Get the drum loops over 95,000 songwriters and musicians worldwide use to create drum tracks quickly and easily.

With downloadable loop packs for rock, metal, jazz, fusion, funk, blues, country and more, Beta Monkey has the grooves you need for songwriting, rehearsing, and jamming. We offer some of the world’s best drummers behind the kits, with clean mixes, and extensive multi-velocity drum samples from the recording sessions. Our versatile drum libraries have set the standard since 2002.

Whether it’s hard-hitting rock, intense metal, alt-indie pop, blues, jazz, fusion, or country, songwriters can create the live, powerful drum tracks every song deserves.

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Double Bass Mania VII is 'the' sample pack for loud, intense modern metal. Insane metal drum loops for modern death, deathcore, djent grooves with a powerful, high-definition drum mix.

Vintage sound with all the staple grooves of the 50s and 60s, Beta Monkey Music's Classic Backbeats™ II is a retro rock drum loop and sample library for writers looking to expand the depth of their groove collections.

Looking for rock drum loops that offer the timeless classic rock drum tracks of AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Toto, Van Halen, and ZZ Top? Drum Werks XVII captures the most legendary and iconic rock drum tracks ever recorded.

Over 1000 funk drum loops to inspire any funk project needing some serious grooves. With a wide range of syncopated beats inspired by the most iconic funk tracks, you'll get all the funk drum samples you need to make it funky!

Jazz Essentials II offers 2 GB of complete, live jazz drum tracks. Covering traditional jazz, Latin jazz, 3/4 jazz, and blues-jazz swing, these jazz drum  tracks are as live as it gets.

With 12/8 grooves, shuffle beats, and boogies, Drum Werks XII is the most versatile and extensive collection of blues drum loops you'll find anywhere. Includes 650+ loops and fills in all of the traditional must-have blues rhythms.

Recorded in Nashville and featuring over 300 3/4 and 6/8 country brush drum loops. Performed by one of Nashville's in-demand studio drummers, this download pack is ideal for multiple styles of country, folk, and bluegrass.

Features over 500 odd time drum loops in 5/4, 5/8 7/4, 7/8 and 9/8. Odd Time Meltdown will get you thinking differently about your music and playing. For Rock, Prog-Rock, and Fusion.

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Write Whatever You Want. We’ll Supply the Groove.

With only 100% live, acoustic drums, Beta Monkey loop packs will inspire new music easily. No matter your style—rock, metal, blues, country, odd time, fusion, jazz, funk, or world percussion—Beta Monkey has the grooves you need.

Listen to some user-submitted music audio samples to see how our products have served a diverse roster of musicians from every corner of the planet. Whether you’re a professional musician or a weekend warrior, you deserve the drum tracks you’ve always wanted. It’s time to put away your drum machine and software plugins and get the real thing.

We supply drum beats with the drum sounds you want. Where you take the music is up to you.

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What have customers as well as music and industry press had to say about Beta Monkey over the years? Great things, we think! Our ground-breaking and critically-acclaimed sample libraries continue to set our work apart from other commercially-available products. It’s no wonder that music industry publications and customers agree: our sample packs deliver superior sound, performance, and value.

For over 20 years, we have released original, innovative, and versatile samples and multi-tracks for many musical genres. Customers and critics alike have praised BetaMonkey sample library products year after year.

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