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How to Inspire Your Music With Live Jazz Drum Tracks

Jazz Drum Tracks - Jazz Essentials II

Drum loops for jazz? Drum loops are not necessarily ideal for all musical genres. For rock, pop, and country songwriters, of course, drum loops are an easy and viable way to get the songwriting process going. These genres generally feature drum beats that are repetitive in nature, meant to lock down the groove and serve […]

Beta Monkey releases new jazz drum tracks collection

Multi-track jazz drums - Jazz Essentials III

Beta Monkey releases new jazz drum tracks collection Beta Monkey’s Jazz Essentials III is a versatile collection of live acoustic jazz drum tracks delivering over 3 GB of multi-track jazz drumming performances. With the warm and natural tones of an well-used maple drum kit, this downloadable track pack offers fifteen drum performances of several popular […]

Beta Monkey releases over 1 GB of new odd time drum loops

Odd Time Meltdown IV Product Image

Beta Monkey delivers another round of odd time drum loops to inspire the rock, prog-rock, and fusion drum tracks you’ve always wanted. The newest member of the Odd Time Meltdown series, Odd Time Meltdown IV brings a modern punchy mix to a decidedly uptempo and energetic collection of drum loops in 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, and […]

New Odd Meter Drum Loops Released

Odd Time Meltdown III Product Image

New Odd Meter Drum Loops Released. Introducing Odd Time Meltdown III Beta Monkey presents new odd time drum loops with the latest release of the Odd Time Meltdown series, Odd Time Meltdown III. With the warm and punchy sounds of an all-maple drum kit, this downloadable drum sample pack offers a hyper-focused collection of drum […]

New Metal Drum Loops Released: Introducing Double Bass Mania VIII

Double Bass Mania VIII Modern Metal Drum Samples Product Image

A Brand-New and Brutally Metal Collection of Drum Loops Released: Here’s Double Bass Mania VIII This one’s for all the metal heads out there. Double Bass Mania VIII delivers power and precision with over 900 metal drum loops for guitarists, bassists, and producers of multiple metal styles, including speed metal, deathcore, grindcore, death, tech metal, […]

Want Modern Metal Drum Loops? Introducing Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania VII.

Beta Monkey Releases Double Bass Mania VII – Modern Metal Drums The Double Bass Mania Series of heavy metal drum loops and samples remains one of the best-selling series in the Beta Monkey arsenal for many reasons, but perhaps none greater than the fact that it delivers metal as it should be: heavy, hard, fast, […]

Introducing Drum Werks II Reloaded. Hard Rock Drum Loops, Samples

Hard Rock Drum Loops and Samples - Drum Werks II Reloaded

Beta Monkey Releases Drum Werks II: Reloaded – Modern Hard Rock Drum Loops Nobody records and produces hard rock drum tracks quite like Beta Monkey. 100% live and slamming, Drum Werks II: Reloaded captures the raw power of heavy and hard rock. This downloadable sample pack of heavy modern rock grooves serves up over 600 […]

Introducing New High-Octane Rock Drum Loops!

UpTempo Rock Drum Loops | Drum Werks XXVIII Product Box

Beta Monkey Releases High-Octane Rock Drum Loops Drum Werks XXVIII delivers the energy and power that you’ve been hungry for in your rock drum tracks. In this high-energy library of rock drum grooves, we’ve mixed the feels of uptempo Bonham-esque rock, Bun E Carlos-flavored power pop, and Dave Grohl alt-rock in one powerhouse set of […]

Beta Monkey Music Launches Double Bass Mania I Reloaded — Pure Metal Drum Loops

Beta Monkey Music Launches Double Bass Mania I Reloaded — Pure Metal Drum Loops Played well, a double kick performance is nothing short of an athletic event. Now the thrill of victory, courtesy of two bass drums going off with machine-like precision, is back again for your DAW. Beta Monkey, the mad primates behind Double […]

Beta Monkey Releases Percussion Loops. Introducing the Studio Percussion Toolbox

Percussion loops - Studio Percussion Toolbox Product Box

Need percussion loops that will add rhythmic flavor in your drum tracks? Add the flavor of popular world percussion rhythms to your latest projects with Beta Monkey’s Studio Percussion Toolbox. Beta Monkey Music brings a wonderfully diverse cross-section of the most sought-after and requested World and Ethnic percussion styles to your music. Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, funk, […]