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The Only Drum Loops You’ll Ever Need!

Download the drum loops that have inspired 90,000 songwriters and musicians worldwide to create live drum tracks quickly and easily for rock, metal, jazz, fusion, funk, blues, and country music.

With some of the world’s best drummers behind the kits, clean mixes, and extensive multi-velocity single hit samples from the recording sessions, these versatile drum sample libraries have set the standard since 2001.

Hard-hitting rock, intense metal, alt-indie pop, blues, jazz, fusion, or country — BetaMonkey offers powerful songwriting tools to construct rhythm tracks quickly and easily.

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What can Beta Monkey do for your songwriting?

Whether you’re a professional musician or a weekend warrior, you deserve the tracks you’ve always wanted. 100% live, acoustic samples for rock, metal, blues, and country as well as odd time, fusion, jazz, funk, percussion and World Grooves.

Check out our user-submitted music to see how our products have served a diverse roster of musicians from every corner of the planet. Get the drum loops that get results. Get Beta Monkey.

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For nearly 20 years, we have released original, innovative, and versatile samples and multi-tracks for many musical genres. Customers and critics alike have praised BetaMonkey products year after year. Read on to see how our work has been received by the audio and songwriter communities. Read hundreds of customer reviews as well (but only if you have some time).

“Fierce and Brutal Metal Grooves and Fills

If you’re after some intense metal drumming to add power and excitement to your tracks, then you might want to check out Double Bass Mania VIII.

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MusicTech Magazine

“Another acoustic rock drum loop CD?”

The 24-bit sounds are crisp and well recorded… if you need rock drums, you can’t beat the value for money.

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Craig Anderton / Guitar Player, Keyboard, Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Pro Sound News, Mix

“The sound is crisp.”

This is an absolute steal – so much, in fact, that I ordered half a dozen more libraries myself! Excellent value for money and highly recommended.

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Dave Stewart, John Walden & Paul White / Sound on Sound Magazine

“It’s easy to build a complex, lively and flowing, full drum performance.”

An excellent collection of grooving drum loops with subtle live details and plenty of variations to help with arrangement.

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Alex Holmes / MusicTech Magazine

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