The drum loops that put your creativity first — Beta Monkey!

Hard-hitting rock, alt-indie pop, blues, jazz, fusion, country and metal — Beta Monkey drum loops are powerful songwriting tools for all musical genres.

As the world’s most popular independent drum loop producer, our sample libraries deliver incredible bang for the buck – inspiring artists to record, edit, and mix their music with easy-to-use and natural acoustic drums, delivering professional studio audio quality and creative control throughout the entire songwriting process. Are Beta Monkey drum loops and samples for everybody?

So, who needs Beta Monkey? 

SONGWRITERS: Whenever inspiration strikes, Beta Monkey is there with a versatile collection of drum tools that are versatile and easy to use. Our sample collections are highly musical, giving songwriters all the pieces they need to inspire and create drum tracks. With grooves, groove variations, fills, single shots, and matching drum samples, it’s a comprehensive tool for songwriters of all styles.

From the first beat to the last, Beta Monkey delivers all the sounds and styles that take your musical ideas to the next level.

GUITARISTS: By far, guitarists are our largest group of users. Maybe it’s because guitarists are always looking for a reason to play. And, nothing gets guitarists going like a great groove behind them. There is just something about a solid backbeat that inspires creativity. Maybe you want to work out some ideas to a straight 2 and 4, or perhaps you need something more “out there” to coax the next song out of you.

Whatever kind of groove you need to get the fingers a-flying, you have over 50 different drum libraries to inspire you to do what you love to do most: play.

BANDS: In most band situations, there usually is a lead songwriter, the one responsible for bringing new music to the group. Maybe that’s the position you’re in. And, what better way can you develop and work out musical ideas to show the band than to work them out with Beta Monkey supplying the beats you want?

Whether you are roughing out songs before you show the band in the rehearsal room or looking for a way to inspire your drummer, Beta Monkey is the versatile and natural choice for capturing your songs and ideas before you feel confident enough to share.

BEAT PRODUCERS: Whether you’re creating hip hop, rap, or techno, Beta Monkey drum samples can be used and abused in the DAW of your choice. Get creative with your beat mangling with live, acoustic drums and get some fresh sounds into your beats.

With a range of genre-crossing loop styles or ready-to-go drum and cymbal samples, Beta Monkey lets you run wild with adding EQ and effects that will suit the needs for all electronic music producers. Get some fresh Beta Monkey beats into your mixes with our versatile collection of live drums.

PRODUCERS: Music producers of all styles have discovered Beta Monkey and consider our products essential tools in getting work done. With our critically-acclaimed sample packs, professionals working in the music, film, TV, and game industries have taken advantage of the wide variety and ease-of-use of Beta Monkey products for years.

Flexibility, quality, 100% pure acoustic sound – producers know Beta Monkey drum samples help them get the job done right.

DRUMMERS: We’ve recorded some of the best drummers in the world. From GRAMMY Award winners to multi-platinum album sales, we’ve put some of the best pros we could find to deliver powerful and authentic drumming performances. And, we put them in some pretty amazing recording studios as well.

If you’re a drummer looking to learn and expand your playing vocabulary, then you literally have thousands of grooves and fills to study. If you’re willing to work on your craft, we have more than enough to inspire you.