural-sounding. When I want reverb, compression, whatever, I like to choose what it is. But don’t be over-influenced by guys like me…stick to your core audience, and you’ll be fine.”



“Man oh man. I’m lovin’ these loops. I randomly loaded up some loops from the Classic Backbeats in Cubase SX, laid down some bass, then some guitar and midi keys and within a couple of hours this is what I did. I feel like I’ve got Buddy Rich backing me up. Thank you guys so much for these loops. I hope you enjoy the tune.”

Thank you,

Michael R. Fitzgerald


“Awesome product, by the way! Beta Monkey drum loops are really fun and they all sound great! (no I’m not sucking up to gain favor. I really DO love these loops!)

Regards, Jim


“I’m loving the Double Bass Mania I & II and Drum Werks IV collection I just received. Thanks – BC


“Hey Guys just wanted to say thanks for sending me another set of Drumwerks 2 and including the Punk Drums in there as well ! Good to see people are still running honest businesses out there. These loops rock ! I’ll have to send some of my songs along once they’re done….Thanks again !

Kind Regards,

Grant Marshall


“Thanks dude! Pedal to the Metal with Beta Monkey!!”

Janne Gylling (Finland)


“Chris, I just placed an order with you for 4 disks. This is my 2nd order with you (I already have Drumwerks 1-!V, Natural Grooves, Classic Backbeats 1-2, Country 1). Your stuff rules, and the sounds have been getting better and better.”


Abraham Teitz


“Wow, I’m definitely impressed by the quick and personal handling. On a side remark, I feel a bit like a cheap bastard, fishing for a discount when you’ve already got such great and affordable products. Yet, the joke about musicians being poor, there’s some truth in it, music rewards me a lot, apart from the financial aspect 😀

Thanks, it’s been a pleasure to deal with you so far. I’ll definitely submit an mp3 as soon as I get hold of your loops.


Leo (Denmark)


“Hey Chris, I know you probably get swamped with millions of email’s and don’t remember me, but I’m the guy in the army from Afghanistan that ordered your Drum Werks 7 and Natural Grooves loops cd’s. I am back home, in my studio and WOW!!! Dude….I can’t say how easy it is to compose to your drums. Drum machine? What’s a drum machine….lolThanks, you guys have a new custumer. Looking forward to getting the Country CD.”

Peace out!!


p.s. Keep the grooves comin!!!


“Just wanted to let ya know the discs arrived this a.m.! AMAZING turnaround! Wonderful Loops! GREAT Company to deal with! I will be a repeat customer!!”



“Hey Chris, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the extra effort in putting the REX files up. It’s rare to have guys like you so willing to go the extra mile and especially to do so for such a quality product. Thanks again!”

-Patrick Cross


“The punk rock loops are great. How about a reggae/ska disc? I love my Sly Dunbar loops using Drumcore. There are too few of products of this genre out there so anything in this vein will be appreciated. Thanks for the great and affordable stuff.”

-Joe Groma

9/23/06 – Double Bass Mania II: The Return of the Beast Brings Out the Beast in Everyone!


Double Bass Mania II is fucking AWESOME. I own quite a few of your discs and this is by far the best. (unless of course your trying to write country or something). Not only is the playing kick ass but I think this has the best produced sound. Better balances between the drums and better sounding drums. These loops are actually inspiring to write to.

So whoever is playing the drums and doing the recordings I would suggest you keep using them. (at least for the heavy shit) Keep up the good work.

Now quit sitting there and get to work on DB 3, 4, 5 etc.

Scott Seegert


“I thought Double Bass Mania was the single most awesome, skull crushing set of drum loops in existence. Then I heard Double Bass Mania II… Once again, Beta Monkey, you have outdone yourselves. I can’t wait to unleash some killer tracks with this as the foundation.”



“Here is a new tune I wrote with the Double Bass Mania CD I got from ya. This track is still in demo mode so I’m not sure if I will use it on my new record. But I thought you might like to here and use it on your site. I remembered to write down what loops are used in the song this time. The loops are constructed with Acid Pro 5. Acid – it makes song construction with your stuff dead easy! And, as always, thanks for being the best!”

Rosario Panzarella


“Hey this is Cory. I just got my Double Bass Mania CD. Holy shit man, that’s all I can say. I don’t know where to start. I’ve already laid down my intro and riff to my new project, and I just got it under an hour ago. The layout is awesome on the disk. there’s so much to use and its easy to find. Thanks alot man, I feel like I robbed you. $30 for all this, it just don’t seem right. Thanks man, brutal beats, at a beauty of a price



“Hey man the package arrived yesterday and it’s awesome! The drums sound amazing. Well done on another awesome release!!”

Grant Marshall
New Zealand


“FUCK YEAH!!!! DBM II is bad ass!!! Thanks for another great product!!! I can’t wait for DBM III and DBM IV. Keep up the outstanding work!

Joe Hamrick


Thanks for the kind words to everyone – we knew Double Bass Mania II was good but it is still great to hear the passion and fire in these responses. There are more grooves to come and definitely more metal to come as well. – Chris (and, yes, we will get back to work now!)

8/17/06 – The Personal Touch!


While a great deal of our interaction with customers is usually in the digital realm, nothing beats an old-fashioned letter or phone call to really make an impression. For this month’s featured feedback, we thought we would let you see and hear what Beta Monkey customers experience in their own words.

5-Stars Praise via Phone Message – Mark Johnston Audio Message

5-Stars – A Letter from John Williams (stationed in Afghanistan)

5-Stars – A letter from Diego Cordoba (from the perpetually beautiful Switzerland)

5-Stars – A letter from Dave Woods (from right here in the good old U.S. of A!)


It’s just great to see that, despite all the wonders of technology, nothing beats the truly personal touch. It’s this kind of stuff that keeps us going and <sniff> even brings a tear to our eye!


7/13/06 – A Midsummer’s Night Feedback!


“Without a doubt the best drum loops available anywhere. Beta Monkey’s drum loops have not only grown along with my music, but have also led me down different musical paths I may have not taken on my own. I’ve been with Beat Monkey since the very beginning and they keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work!”

Darren Hodroski


“Thanks a ton! You are indeed a cool guy and I’ve always liked what I have ordered from you, so I will do more in the future! Hope you have a great week! – Marc


“Thanks Christian. I used the loops this morning … producing a soundtrack for an animated film “Crosswalk Man” they sound fantastic, exactly what I needed! I’ll try and send you a DVD when the film is wrapped up.

Gina Kamentsky (Pixeltoon.com)


“I like your loops a lot. Ever considered doing a “just brushes” set? [maybe a mix of jazz, oldtime-ish country/blues beats and latin] I know Big Fish has a brushes disk but I bet you could do it better and cheaper.

Jonathan Pytell

(Jon, we will have a brushes disc out by October!)


“The samples arrived on Saturday. So far, I’m extremely satisfied with the product. I’ve almost completed one drum track, and so far, it sounds great!

Jennifer Jameson

“Got the Odd Time Meltdown CD’s today – awesome, as usual!” – Suzanne De Cree


6/26/06 – Let’s Kick Off the Summer With Some Nice Words!


“Thanks for the info. I am going to go ahead and grab Drumwerks 1 because I can use it elsewhere while I wait for new stuff to come out. Thanks for the info and the heads up on the new volumes. I love BetaMonkey stuff because it’s so easy to work with.”

Thanks again,

Bob Leeming


“I just got the DVD today, June 26th. It was dated at 22th from the states.
I can’t believe it how fast (this time) it arrived. And the sounds are awesome.”


Cheers, Tommy Ardianza (The Netherlands)


“Hi Chris. Just a quick message to say thanks. I have just received my loops and sample disks today and I am more than happy with the material on them. I am currently writing and recording an album for release on the internet, I hope it sells, fingers crossed.

I just wanted to say keep up the excellent work.

I will send you some of my work when it is finished. it might take longer than I anticipated as you have given me too much choice.”

Take care mate

Colin Guthrie

A Liverpool guitarist


“HEY CHRIS Thanks for the great customer service when I had a problem with my disk!!! I love the new grooves!!!!!!! They sound AWESOME!!!!!!!”

5/31/06 – A Little Late Spring Feedback!


“Chris, you know most products for home studio musicians and digital computer recordings from the low end stuff even to the high end stuff pretty much suck. Their products are made to part me from my money and give me disappointing sound reproductions. The exception to the( part me from my money) rule: Beta Monkey. 100% worth every penny. In the beginning I bought Smart Loops and anything I could get my grubby hands on. __________ loops suck! Plain and simple. I wish I could have used that money to buy your whole catalog of loops. Live and learn. Anyway I’m not trying to kiss ass or suck up, I’m just tired of home studio products I purchase with my hard earned cash only to be disappointed. When you guys are huge and #1 in the business I hope you don’t forget about us poor slobs sitting at home in our little studios playing and writing out guts out.”


Dave Murray AKA Prisoner One


“Chris, I think I have 8 of your loop CDs and am looking forward to ordering more. They are just great and so easy to work with. That particular song I kind of wrote a basic drum track first and then came up with the music so it’s almost like collaborating w/your drummer in that respect. It makes me think of riffs and rhythms I normally would not play ,so thank you. I am working on a CD of original and cover songs right now and the songs I use your loops on I will definitely put your website et al in the liner notes.”

Scott Seabock


“Hi Chris, I’m a fan of your products…. All the songs I have are “BETAMONKIED”! A lot of people compliment the sound of the drums in my songs. I’m a betamonkey user FOR LIFE!!!! Glad you enjoy the song.”

Phillip Fernandez


“I purchased Drum Werks Vol 1 (among others) a little over a year ago; a recommendation from a close friend. He knew I was frustrated because no drum machine on the market could satisfy my desire to hear real drums on my recordings. That was the problem- BetaMonkeyMusic.com was the solution. After receiving one of your email blasts, I decided to get busy and send this song to you. It is the first song recorded for a project I am overseeing for the worship pastor of my church in Arlington, Texas, Pantego Bible Church. Along with producing the song, I personally performed the guitar, and various electric keyboard parts. As I look through your list of submitted music, I do not see any songs in the style category of Praise and Worship / Christian Contemporary, so here is one for you!”

Enjoy and thanks again,

Thank you,
Rob Hines

Look for Rob’s music, along with a host of others, in the User’s Music Section. He wrote some killer stuff – we were all really atekn aback by his efforts. Just top-notch all the way (not to just single Rob out because we got all types of great and varied stuff – his just was in a style we hadn’t heard Beta Monkey in before!)


“Thanks for the updates! I see some ‘Odd Time Meltdown’ and ‘Rock Hard Funk’ in my future… Chris, I’ve attached a couple of short demo clips here using your loops. I didn’t do any fancy editing, so they’re probably not worthy of posting. These clips were done just to demo a guitar FX pedal I was selling on a classifieds website. Funny thing is that everybody who heard the clips responded something like this: “Yeah yeah, nice pedal. Who’s on the drums?” J I sold my pedal eventually….

As a business Chris, you’ve got the best of everything in one package: great product at reasonable prices, fantastic customer service with courtesy, humour (pardon the Canadian spelling), and a personal touch. Nice knowing there’s a real person on the other end of my emails!”

Thanks for keeping me in the loops!

Best regards,






“I wrote a parody song using your loops…the loops sound GREAT. It’s called Rock Star.”

Thanks for these!

Kimberly Streible


Five stars product review


“Ya’ll have the best drums loops on the market hands down. You rock!!!” — Gene Ricupito


“I love Drum Werks VII… it’s the best collection yet (followed by Double Bass Mania)! I think I’ll use these more than all of the other collections put together (and I have almost all of them). Thanks again for getting me the disc!” — Bill Whitney


“Thanks! I like the Beta Monkey Drums-that’s why I keep coming back..I must say that DW Vll is to my ears-the best recorded set yet. They keep getting better…all the best to you all at BM. — AJ Washington (Australia)


“Howdy Chris! Well, as usual these loops rock as good as ever. These really are great loops and I hope to send you some of the music that I’ve created using them. Keep up the great werk and you’ll always have a loyal customer with me. Thanks again.” — Stan Torres


“Thanks, as always, for the fast service and killer loops!” — Brian Surgi


“Hello Beta Monkey! First let me say that as with all my Beta Monkey Loops these are great! This was also the fastest shipping I think I have ever seen (ordered 324 received 327) Thank You for great loops and fantastic service.” — Dan Fruecht


“The Drum Werks VII loops sound great. They’re just what I asked you for a year ago. I’m REALLY looking forward to working with these. I also think it’s great of you guys using .wav files for the preview! People can download them and try them right in the context of their project. Thank you.” — Bruce Miller


“Cool… new loops. I love all the other sets I have already bought from you…. keep up the good work!!” — Brian Halvorson


Five stars product review

“Just want to say a big thank you to all at BetaMonkeyMusic for the loops I have purchased so far. The quality is outstanding, and the range excellent. If you want to listen to some of the tracks I have created using your loops, you can listen here:


The tracks in question are under the artist name FearOfHatred (my death metal project ‚ so beware if this music is not your cup of tea).” — Once again, many thanks. Steve Cowan


“Hello Chris and Seth,

Want to thank you for taking care of me on my damaged DWV1 disk. Seems over the years of drum machine and Cakewalk defaults I have become a 100 BPM rocker. So fixing my 92 and 93 BPM folders helped I am sure.

Next a compliment. I’ve been programming midi for 2 decades and got sick of it. Found out about looping. To be honest I ordered some here and there and I want you to know that your loops are the most seamless I have used. Makes if far easier to work with.

With your loops I can roughly assemble a song in a night. For example I spent 3 nights trying to piece together another vendors loop just so I could say I didn’t waste my money. It turned into work…. not fun.

Thanks Again.” — Mike


“I’m a very happy user of various Beta Monkey music collections (Natural Grooves, Drum Werks etc). Your loops have made my music so much more alive and editing them is a breeze. I have one suggestion for you guys. You could do a special CD that is dedicated just for slow grooves (I’m talking 60bpm and less) as they’re quite hard to come by. Especially I myself could sometimes have use for realistic sounding slow ballad/slow chilling-type of grooves. — Cheers, Lauri Hakanen, Finland


“Hi Chris, Thanks for volume 3! ( The Blues) Love the loops! Finally a drum package for actual musicians! Easy to work with and the sounds are perfect! I was having a hard time finding loops that didnít sound like a disco! I play guitar, rock guitar. I needed real drums,. Now I have them! Thank you, and please, keep ëem coming!” — Chris Jackson

3/1/06 – Musicians Continue to Discover Beta Monkey Drums!


“I’ve bought loops from you before actually, (Drum works IV and VI think) and thought they were superb. I’d really like to get some more stuff off you so if you could tell me what else I could get from your library that would be along similar lines? I had a browse of samples on your site but just couldn’t make up my mind. Thanks again for your consistently excellent service!” — Paul Morris


“These drum loops are the coolest loops I have ever bought. There is so much variety. Thank you!” — Ben Ferris


“Just wanted to let you know I received Drum Werks I and IV last week and they are great! I’ll be honest, I’m new to drum loops (I recently switched from a Korg workstation to SONAR 5), so I haven’t used any other drum loops for a point of comparison. But I went with Beta Monkey based on the recommendations on the Sonar Users Forum and I’m glad I did! The drums sound great and they’ve opened up a whole new world to my home recordings. I’m trying to fight the temptation to go back and replace the drum machine tracks on some older recordings. I plan on ordering another CD or 2 with some different styles in the near future. Keep up the good work!” — Dave Logan


“Love the ALT ROCK loops! I’m a new user of your product, and it has revolutionized my recording. Great job! Keep it up!” — Steven Reisbord


“I received my order of Double Bass Mania on Friday and I haven’t been able to stop assembling new tracks. The layout is incredibly easy. I’m using Garageband which is a great tool. I’m glad that you made these loops available for this program. Thanks for the quick delivery.” — Dan Luna

2/1/06 – Kind Words for the New Year!


“It is extremely rare (I can count on one hand) that I would take the time to write any kind of a testamonial about a product. However, I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in and tell you guys that I love the loops, they sound awesome, and that I can’t believe (however I’m very thankful!!) that they don’t cost twice as much as they do. It makes a rank amateur such as myself sound good, and I need all the help I can get! I’ve recommended you to my friends.” — Earl Coy, Nevada


“Thanks for the quick response to my questions. I was just checking out the Rock Hard Funk samples. HOOLLYY CRRAAPP that guy can play!!!! Good work you guys!” — Billy


“Thanks once more for the great service and prompt shipping! I can *ALWAYS* count on BetaMonkey to provide me with the loops I need! My custom 3 pack arrived today and I can’t wait to get recording. I have a couple MP3s I want to share with you, how do I go about that?” — PH

Five stars product review


“I recieved the CD yesterday. You guys are obviously on the ball with regard to the demands and satisfaction of the consumer. Honestly, as I’m sure your aware, it’s fairly easy to find a unique package of quality drum loops, offered at a competitive price. So, in such situations, how is a company to set themselves apart from their competition. It’s blantly apparent that your company has found the simple technique which few companies use, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Consumers, including myself, are always willing to spend a few extra dollars to recieve the attention each deserves. Fortunately, I have no need to reach for those extra dollars, because companies, such as Beta Monkey, feel compelled to offer superior service without the extra cost. These are the few, the elite which offer low prices, as well, the utmost of service to each individual customer. I would definately consider Beta Monkey to be apart of this group, and because of such excellent customer service, will continue to support your company. Oh, by the way, your product is outstanding.” — Thank you, Luther Durkop


“Just wanted to say thanks for the extra loops and for taking care of this. The beats are sounding great and I hope to send you what I’ve done with them. I will be purchasing a 3 pack of CDs soon. Thanks again!” — Andrew Carlson


“Chris,here’s one of my original compositions that was recorded using Beta Monkey drum loops and Apple GarageBand. Your loops work seamlessly within the program and they have become invaluable tools in my writing and recording process.

Thanks again for the incredibly affordable, user friendly and great sounding products!” — Dan Bailey, Fort Collins, Colorado


Five stars product review


“I was writing a really heavy song and it thought there was now way your stuff could pull it off. Man… you proved me wrong. The song rocks! Thanks!” — Jason Smith


“Hello Chris,there’s no need to send them before you receive the money order, although that’s great that you offered — thanks. I’m starting a new project but there’s no hury, I’m waiting for a RAM upgrade to arrive and a couple other pieces of software before I look at the new loops.

As always your loops continue to inspire me and my playing. I continue to spread the work about the best and most usable loops at the most incredible prices. Thanks also for remembering me out of the thousands of orders that have gone past your desk.” — Michael Moore-Kelly


“I’ve been waiting for the REX2 double bass to use with my Riffworks. I tried your starter download pack, and it kicked the ass of anything that drums on demands instant drummers had to offer. Keep up the good work.” — Phil


“I just got my first Beta Monkey CD – Double Bass Mania – and I love it. It is the best sample CD I have ever found. — Jason Newberry


“Hey Chris, I recieved my 3 pack in the post today and I must say I`m very impressed with both the service and the quality of the loops! Everything is sitting nicely in the mix!!! They sound awesome!! I`ll definitely be coming back for more!! –Colm


Five stars product review


“I am a guitarist from Detroit, MI, playing in the band “Downplay” and we are using many loops from Beta Monkey on our upcoming CD (release date Jan 06 – www.reelrecords.com is the site for further info and bio). Now about Beta Monkey:

I love these loops ! I own about a half dozen discs and counting. They are by far the best on the market for sound quality, and feel. Sonically, they have the right punch and dynamics to blend with any instruments and will fit perfectly in any mix. The “feel” of the grooves are spot on. They inspire your playing and really make the song. These discs capture a groove in a way no drum machine or midi drummer could ever do, because these are great drummers, great kit varieties, and beautifully recorded. I will of course, be buying more discs, but feel free to send me any freebies or new discs and I can do more demos for your consideration. (Ok enough begging). Keep it up!” — Thanks, John Voiles


“What’s up Chris? You MAY remember me, but my name’s Brandon. I called about two weeks ago and made a phone order for Double Bass Mania and Drum Work’s V. You also threw in Drum Works III, which I GREATLY appreciate!

My analysis? You guys, your products are what I have been looking for ever since I started recording my own music! The drum loops are clean, precise, and there’s one for every little part I need! I love the fact that they are dry, uncompressed, and effect free, so that I can do all that myself and get ” my own sound” off of your loops! I also enjoy the fact that crashes, fills, and grooves are all separate, so it’s almost impossible to detect that the drums are being looped!

Also, should I mention that there are NO other products like this! I would much rather use Beta Monkey loop CD’s and a looping software than use programs like BFD or Sample Tank! The only thing I found that could hardly even be considered as a downfall, is this: I kind of wish that the loops specified which kit was used, so that you could match them up in post. It hasn’t been that hard to do, seriously, but it’s just a suggestion. Anyone who has a decent recording ear can make the kits match…I just thought it would save a little time. Plus it would be good to know in case anyone asks ” hey man, what kind of kit is that?” “Why, it’s a Tama Superstar with Zildjian Custom A’s!” ….Awww yeah!

Also Chris, you were the first example of excellent customer service I have had in a very long time. Buying ANYTHING musical is like buying a new car nowadays, but you answered the phone everytime I called, you remembered who I was, and everything you said you’d do, you did, and I also received my CD’s in the time you told me. Two big-assed thumbs up to you and Beta Monkey! Are you guys ever going to experiment with Bass Guitar collections? Or maybe some synths or horns and strings and such? If so, please let me know, because I would rather buy all of my loops from Beta Monkey than M-Audio and Propellerhead!

I’m going to go sign up for your newsletter. I WILL be buying more products from you, so be expecting my call sometime. Thank you EVERYBODY at Beta Monkey!” — A very satisfied customer and friend, Brandon Mohlis


Five stars product review


“I’m just writing to say thanks so much for the Beta Monkey Drum Werks IV, Drume Werks V, and Alt Modern Rock Three-Pack! It came very quickly and everything was organized so well that I was able to start using it right away! I already have some songs in the making….! The drums sound so crisp and clear… yet i still have the freedom to add my own effects to them because they don’t sound overly processed like loops/sounds i have used in the past. Great work guys… will be purchasing more in the future.” — Jason Garner


“Thanks very much! These have got to be the best drum tracks available…will be buying more! Cheers…” — Garry Phillips


“I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am that I found your site. I bought one of those smaller loop packs from the download store and I love it. I had a slight problem with the files at first, but I called your phone number and the person who helped me was both friendly and helpful. Iíve only had the loops for 1 day and I already got a nice track in the works, and the drums sound great. I plan to order at least one of the full CDs today, but Iím sure Iíll be back for more soon. Thanks again guys!” — Dan Zarwell, Pen Station Ltd.

Five stars product review

Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’Nuff Checks In!


“Hey bro, my name is Donnie Vie, and I sang and wrote 13 albums with a band called Enuff Z’nuff. I’ve gone solo now and am starting my 3rd solo CD. This next one will be on Universal. In the past year or so, I’ve ordered 7 of your CDs ( Vol. 1&2, Vol IV, Vol V, Natural Grooves, and Alt & Mod 1&2)- you can check your records and see this is true. I’ll admit, I use the hell out of them, cause I’ve checked out a lot of different loop CDs and sites, downloads, etc…. and you guys blow everybody else away. As a matter of fact, your loops are drumming on two songs on my last album and hopefully at least half of my new one.

I love these loops cause they are the fuckin’ best. (I wish the disks held up a little tuffer) but I don’t think any body is tuffer than me on these things. You can hear the loops at work at DonnieVie.com – check it out, all the songs that have been recorded on my own are your loops. Though I’m not the best engineer yet, at least the drums kick ass, and no asshole drummer to deal with (not saying all drummers are assholes, just most of mine).

Donnie Vie




Nothing is cooler than getting some high praise from a musician you have respected for years. Donnie is one of the best singer/songwriters you probably have not heard lately. If you need a refresher course on what great music Donnie and his band Enuff Z’nuff have given us through the years, then get a reminder! Just a helluva musician he is – awesome that we here at Beta Monkey have been helping to inspire his new material.

Five stars product review

“Chris, I received the loops you sent and I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of the material. The loops sound great and your playing is killer. Just wanted to say thanks again. I also wanted to thank you for sending out the additional volume III for free. Much appreciated. Your customer service is fantastic! Between your product and the way you guys treat your customers, I can’t imagine a better plan for a successful future these days. I’ll pass on the good word to all the folks I know and look forward to purchasing new volumes in the future. Thanks again.” — Don Bruno

“First, let me say that I own all 6 Drum Werks and I think they are the best value out on the market today. My wife is going to be getting me the Country disc in a month, so Iíll be adding that one to my praises as well. I’m in the Air Force, stationed at Osan AB, Korea, and itís hard as hell to hook up with drummers who have kits out here, so recording a live drummer is out of the question. I rely on your discs and others to help get my ideas out, and so far, they are my best friend (next to my Tele).

Anyway, suggestion aside, thanks Chris for helping me get my music done while stationed overseas!!! — Doug Pinard


“My new CD will be out soon. I couldn’t have done it without you! Could I hire the drummer who you used, to go on tour, if need be?” — Kenneth Randisi / Beyond Death(Ken created some ripping metal stuff with the use of Double Bass Mania)


“I got the CD, and it rocks! Those loops are absolutely incredible. You guys are a dream come true!” — Thanks again, Jason Starling


“Thank you for all, I’m very pleased with Double Bass Mania!! Good sound, silly grooves on drums my friends!!! Rock it!” — Eric FAURE, Réunion Island, France.

Five stars product review

“I used loops from the Pure Country CD. Your loops are the greatest, and I’d been trying all sorts of drum loop disks, with varying levels of frustration before I heard about yours. I especially like that they are “unfooled around with” so I don’t have to live with someone else’s opinion of how much compression/EQ to use. They end up sounding more like a real drummer was at the session than any other set I’ve used.

Of course you can feature my song on your user’s page, I’d be honored! I’m so flattered that you liked it that much. The feeling is mutual!” — John Trentes(Look for John’s work in a future update to our User’s Music Page)

Word is just starting to come in on the new Jazz Essentials CD…

“These are all very good! I especially like the bebop-paced fast tempos, which are going to be very useful… I should also congratulate you on your new artwork (on the discs) and the cases. Nice ‘image’ enhancement…” — Ray Savage

Five stars product review

“Thanks so much for helping out, these disks make a huge difference in the studio! I’ll be singing your praises far and wide. Having all the variations on a groove, and good fills, just gives so much flexibility for composition. I’m fooling other drummers, and my mastering guru as well! Pretty cool. Thanks once again, I’m sure to write again soon.” — Todd Perkins http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tff


“I just received the Double Bass loop CD, and I am using it with Garageband. So far so good! The real drum sounds are far superior to anything via MIDi. Thanks for your excellent customer service, I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your company.” — Jonathan Bear


“Yesterday I received the CD’s (much faster than expected!). The sound quality is great and the loops are very realistic. Also the way the loops are organized is very easy to use. I’m very happy with them!” — Thanks! Robbert Springer


“Thank you so much for your very useful tools!” — Carmelo Donaglia (Italy)


“Just received my order in today’s post (Wow that was super fast >:) ) Just added the files to my Hardrive & I think I’m pretty much set-up & ready to go. Thanks again for the prompt, efficient service & the awesome product. I’m going to have endless hours of rocking out. ” — Best Regards, Adam Brewer


“I just purchased the download of the 120BPM Guitar Rock Song Set, I think the samples and grooves are incredible. This is the first time I have purchased loops from you and I am very impressed with the quality.” — Mike Lynch


“I received the CD in the mail and it is a fantastic product! It is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks!” — Clayton Mitchell

Five stars product review

“I bought the Alt and Modern Rock III CD and was very excited after listening to all the demos on the website. But just hours later……I couldn’t wait anymore. I needed to scratch my itch. So I decided to purchase the tasty 6/8 Blues/Prog rock loops in the download section.

Let me just say….AWESOME LOOPS. Clean cut, nice DRY sound (which is cool cuz you can make the drums sound anyway you want with a multiband compressor and EQ.) So I made a quick little scratch song to confirm my belief that BETAMONKEY rocks!!

THANKS ALOT!! And can’t wait to give all my songs that REAL feel.” — Kyle Koopman – P.S. I will be ordering more CD’s in the very near future for sure!!!


“Just want to say thank you again! I just ordered Alt and Modern Rock Drums I Friday. What did you guys do? Hand deliver? I got them today! Monday! That was way quick and want you to know how much I appreciate the speed. Usually when I order something, I needed it two weeks ago. Your fast response is the best guys 🙂 Keep it up!” — Bob Blais


“Just received Drum Werks V here in Scotland! Great drum sounds at a great price. Keep up the good work!” — Regards, James Reid — P.S. – Bought DW 5 after reading the excellent review in Sound on Sound!

Five stars product review

“I just received the Double Bass Mania loop cd today… Wow that was fast as I had just ordered it a few days ago!! Well, you guys certainly don’t have any false advertising with this product. The double bass loops on this cd are exactly what I was looking for. None of that wimpy crap that tries to sell itself as hard rock drumming that all the other drum loop cds offer.


The loops work great in Acid. This is one satisfied customer and I will be telling more musicians about your products. Don’t worry, I won’t be burning anyone a copy of this as people need to support your great company and purchase their own CD.” — Thanks!! Nancy Lukes (U.S.)


“I recently bought your Drum Werks Vol. 5, Apple Loops version. I love it!!! The loops sound soooo much better than others I’ve tried and are much more comprehensive. Thanks!” — Bill Greenlaw (U.S.)


“I ordered Vol. III few months ago and I have to tell you, they are great. I just love them. I’m looking to order some more, but don’t know which ones, I want them all. Thanks for a great product!” — Bob Blais (U.S.)


“I am a repeat customer and will continue to be because your loops are just the best. I have had nothing but great service from the start. Just thought I would let you know that I recently changed my email address. As a personal request, I hope you will be expanding on the “Natural Grooves” disc, because you are absolutely on the right track with those loop!!! They are fantastic!

What I love about the Natural Grooves disc is that perfect snare sound to start with. It’s not an 80’s over sound, not a high pitch crack, but just nice and clean. Same goes for the toms and the rest of the kit. The drums sound great with any reverb I choose from a small room, to a large hall and anywhere in between. I now have five of your disc’s and for some reason, I always tend to reach for that one first.

Keep up the great work and I hope to see more soon!!!” — Take Care, Luc

Five stars product review

“Hey Chris, I am normally not one to email a testimonial, But I have to say that these loops are the most organic loops I have ever heard!!!! I am a Songwriter/Composer/Protools Engineer and I needed loops that were well organized and easy to construct into usable rhythm tracks. I have should my colleagues and buddies ion the industry the tracks I have constructed and they thought I actually used a studio drummer!!! I utilize the loops through Abelton Live and let me tell you they sound awesome. I have to send you a sample. Let me know what ya think.” — Best Regards, Mark Brisbane


“I liked all of your drum loops so much I bought more. So, now I have the Alt rock 1 & 2 I have bought 11 downloads and now this CD, you must think I’m bananas!” — Regards, Jason Parker (U.K.)


“I recently purchased Double Bass Mania and am extremely impressed with the loops included. They sound fantastic and are the best loops I’ve heard for heavy music. I’ve used them on a couple of songs so far and find them much more appropriate for what I’m recording than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve attached a copy of one of the songs I’ve recorded using Double Bass Mania. Thanks for an excellent product at a great price!” — Tracy Towns


“These loops are so much more inspiring than sequenced drums. Recorded this one (attached mp3) with SONAR. Look fwd to ALT III!” — Dan Estes


04/25/05 – A Bounty of Useful Material?


“Hello Betamonkey! You guys rock! I just picked up your “140 Up-Tempo Alt Rock/Power Pop” on an instant download. Very cool. They’re awesome and work together great. I built usable drum tracks in minutes. I’m very happy… Thanks for a great product, I don’t forsee myself using anything else in the studio except betamonkey from now on. Thanks Again!” — Scot Cafferty

“Wanted to let you know the downloads went without a hitch, and the CD’s showed up Monday morning right when I was ready to rock! All three CD’s are killer and I have no doubt I’ll be ordering again soon. I’ll also mention to anyone musician who’ll listen about BetaMonkeyMusic’s killer drum samples and excellent customer service. Keep up the good work at BMM. We’ll do this again real soon…” — Thanks, Joel Gardner


“I’ve just started getting into the Drum Werks discs, a bounty of most useful material.” — Bob Derkach (Canada)

04/12/05 – Returning Customers Report In Again!

“This is my second three pack purchase. I absolutely love them. These loops have awakened my desire to record again after a five year break. The drums and the bass are the most important part of the recording and no amount of money spent on a drum machine or module could satisfy my desire to hear real drums on my recordings. Thanks for bringing out the creativity in me and igniting my love for making music.” — Robert Hines Arlington, TX


“Got my CD’s today, FAST. Great stuff. There’s a LOT of businesses out there who could learn a few things from you guys. Are you Buddists? I’m half kidding. Seriously though, kudos where they are due.” — Rick Greco


“I just wanted to thank you guys at Beta Monkey. I purchased Double Bass Mania and couldnt be happier. Just what the Metal Doctor ordered, some kick ass drums to bring to my music to life. Its like playing with a really good musician, you have to bring your “A” game. Your drums melted my speakers and my imagination and creativity went through the roof. I’ve written and recorded two songs in the short time I’ve had my Beta Monkey, and this is one monkey I dont want off my back! I want more and will be back to get some more loops from you excellent dudes. I posted my new creations using Beta Monkey at my website. Guitardungeon.com. Posted in The Crypt at Guitardungeon is a song called “Through the Flames”. Also posted in The Citadel at Guitardungeon is a song called “The Sixth Hour”. The posted files are raw files and not mastered but have mucho Mojo. Thanks Again….I’ll be back ……..Dave Murray…..AKA…Prisoner One……Guitardungeon.com

04/06/05 (on the new Alt and Modern Rock III disc)


“OMG, these new discs are incredible! I’m absolutely blown away by the drum sound on these discs. These are excellent metal discs because of that real “popcorn” style bass drum. It’s tight and poppy so as not to drown out the heavy guitar/bass in the mix! I love the straight snare sound found on the discs too. I was most impressed by the collection of tom grooves in this collection. Much more than I’ve seen in the past. Keep up the great work! — Mike O’Hara (aka- ‘DragonLips’)




“These are awesome loops.” — Regards, Håkan Soold (Sweden)


“Outstanding, Chris. LOVE that you’re going 24-bit on us. That really perks up the presence and the room sound of the drums and makes them a lot easier to tweak/process/destroy. Terrific work. Any 24/96 in our futures? Thanks so much.” — David

03/29/05 – Modern Technology with that Vintage Sound!


“Chris, Just let you know, I have been a studio drummer for 30+ years in St. Louis , MO. and I have never heard a clear sound like this before. The DW set (on Drum Werks I ) sounds better than the 1975 Rogers set I play on. Your dw set blows it away… cool” — Donald Brown


“Your stuff is very cool..just keep ’em coming, nice and dry… always pleasure to do a business with you.. you’re definitely the best on the market..” — Darko J.


“Hi Chris. First of all I would like to thank you for the great stuff. About 6 months ago I bought a Beta Monkey Funky Monkey Three-Pack. Best thing that ever happened in my small home studio. Now I can really create some great music with the best drums possible. You are the best… Just love my Drum Werks.” — Vadim Meklin


“I must say this Double Bass Mania is amazing. You guys have everything I could ask for as far as metal drum loops go.” — Michael Moses


“I recently downloaded your Yamaha Maple Snare and Pearl Kick Samples and just wanted to send a big ‘thank you’ for a super high quality product. I’m using them in a triggering program I have and they sound fantastic!! I will definitely be back for more and I plan to tell my friends about you too. Thanks again!” — Tyler Tingey, Shadowland Recording, Montesano, Wa.

03/01/05 (Some Reactions to the new Download Section)


“As I sit here typing this I have just made a drum track for one of my demos – the drum sound is phenomenal and have made my demos sound awesome. I love the fact that you guys now have a download section, as with alot of CD’s you get stuff you dont need. This way it does not feel like I have wasted my money. I refuse to use other loopss, I’ll only use Beta Monkey now. Can’t wait to see what other loops will become available in the download store. Thanks Again.” — Andrew


“Just to let you guys know, the downloads went smoothly. The price is awesome! I felt like I was stealing from you. Hee Hee! Great loops! Thanks a lot.” — Sean


“You guys are a great example of how loops should be priced and delivered. I have no idea why anyone would buy drum loops from anywhere else. You guys are the kings of ‘rock loops’ – keep it up! Thanks.” — Keith Johnston


“Thanks for the follow up. that’s very classy customer service and much appreciated. I am very happy with your loops and company. The price was right – the loops are great. ( today I am using four of them. I’ll try to remember to send my tune .) OK man I’ll keep spreadin’ the news about BetaMonkey. Send me some clean laundry so I can promote human body bill board style!” — Best wishes, Scott L.

02/25/05 – Why Spend More Money to Inspire Your Music?

“I just received Drum Werks Vol. I-IV – great drums. I’ve tried more expensive wav. files and they don’t toch yours. Thanks!” — Dave Chilson Lewisburg, TN


“Only can think of one word that describes your cd’s… and that is AWESOME!!! I ordered your special of 3 cd’s of my choice, and two days later they arrived… that in itself is impressive. So, I cranked up my software, loaded up one of my almost finished songs, deleted the drums I had in there, and went to work. In no time at all, I was in awe. Your drum loops took a song that was slightly above average, and put it at the king of the heap. And that is just from using just one of the cd’s. I haven’t even touched the other two.. Keep up the great work.” — Alan Stewart


“Thanks for taking the time to help get me started off with my looping! The drums sound awesome and I cannot wait to get them incorporated into my songs! It is really nice of you to take the time to help me out! It is really uncommon that companies that sell over the internet ake the time to help people out with their products. That must be why there are so many positive comments from your users! You guys take the time to help people use your product. That is sooo cool!! You have no idea how impressed and thankful I am that you guys are this nice! Thanks again!” — Wiley Siler


“The drum loops are the best i’ve heard, what a difference they make to the overall sound of the my music, a great variety of beats.” — Charlie (Scotland)


“I wanted to compliment you on your great product and customer service. Though there are many available soources for drum loops today I am consistently returning to your material when I need serious production traction. The bottom line is you guys are providing the most cohesive performance sets with terrific variability for creating convincing live drum tracks. It’s obvious that you understand that digital studios are looking for seamless high quality performance tracks; not just a grab bag of pieces and parts. Now I’m off to download some of your new DL Song packs…” — Mike Compton, Ascendant Studios – P.S. Thanks for that complimentary disc you threw in!

02/15/05 – WIcked Sounds and Prices

“Just wanted to tell you thanks for the great loops. I’ve had so much fun with them I haven’t taken the time to thank you. Anyway, I’ve attached just one of several songs I’ve recorded using your loops. They have truly inspired my songwriting.” — Danny Larsen


“Chris, the new downloads are a brilliant idea! I love your stuff and have recommended it to MANY people, hope it has brought you some business. I emailed you a tune a while back, don’t know if you got it, but I’ll send it if you didn’t- it was about the NJ governor, received a lot of local airplay in NJ. Anyway, how about some new grooves for the download section? That would be great. I love this new idea too, because it will be easy to do in a session, when you can’t wait a few days for the cd to arrive. Effectively priced as well. Later!” — Mark Rufino


“Thanks for the awesome beats and service! Drum sounds are wicked. (about Double Bass Mania) — Sam Austin (Australia)


“Thanks very much for the loops, they sound great and the blues disc (Drum Werks Volume VI) has just the SRV type beats I want to play with right now. Thanks again and take care! — Barry Hulce

01/27/05 – New Year, Same Praise from Beta Monkey Users



“Just wanted to write to say how much I like the loops. I’ve just finished two new songs… 2 completely different styles… and I’m getting great reviews on both of them. People are asking me about the drums and I’m sending them to your web-site. Thanks again… I’ll be back!” — Tom Hoelle www.tomhoelle.com


“Just wanted to drop a note to tell you guys how much I love your work. Fantastic loops played and recorded expertly. And at a price a “REAL” struggling musician can afford. You guys rock. Thanks again guys.” — Jamie Madden Billy’s Ego


“Thanks very much for the loops, they sound great and the blues disc has just the SRV type beats I want to play with right now. Thanks again and take care!” — Barry


“I have been playing with Drum Werks volumes 4, 5, and 6 since Christmas. Simply amazing.” — Chris Hardin


“The Beta Monkey drum loops are the best I’ve heard. What a difference they make to the overall sound of the my music, a great variety of beats. I CAN NOT believe I got such great stuff for next to nothing! THANK YOU!” — Charlie (Scotland)


“Got my Custom Three-Pack a week ago. I been workin with ’em ever since and I still haven’t gotten through all the loops! They all sound great. I am really impressed with the sound and quality. These loops will keep me busy for a long time. Thank you. Please keep me informed of new products as you release them in the future. Great stuff -Thanks again!” — George Thompson (U.S.)


“Guys – I received my CD’s today… Just want to let you all know that they are some freakin kick ASS CD’s……. thank you all for hooking us up with a damn good deal. You guys have done a great job!! Thanks!” — Nado Qureshi


“Just wanted to say thanks. The drum loops are fantastic! They fit together seamlessly in the track. I’ve already finished 3 songs. I can’t see any reason to go anywhere else. I’ll be back for more. — Steve Carmen



“Thanks for all your time with the custom package deal. You were a great help and frankly some of the best customer service I have experienced anywhere..let alone the web. Peace and Happy Holidays!!” — Tim Herbert (U.S.)


“The discs have just arrived. I must say I am very impressed with the quality and presentation of your discs. Regarding the delay it’s a fact of life that sometimes things screw up up due to no fault of our own, the reason I was patient is that your discs offer exceptional value for money and suspected they would be worth the wait. Buying things from international sellers can be a risky business especially on the first transaction but the way you have dealt with this manner and your honest straightforward communications have encouraged a feeling of trust, I would not hesistate to buy from you again. I will take you up on your gracious offer of free discs on the next order, thank you.” Regards — David Miller (U.K.)


“Got the Drum Werks Vol. VI CD yesterday. Itís awesome! Iíve already thrown together a 6/8 blues that I ëm dying to start putting tracks on. Great stuff. I had poked around some message boards before I ordered and a number of people had mentioned Beta Monkey as a great source for quality sounding drums. Thanks again for the great communication and the speedy delivery.” — Josh Maiocco (U.S.)


“I bought some of your CDs and I think that they are the best on the market. No one delivers the variety of sounds and grooves you guys do. Thanks for producing great stuff and being so great to deal with!” — Scott Diussa (U.S.)


“Wow, I must say how impressed I have been with the great service I keep getting from U.S. retailers over the internet. I just purchased a mind blowing Fuch’s ODS 50 guitar amp made in New Jersey and sold to me via Minnesota (American Guitar Boutique), the great gear from PedalGeek in New York and killer drum loops from Beta Monkey Music in Connecticut.

I don’t generally get a warm fuzzy feeling forking out serious coin over the internet to completely unfamiliar businesses however each and every interaction has been amazing. Trust and Honesty with strangers in another country, there can be peace in the world. Thanks so much Dan McCleary, Ty Stewart, Chris Donlon and Andy Fuchs!! There’s great music being made in Vancouver, BC Canada as we speak!!” — Bill Miller (Canada)



“Chris! I have started chopping up and using some of the loops from Drum Werks Vol 5 and Drum Werks 6 that I ordered recently. I have to say that I think that these volumes are the best sounding BM Drums yet. They are sitting in the mixes wonderfully and I thank you once again for some really great sounding and grooving loops. Best wishes to you! — A.J. Washington (Australia)


“Hi Chris, just mailing to let you know that the CD’s turned up Friday and what can I say dude? F**kin hell, these are some of the best beats I’ve ever heard. I’ve been searching for double bass beats for so long, and there aren’t many decent drummers that can play this kind of stuff in my area. I’ve been jamming non stop since I got the CD’s! Thanks again for being so cool with the delivery problems, most companies would have given up long ago and just refunded the money (and I’d have been lacking some seriously amazing samples). Thanks for all your hard work in getting the loops out to me and the extra CD, really appreciate it mate. — Mark Vasan (U.K.)



“I got DWV last yesterday and spent all night pasting up drum loops for a song that was simply a 4/4 click track for other drummers to try out with. Needless to say, I was able to do the drum tracks myself before any of the 3 other drummers got it down. They hate you now! hah!!! Anyway, check it out at http://www.voidian.com It’s called The Power of Blue.” — Steve Smith (U.S.)


“The drumming on all the volumes is excellent and the recording top-notch. I can hear some Zep in Drum Werks volume I (mostly Zep’s “Untitled” LP) and even some in the Alternative CD’s. These CDs are all I need!” — Chris C. (U.S.)


“I have numerous song written using your loops and your talents to produce those loops. I would like to give you guys the “props” for allowing me to be way more effective in writing those songs. Thanks Again!” — John Rowland (U.S.)



“This past weekend, I had the chance to preview the Vol 5 disk. Excellent stuff! I really like that 5 min drum solo track. 🙂 I have NEVER been disappointed in my purchases from you. Keep up the excellent work.” — Brian Surgi (U.S.)


“Thanks for doing a great product that’s such a joy to work with! I think I’ve got all but about three of your disks, and I keep planning to pick up the Pure Country CD when I start writing in that vein again.I’ve been writing tons of songs and I will shoot some stuff your way when I have some things I’m proud of.” — David Fox (U.S.)


“The Beta Monkey CD’s are a huge help to songwriters like myself! Thanks!” — Ben Baumann (Australia)



“I got the CD’s – thank you very much! They’re even better than the first lot. The covers look awesome! So, is that you drumming? Nice work whoever it is. The brush stuff is good. I look forward to getting stuck into it!” — Tim Merrin (Australia)


“I finally settled in using your loops from Drum Werks VI, and gotta say I’m verry happy with your product. Having purchased Drum Werks III, VI and Natural Grooves, I got enough pro session work to keep me occupied for months (or more!), FOR $50.00! Thanks for being apparently the only guy out there putting loops together for more than the techno-remix crowd.” — Laurence Ocwieja


“With grooves and customer service like yours, Sonic Foundry and the other big boys better jes’ move on over! Thanks so much for service in an otherwise devoid industry”– Tom Hicks (U.S.)



“WOW! I have 3 of your other CD’s and just got 2 more of your latest. First thing is, you guys are fast at delivering! I just ordered Thursday and got it today! Excellent as usual. Nice work! Great sound too. I have been using your other CD’s of loops in my live 2 piece cover band and have really enjoyed the response about how the drums sounded. Keep up the great work people. And I don’t hesitate to spread the word on where these great sounds come from. Oh yeah, your competitors loops CD’s now make great ‘coasters’ LOL.

Drums on Demand was the other product. I happen to come across that site for them and was interested in the drum loops and how I could incorporate them into my duo act. Not long after that I happened across your site and grabbed some loops from you guys and well the rest is history as they say!” — Frank Betts (U.S.)



“Have been using your loops with great success – I look forward to these two new collections.” — Douglas Plank (U.S.)


“The last CD’s were great so carry on the good work.” — Allan Schnelle (Denmark)


“Just a note to say I purchased the Funky Monkey 3-Pack off you last week. The discs arrived in three days and I’am very impressed. I’ve never used drum loops before, but I’m finding it very easy to edit them together in cubase sx. I don’t think I will be using my Boss drum machine ever again. I will definately be purchasing more discs off you in the future. Keep up the good work.” — Phil Lewis (U.S.)



“Many thanks for the drum loops – they arrived today (three days shipping time too!). Great service! I shall recommend you to my friends but there again I can’t because the loops sound too good! Thanks again. You guys are the best deal out there, without question” — James (U.K.)


“GíDay there! You guys rock. No doubt about it. I was a little tentative buying the first CDs but Iíve ordered a few now and I have yet to be disappointed. Iíll get you copies of some of the work I am able to carry out thanks to your loops.” — Cameron (Australia)


“Just wanted to let you guys hear some stuff off Rob Wilson’s album (using Beta Monkey loops mostly) – he’s at http://www.robwilson.biz/audio.htm It’s interesting that this guy is charting (radio playlist charts) all around the world using your loops. No. 1 on the international radio playlist charts not too long ago. Hear from you soon, can’t wait to hear the new loops CD’s.” — Ciao, Tim


“A CD submission of alternative rock instrumentals was recently liscened by MTV’s “Real World” -it contained a lot of Beta Monkey drum tracks. Here is a link to one of the “oddball” quircky tunes I wrote for the CD titled “Ding Dog Ditty”. It showcases some really cool drum beats that were looped in ACID and fit the song perfect. Thanks again for the great stuff. — Theron Day


“I love your loops! I can’t drum or program a drum machine to save my life.. not to mention I can’t find a drum synth/sampler that “sounds right.” — Edward Averill


“Chris, got my CD’s the other day- thanks for shipping so quickly. I’ve only had a chance to preview a selection of the loops, but they sound awesome. Great sounding drums, especially on the Classic Backbeats disc, and I’m impressed with the variety of extremely tasty grooves and fills.

You have a great product at a great price, and I really appreciate your help on the phone last week. They’ll work perfectly for my style, and my songwriting and recording methods. I only wish that I didn’t order them months ago and save myself lots of frustration. I’ll send you a couple of songs when I get ’em finished. Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll be back for more discs before too long.

I’m impressed with the sounds and variations of the loops you guys put on there. I spent some time yesterday working on a couple of new riffs and songs with your loops. They’re very easy to use and they definitely speed the entire process up drastically. I guess I have no excuse not to start cranking out lots of new songs and improve my songwriting skills. So again, thanks for a great product.” — Dan Bailey


“HO-LY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered these at 4:30 on thursday afternoon while leaving work (don’t tell my boss), and they came here at 10:00 the NEXT morning, ??? Is that humanly possible!! Thanks for your AWSOME service….. I will DEFINITELY be spreading your name around…….. rave on! I have been listening to the loops for 6 hours now! People here think I am nuts man. Thanks a lot for an awesome tool………..these will help me learn to improve my mixing skills, and also my guitar playing skills.” — David Lara


“I HAVE A MAJOR COMPLAINT. These drum loops on Alt and Modern Rock I and II are so damn good, that I have wasted my day away making music. I haven’t mowed my lawn, done homework for college, or anything else except jam away with these exceptionally impressive drum loops. No really though–these loops are SWEET! I’ll be sending you all some of my work when I finished. Rock on!” — Marcus Perry


“Thanks for giving me some fresh air with Double Bass Mania. I really enjoyed hearing some heavy blast beats and DB flurries!!! Now I want to get back and jam ASAP!!!!!!!!! — Michael Greenhall



“Chris, you’re a star, thanks a million! I bought the Natural Grooves and Drumwerks IV a few weeks ago and they’re just superb, they’re inspirational, perfectly designed and like everyone else says, just so usable, they really get the creative juices flowing. I love how natural they sound and how unprocessed they are. I’m full of praise, they’re just great and I’ve been recommending them to loads of people. Thanks again!” — Justin Hynes


“Thanks once again for your efforts. As promised, I said Iíd let you know what I thought of your product. Iím happy to tell you that Iím absolutely delighted with the quality – especially the grooves with the deep bass drum ‚ it sounds great on my recordings. My only real problem now is getting enough quality groove clips to cover the BPM ranges but Iím sure this will improve as I build up my Betamonkey library.” — Tommy Smith (Scotland)


“Great service, great drum loops, great experience. Thanks Beta Monkey!” — Brendan J Maloney (Australia)


“Great samples! Fast shipping! Just got my third CD and more than satisfied! You guys absolutely rule! — Mark Fletcher


“I got the Groove Construction Kits CD from you the other day, and Iíve been having a blast this weekend monkeying around with them (no pun intended). I play mostly power pop, sometimes with a vintage ë60ís feel, and the Groove Construction Kit 5 is my favorite so far. Everything is fitting my needs perfectly! Thanks again for the quick service, and for throwing in the extra CD of loops. Iíll be telling all my friends about Beta Monkey, you can be sure!” — Michael Lark


“Hi Chris, Thanks for your fast service on my recent purchase! I’ve used drums on demand and prefer the Monkey!!! Much more economical too. Thanks!” — Daryl Grew


“Your playing rocks and the loops really make the writing process faster and more enjoyable. I can’t thank you enough! — Mike H.


“Since I found you guys, I have not used any other loops. My $50 Sonic Foundry and RADS CD’s are sitting on the shelf collecting dust. BETA MONKEY KICKS ASS!” — Ryan Weiss (check out Ryan’s latest work)


“Just wrote a new song using Drumwerks III. Thanks again for the awesome drum sounds.” — Mike Habig


“Hey guys at BetaMonkey! I’m recording my new album with your drums and I have to say they are awesome!” — Andrew Bordoni


“Another sample library review of drum loops from Beta Monkey Music. These loops are primarily designed for alt rock types of styles, but I’ve found that they are really outstanding for drum ‘n bass. Simply take one of the 110bpm loops and pitch it up to 160+ bpm and they have a really solid feel.” — (www.peff.com)


“We are really enjoying your loops. I bought Vol 1, 2, 3 and 4 a few months ago. incredibly useful stuff!” — Rupinder (www.sthir.org)


“I just got Natural Grooves… sweet loops!!! You should do all your loops dry.. saves you time too. Thanks for the deal!” — Wayne Miller (MA)


“I purchased five Beta Monkey CD’s near a month ago. Thanks for a great set of loops, just what my studio needed for original ideas. Just downloading some of the freebies at the moment ~ great idea. Anyway, just thought I’d take this opportunity to say thanx again.” — Joe Busuttil (Australia)


“Just got the disc today… the stuff sounds awesome (as expected!). Anyhow, thanks a ton for the great service.” — Lee Arnone


“Chris, you are too kind. I see exactly why you have so many satisfied customers. A top notch product at an unbeatable price and great customer service. I’m sure this won’t be my last order and I look forward to whatever loops you come up with next. Thanks a million!” — Brandon Ankeny


“First off, your loops absolutely ROCK! FAR superior to the “other” stuff out there! And, second, with customer service like yours, Sonic Foundry and the other big boys better jes’ move on over! Again, thanks so much for service in an otherwise devoid industry…” — Tommy Hicks



“I got the CDís from you the other day, and Iíve been having a blast this weekend monkeying around with them (no pun intended). I play mostly power pop, sometimes with a vintage ë60ís feel, and the Groove Construction Kit 5 is my favorite so far. Everything is fitting my needs perfectly! Thanks again for the quick service, and for throwing in the extra CD of loops. Iíll be telling all my friends about Beta Monkey, you can be sure!” — Michael Lark


“Been introducing several of my friends to your loops, and I believe one guy even said, if he had found your loops earlier, he wouldn’t have bought DFH…! (Drumkit from Hell)…! Another chap heard my songs and despite it being a very good song (heh), he only asked where the heck I got my loops from! sigh. I think your loops are too good dude, overshadowing my music…heh! I thought I’d let you know that your loops have been very essential in blessing others, as I just recorded a backing track cd entirely done with your loops, for a group of missionaries going up to Japan to perform over this coming christmas! But nonetheless, am looking forward to more exciting loops from you. (especially that DVD release man..when????)Thanks and cheers!” — Alawnkoh (Singapore)


“I received the Double Bass Mania CD yesterday and it is just awesome. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. I can now start writing the music that I want to hear and these loops will help immensely. It is very hard to write metal to rap and dance beats without having it sound like rap-metal (which I don’t mind, just not what I’m going for)… Anyway, thanks a lot for making this CD. It’s going to get a lot of use!” — Scott Laws




“I got the DB mania and Alt/mod CD today. Awesome USABLE stuff. Thanks for the great loops and I can’t wait to get to work!” — John Murphy


“Double Bass Mania is melting my mind right now, Bro!! Man, the playing and sound quality are both right on the money. You’re the new Mountain Mirrors drummer, man. You’ll be credited on our forthcoming CD! F’n A…what a great disc, and it’s grooving enough to be used on much more than metal.” — Jeff


“I received my Clasic backbeats and Pure Country CD’s today…Less than 7 whole days after I ordered it… now that’s what I call service!!! I’m Blown away, and I’ve only had a chance to listen to about 25% of the samples so far. Man, the playing of the drums is good, real good…and I think it makes me play guitar way better….. a lot of songs and recordings will come from this. I’ve been searching for this for at least 8 years now… to finally I have flexible and varied beats that I can play almost any style of music to…. well it’s sure made my day, probably my year, even the next decade!! One truly happy Customer!” — Paul Cairns



“Thanks ‚ Iím looking forward to checking these out. Iíve been using Drums on Demand with little success plus a number of others, so if these are up to the mark I will definitely go through the catalogue. Iíve been in the business a long time and I know whatís right and DOD just donít do it. The sound (recording) quality is poor and unnatural, with over and under-compressed snares and oscillating cymbals. Bass drums vary from paper thin to too big and too boomy. There is also a limited amount of groove and fill options available and a distinct a lack of ëFeelí in the loops which puts limitations on the user ‚ so much so that I have had to reluctantly revert to using synth. drums in my recordings.

My apologies if this is too general but I would have to stay up half the night to convey to you how disappointed I am with DOD.” — Tommy Smith



“Great stuff here. The retro quality of the Classic Backbeats CD’s is very much what I miss (used various drum machines). I have limited sampling sequencing capabilities- basically what my Yamaha AW16G provides. But your product has me looking into more sophisticated sample sequencers.” — Alex Santos


“Just wanted to say thanks for the sounds. I ordered the Grooves Construction Kit and I must say that I’m impressed…this was exactly what I was looking for and I know I’am going to get alot of mileage out of this disc……I am so sick and tired of sites pawning off nth generation 808 and 909 samples as quality drum kits. Your drums sound exactly the way I’ve heard ’em in my head and that means I’m gonna be busy for quite awhile banging out some more beats!
Thanks for keeping my sampler/drum machine(MPC 2000xl) fed with the quality sounds and I hope to be doing business with you all in the future.” — Maurice Mitchell



“I’ve had some time to work with these loops and all I can say is thanks again. I’ve got three drum tracks completed. One in 7/8. They’re exactly what I hoped for. You asked about the Loud Grooves cd. I have to say it’s great. Thanks again for throwing it in. Based on my style of writing I sort of expected that Vols. II and the Loud Grooves wouldn’t maybe have as much of what I was looking for in song specific grooves. Turns out I’m probably using more off these two than the others! ALL great stuff. Even the extra folders of the stuff that isn’t maybe as organized had some very useable stuff. I liked the one shots too. Nice to drop them in and have them automatically work without a bunch of mixing and screwing around.

The only situation I ran into where I found a minor obstacle is in one song. I was doing a part where the ride was going and I needed a fill. When I went to the fill sample though, the ringing of the ride disappeared. I couldn’t find any single hits of the ride for that session to keep the tail end ringing out, or fills that work with the RC samples.. Anyway, it was a totally workable thing. Your recordings are good enough that I was able to slide in a Clearmountain ride that was basically identical. Compared to the crazy chopping and editing I WAS doing this was simple. No complaints. I just figured I’d pass it along as it was something I ran into. I’ll have some clips in a week or two and will shoot you a url to them when completed.

Thanks a million bud. I’ll definitely get ahold of you for more and check the site to see what you’ve got coming up. Between these 4 cds I’ll have enough to keep me busy for a while but I can already see others I wouldn’t mind grabbing eventually.

Thanks again for all the info! You do real nice work.” — Mike Hodsdon



“How’s it going? Damn. I have to be honest. I tried to go “Cold turkey” from using drum loops made by other people. I busted my bollocks trying to come up with bad assed grooves with my FL Studio and DFH. Only to listen the next day and feel compromised. Then I go back to my recently-purchased Beta Monkey CDs – and instantly feel satisfaction!! To hell with pride. It’s all about what the music wants. So I’m excited to be throwing a ton of your grooves into the mix!!!!

Anyway, there’s a lot of mention on your site about the “dry” nature of your recordings. To my ears, they’re EQ’ed nicely with a good amount of “bang”.

What type of processing/EQ’ing do you generally recommend applying to your loops? (if you were putting them in your own tunes)

Thanks a LOT!” — Jeff

6/05/04 (KG wrote in after receiving the entire Beta Monkey collection)


“I most certainly did receive my order, and it arrived very early in-fact ( 1:00 pm Thursday ) and in perfect condition.I have only had the chance to listen to 1 and 1/2 of the Cd’s (Double Bass Mania and Dumwerks v I ) I had to go out of town for the evening……..What a bummer! 🙂 But, for what I have heard as of Friday evening, was a collection of the Best drum library collections, Etc. that I have ever come across …..Period! (And I looked for many, many, many months) You had exactly what I was searching for.

Now, my long quest from the “perfect” drums is Finally over and done with. Its an Awesome new addition to my home studio. I can tell you that I am Very impressed and Blown away by the quality, quantity , and the selection of files just on one CD. There’s enough here for a lifetime. There isn’t a collection(s) Ive read about, known about, or have been told about by anyone…………..for any price……even available today! Well, I could go on but, I need to get back to my Beta Monkey Drum collections and start creating (He He, I sound like an infomercial!).
So, for now, I’m off and creating. I will talk to you soon.” — K.G. (US)

6/02/04 (Note: We received this email in January ’04 but hesitated putting this one up because we thought it was blatant name-dropping. Ah, so what? This guy rules!)


“CHRIS – BRO, THESE LOOPS ARE INSANE…BAD ASS. When is the metal CD coming out?” — NIKKI
(Check out his new band Brides of Destruction – now THEY are BAD-ASS! Great album, in part inspired by Beta Monkey grooves. And, you might know of another side project he played in over at www.motley.com)



“You don’t know how excited I am on making these purchases from you guys. I’ve looked and listened to thousands of “loop library’s” for well over six months now, and I always find myself Running straight back to the BetaMonkey website. I am now ready to (finally) to make the best and ONLY Proper choice and purchase decision, which is……..”BETAMONKEY’s Loop Library” All the way … 100%!

I am really blown away by your kindness and generosity, by adding the “Loud Grooves for Rock and Pop” for free with my order, and your willingness to satisfy my requests! Thanks so much! It’s not often that I encounter someone with such great personal skills, attitude, and demeanor as yourself. You should be proud! I again thank you for everything.” — Kevin (U.S)


“Actually, I was just following up on my purchase of the ‘Pure Country Grooves” plus the ‘Loud rock and pop’ CD that was sent to me in record time! I already have the volume III. I don’t often write emails back about a product especially if it is good, just my nature I guess. But I just had to say WOW on the quality of your work. I am heavy into cover tunes and play parties and Saturday night local gigs(50 to 70 capacity max) and the response I have had with these loops is really inspiring. People are so used to a real live band and then I come in there and it is just me and with an ocassional extra guitar player. I actually lay down the bass tracks and play to that. EQ is very important, I found that out kind of the hard way. Anyway I am rambling here but the point is Your stuff is the big winner. Thank you again for the fast courteous service. Professional thru and thru. Keep up the great work and DON’T change a thing! LOL.” — Frank Betts, Battle Creek, MI



“Thanks for the mail. I am sure that you guys are busy from happy customers asking for more samples!!!! Anyway, thanks Chris… and loooooong live to you and Beta Monkey !!! Really GREAT job… it’s is what I am looking for, since too many years, you did it.. thanks a lot for it !!!” — Noel (Belgium)



“Chris is obviously focused on delivering top notch drum grooves AND great customer service. He has always been very quick to reply with answers and suggestions to my questions. I make it a point to check the site often to see what new CD’s are in the works. I am becoming a Beta Monkey collector and the improvement of my studio projects is further testimony to the professional product he provides. With such reasonable pricing, there is NO REASON you shouldn’t try some Beta Monkey drumming on your next project. You WON’T be disappointed! Thanks Chris.” — Jay (USA)

5/19/04 (This letter is great because it was a two-parter!)

First Letter from Al

“I just got your CD. It was exactly what I was looking for. I would have liked a little more rim stick ballad stuff but thats okay. The blues drums are what I was after. They are great quality and and as soon as I finish my blues CD you guys will get a copy!! — peace, Al

Second Letter from Al (received 10 minutes later)

“Alright alright… my last email did not do this CD justice. I hadnt gotten to the funky blues drummer section yet on Drum Werks Vol. III. That is the nastiest in you face funk drummin I have ever heard on any loop cd. Damn I’m gonna write some killer stuff. Yall watch out!! — Peace, Al (USA)



“I’ve finally finished my new song with your fabulous alt rock drums. I’ve filtered them a little bit.. slicing and dicing the loops and I’m definately more than satisfied with the final mix. The song is called “Fat Moon” and you can hear it or download it on www.artistlaunch.com
You can bet Chris that I’ll be looking for more rock and pop stuff from Betamonkey. You can’t imagine how much these cds help my creative process. Let me know if you like the tune and if you want me to write some paragraphs about how bad betamonkey kicks ass! Hope to hear from you soon.” — Luca | www.jontom.net (Italy)


“The grooves are great. I am a guitar player who started out as a drummer so I find the loops very creative and they take me out of my usual comfort zone for recording. Just tonight I cooked a little demo of an idea for the band. It all started with 3 or 4 of the files off one of the discs.
Great stuff… and this frees me from having to play the drum tracks on the awful sound Yamaha DTXpress Kit I bought.” — Thanks again. Jeff (Canada)


“Thanks for the quick turnaround. I am enjoying the “old stuff” and look forward to this shipment. Your grooves are great and very well priced. Thanks again.” — Ken (U.S.)

May 2004 back to 2002 (when we started this little thing called Beta Monkey Music…)

“I bought your Drum Werks Volume IV acoustic rock drum loop cd. The kit sounds great. It’s a great idea to leave room in the wav file for editing. Most samples are so hot that any effects clips them out. I can make your drum loops sound close to anything I want. I love the way the loops are organized. It’s simple and it makes sense. More than once, I have spent twice as much on loops and gotten half as much useful material. Thanks a lot!” — Christian Russell www.BELLEDRIVER.com “Keep those quality loops a’comin (as they say in the Deep South, alledgley). I’ve so many Demo’s written with your loops now that the rest of the band know you like a family member, in fact we might credit you on the album!!!” — Cheers,Mark (U.K.)


This one was brought to our attention that it was posted at the Homerecording.com BBS

“Just want to add that after the recommendations in this thread, I ordered and now got 3 cd’s from Beta Monkey, and they are great.I have other drum loops that sound fine, but are too busy or complex for most songs. Telling Chris at Beta Monkey what I needed, I got 3 cd’s with mainly simple straight ahead rock, pop, alternative rhythms. And having tested them with a couple of midi songs they fit in fine. Also, they sound better than the midi drums in the otherwise profesionally arranged midi songs. Best of all, don’t let the low price fool you.

They are good. Until now I have paid 3-10 times as much for the same number of loops of similar quality. And if you are European like me, contact Chris directly to have the cd’s specially mailed. In my case he only charged $2 extra for overseas, and I still got them within a week.” — Tom (Denmark)

“Thanks for the CD’s I thought disc IV is brilliant and very inspirational. There is no one out there who can touch the Beta Monkey stuff in terms of quality, useability, and, most importantly, PRICE!” — Klaiq (Sweden)

“I received the discs today. The sounds are absolutely wonderful. The drumkit possibilities from this collection are endless. Many thanks for all your splendid help. I will certainly pass the word along.” — Sincerely, Todd

“Chris, you did a great job and for the price you charge all should be very pleased. I will be doing a few projects over the next couple of months and your samples will be a huge part of it. I experimented with the samples in Fruity Loops 4 last night and they worked great. I will check back now and again for the second edition. If you can email me that would be great. Thanks again, I really appreciate your true input and a wonderful product.” — Sincerely, Todd Adams (USA)


“First off I,d like to give a great big THANKYOU!, THANKYOU!, THANKYOU! It’s been like 4 or 5 months since I’ve played. After I got your 1-4+modern and country,I picked up my bass and ran with it.The double bass stuff was killer!. Brought me back to the L.O.A. groove. The apartment complex I live in all of a sudden turned into the projects,which is why I purchased the rap stuff cd from you.Yeah!, trying to buy some time!,Keep my neighbors from killin me.Yeah!,played drums here for two years.Not nearly as tasty as you.Perhaps my neighbors will appreciate my guitar and bass playing with some tasty grooves(yours)!.Since you gave me back what was missing most from my life,I ask you that you continue to do what you are doing.Trust me,I’m not the only one that wants real music(played by real musicians) back. Thankfully more than you know.” — Kenyth (USA)


“Alright….here’s the deal. Beta Monkey loops have completly replaced a majority of my drum loop library. In the last 60 days I have used Volume 4 on commercials for “The Australian Based Steak House” and “The Cheesesteak Sandwich Restaurant” (the names have been changed, but you can figure out who they are). I have a 10×20 drum room that is gathering dust. I even used them to record one of my new originals. Nice job, but my drummer is now looking for a tour.” — Scott Casey Scott Casey Productions

“Your prompt response is much appreciated mate. Your 30mb of freebies is a great way to get people in. It worked on me! Make sure you keep “harmony-central.com” informed of your new releases. I was a heart beat away from ordering from “drums on demand” and your new cd showed up on their list. After comparing quality, variety and price point I decided to buy from you instead. Thank you for making your quality product affordable.” — Nate


“I’m not sure if you remember me or not but I am a clinician for Gibson Guitars, and I used your drum loops for all of my Clinic tracks (Drum Werks Vol.2). I’m glad to see you guys are doing well. I want to tell you that so many people ask me about my songs and the recordings I have done (who knew…I’m not the only Guitar player who likes to record everything at the desktop! ). So much so, that I am considering selling my backing tracks in a Jam-along CD because people are asking me for a copy of my demo CD to play along to. So when that gets off the ground,

I’ll be sure to give you a huge credit in the CD artwork. I have spoken with many people who are starting off with hard disk recording and I always tell them to get a hold of your CD’s because they are so easy to use, and sound great. I think you have great products and I wish you success. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Here are 2 tunes from my clinic. One is a Punk-pop type of tune, and the other is a Ska/Reggae tune. I play along with the tracks live so you will notice some guitar parts missing.

Thanks!” — Kevin Philbin Clinician Gibson USA


“I got all the CDs in mail. You are the man. I love it. It is just awesome. Way beyond anything I expected. My main goal is to lay the drums down in a form of full track. Then transfer it to a multi track instead of using PC multi track software for everything. So far I have tried just one CD and it has so many awesome loops and gooves in it. I cannot wait to try the rest. The whole nine yards. Alight..I’m going to go. Thank you a million for such awesome drums. Do keep in touch.” — Jibran (USA)

“You make great loops! The truth is, I really don’t use loops very often – You should really think about putting together some kits for GIGASampler. I’d buy ’em.” — Thanks, Ron

“I felt your drum loops, after hearing the demos and seeing your price (Big Fish, etc is way overpriced) were very reasonable. Most of us are not producing the next Brittany Spears album so price IS an object to most of us. Your price/value ratio was excellent. Keep up the good work!” — Jim (USA)

“Thanks, I received them today. These have been great for getting ideas down as well as sparking new ones. I play guitar and some keyboard some drum machines continue to be hard for me. Thanks again.” — Robert Toole robtoole@bellsouth.net (USA)


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