Drum loops for jazz?

Recording jazz drum tracks at The Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA.Drum loops are not necessarily ideal for all musical genres. For rock, pop, and country songwriters, of course, drum loops are an easy and viable way to get the songwriting process going. These genres generally feature drum beats that are repetitive in nature, meant to lock down the groove and serve the song. So, the perfect drum loop can easily and quickly become the foundation of the song.

But, for other styles, using loops can be a bit more complicated if not limiting. Some musical genres, like funk and jazz, require much more “feel”, the kind of vibe that is difficult (but not impossible) to achieve with static one or two-bar loops. Jazz, in particular, is inherently built upon a improvisational approach, one that requires a free-flowing exchange of musical ideas that play with and off the musicians playing and intentions.

What we’re trying to say here is that jazz drum loops can be very difficult to produce with the right amount of feel, swing, and style.

When we set out to do a jazz loop collection, we opted instead to go not with loops (ironic, we know, for a company that is all about loops and samples) but with complete, single take tracks. There was no way we could authentically capture the feel and vibe of jazz drumming by creating isolated one, two, or even four-bar drum loops. Beside, we already did that with our first jazz drum loops collection!

So, if you need a comprehensive source of live, jazz drum tracks, we’ve got the very thing you need: Jazz Essentials II. This collection, tracked at the famed The Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA,  will give your jazz songwriting the inspiring feel and improvisational vibe that your jazz songwriting needs.

How can you inspire your jazz songwriting? Try Jazz Essentials II

Jazz Essentials II contains over 2 GB of live jazz drum tracks for traditional jazz, Latin jazz, 3/4 jazz, blues-jazz, and more. We’re talking a live jazz drummer in the studio playing time, comping phrases, and mixing up the swing. You can’t get any more authentic jazz drums for your tracks unless you rent out a studio and hire a seasoned session drummer yourself.

Starting with basic swing patterns and moving up to complex comping, all of the drum tracks on Jazz Essentials II include both brushes and sticks and cover a wide range of tempos.

With a natural, balanced mix and and seasoned New York City drummer behind the drum kit, Jazz Essentials II has a versatile sound at home in many jazz styles. When it comes to jazz, it’s all about the live feel. And, Jazz Essentials II delivers the jazz drum tracks that have the feel you’re after.

If your songwriting styles range from traditional swing to Bebop, Latin Jazz and contemporary jazz styles, there’s hours of live drums here at your disposal. Use the full tracks for practice or cut multi-bar phrases for looping, there’s only one way to use Jazz Essentials II: your way.

Here’s a cut off of Jazz Essentials II. Play along and have fun!

Get more jazz drum tracks and loops from Beta Monkey in the rest of the Jazz Essentials Series.

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  1. R Blotzer says:

    I like how you mentioned that drum loops are a viable way to get the songwriting process going. My best friend is into music and he likes playing his guitar in a companion with more instruments. I’m going to let him know about drum loops in case he wants to enjoy his free time playing with it.

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