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Looking for 100% Acoustic Drum Samples?

DWLogo_CutAll Beta Monkey loop packs include drum samples, but, if you need more (or have more specific needs), we have what you need.

Visit our exclusive drum and cymbal sample partner site and get exactly the drum or cymbal sample sounds you want! All samples are 44.1kHz/24-bit stereo .WAV format audio files and available for instant downloads 24/7

Learn more, preview audio demos, and download drum samples from Drum Werks…


Beta Monkey Loop Set Compatibility

Session CompatibilityUnlike other loop and sample companies who produce random one-off collections that sound vastly different from one library to the next, we offer many sample packs that were recorded during the same recording session.

What does this mean to you, exactly? This means you get a cohesive drum mix across an entire loop library and, in many cases, a consistent mix and sound set spanning multiple products. Many customers love the ability to get more drum styles with the same drum mix and sound they already love.

So, if you’re looking for which Beta Monkey releases are compatible with each other, read on.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you get the best grooves as well as the best service. If your question is not answered on this page, feel free to email or call us directly for more personal attention and specific information.

Find answers to the questions like…

  • What if I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for and want a refund?
  • Is there an extra charge if I need to get multiple loop formats?
  • What if I have download issues after purchasing?
  • I lost my files I purchased and downloaded last week/month/year/decade. Do I have to pay again for a replacement download?
  • Which loop format is right for my software?
  • Have Beta Monkey drum loops been quantized by Beat Detective or similar groove-killing processes?
  • Who plays drums for Beta Monkey?

Get all your questions answered on our FAQ page…

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In fact, some of most loyal customers were some of the first ones who ordered our products back in 2001. Now, that’s loyalty!

So, if you’re interested in telling your website readers about Beta Monkey, we have some logos and resources for you here

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Use Garageband and Logic? You want to get the best drum loops in Apple Loops format?

We have drum loops for Garageband and Logic in any musical style you need. It’s time to breathe new life into your drum tracks if you’re not happy with the limited content of Apple’s Jam Packs.

Beta Monkey Music offers all of our popular sample libraries in Apple Loops (AIFF) loop format to energize your drum loops library. When you’re finding Apple’s loop offerings NOT what your music needs, Beta Monkey has the grooves you want for Apple’s GarageBand and Logic.

Read more about how to use Apple Loops and how Beta Monkey can take your GarageBand and Logic tracks further…



Use Reason or other programs that require REX2 Drum Loops?

Learn more about REX2 drum loops in the resource page. This page gives a brief summary and historical background, compatible programs, opinions, and tips regarding using REX2 drum loops. Some of the questions we’ll answer for you:

REX2 Drum Loops Primer | What do you need to know about drum loops in the REX, REX2 formats?
What programs support Beta Monkey as REX2 format?
What do you need to make or edit REX2 drum loops?
Can you get REX2 format loops from Beta Monkey?

Learn about all things REX, REX2, and Beta Monkey’s arsenal of REX2 drum loops here…



Looking to use Beta Monkey drum loops in Presonus Studio One?

Looking to get some quality PreSonus Studio One drum loops? Unfortunately Presonus’ Studio One® bundles some lackluster loop and sample content, so it doesn’t take long before users are out looking for grooves that actually inspire creativity and songwriting.

If you do techno or electronic music, they have you covered decently enough. But, what if you’re after drums for jazz, rock, blues, or metal?

Studio One includes their proprietary Audioloops, Musicloops, and Soundsets for PreSonus® Presence™, Impact™, and Mojito virtual instruments, but the styles they include are certainly not for everyone.

That’s where Beta Monkey comes in and delivers the drum styles your music actually needs.

Read on to learn how Beta Monkey can bring some powerful and live acoustic drum tracks to many folks’ favorite DAW: Presonus Studio One


Learn about the drum loops that that puts your creativity first — Beta Monkey!

Hard-hitting rock, alt-indie pop, blues, jazz, fusion, country and metal — Beta Monkey drum loops are powerful songwriting tools for all musical genres.

As the world’s most popular independent drum loop producer, our sample libraries deliver incredible bang for the buck.

We inspire artists to record, edit, and mix their music with easy-to-use and natural acoustic drums, delivering professional studio audio quality and creative control throughout the entire songwriting process.

But, you may be wondering, should I be using these drums? Well, learn about who could benefit from using our critically-praised drum loops and samples.

So, who needs Beta Monkey?