Try jamming along this 90 BPM Rock Backing Drum Track!

For all you out there looking for some quality drum tracks to jam along with, we’ve been putting together a few different play-along videos in a number of different musical styles. It’s an easy and fun way to just play along to a solid rock drum track created with a few rock drum loops taken from Drum Werks IX.

Unlike most of what you’ll find on YouTube, these are original, live drums (as opposed to the typical MIDI drum tracks that just sound awful). If your Garageband drum loops just aren’t cutting it and those FL Studio sound packs are too limited, then we’ve got something for you: live, acoustic rock drums!

In most cases, we’ve chosen a handful of tasty beats, mixed in a few fills, and let the track roll. If you’re just looking for a true “press and play” situation to just get your creative juices flowing, we think you’ll like what we have been posting and sharing. All drum tracks were created using specific loop download packs we offer here at Beta Monkey. So, if you like what you hear and are having fun jamming along, we have more where those came from. There are plenty of rock drum loops to choose from, spanning a variety of popular rock genres, in our main shop page.

About these Rock Drum Loops on the 90 BPM Backing Track…

This rock backing track is a great one to jam along with to inspire new songwriting ideas. We’ve created a 90 bpm groove with a handful of loops and fills, leaving plenty of space for creative riffs.

Whether you go all-in with an aggressive attitude or a more laid-back attitude, this rock drum track should be versatile enough for either. This straightforward 16th note groove drives forward for 24 bars with the last eight bars capped with a distinctive drum fill. This staple rock beat should serve many musical styles well and give songwriters a musical way to practice or experiment with new song ideas.

Let’s wrap this up! If you like what you hear, download the all the 24-bit high quality drum audio loop files (WAV, APPLE LOOPS, REX2) here:

Drum Werks IX – Hard and Heavy Rock


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