What can Beta Monkey do for your songwriting?

Recording drum loops in the studio, May 2019

Whether you’re a professional musician or a weekend warrior, Beta Monkey offers a wide variety of live, acoustic drum loops and drum samples for many different styles of music. Rock, metal, blues, country? We’ve got those grooves. Odd time, fusion, jazz, funk, percussion or World Grooves? Yeah, we have those, too.

As our user-submitted music demonstrates, we have inspired a diverse roster of artists from every corner of the planet. But, enough with the talking, listen to what our users, from around the world, have been creating and hear how our drums can work for your music too.

Get the drum loops that get results.


This playlist includes a wide range of musical styles, all created using drum samples from Beta Monkey. From and country to fusion and jazz, our all-acoustic, fresh from the studio drum samples have inspired artists worldwide with powerful and versatile grooves from some of the top drummers you have undoubtedly heard on top-selling albums and seen on stage.All of the following was created using Beta Monkey drum loops and samples – order yours from the shop page.


If you’re looking for the only realistic option for metal drum tracks, then the Double Bass Mania Series is for you. While imitated throughout the years from so-called “competitors” (who even have the nerve to name their products suspiciously similar to our own!), our metal drum loops and samples clearly stand head and shoulder above.


Whether you’re after that old-school swinging funk vibe of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and The Meters or needing more of funk feel in the vein of Tower of Power or The Roots, Beta Monkey has some funky goodness for you. Recorded by some true masters of their craft, you won’t ever be able to program this kind of feel with midi drum loops (though we can’t knock folks for trying). Get your own funkiness from the Rock Hard Funk loop series.


You know what the secret of getting great country drum tracks? Head down to Nashville, find one of their sweetest-sounding drum rooms and a seasoned drummer with credits on hundreds of albums, and hit “PLAY.” If you’re not able to that, then the Pure Country Series is the answer (because that’s exactly what we did).

Want More User-Submitted Music?

More Beta Monkey user-submitted audio demos featuring can be found in individual drum loop library pages. Head back to the main loop shop page to view all current sample libraries.

Whatever your style, we have the grooves you need.