Beta Monkey Releases High-Octane Rock Drum Loops

100% Live Rock Drum Loops - Studio Drum Tracks for Rock, Alt Rock, Classic Rock | Beta Monkey Music Drum Werks XXVIIIDrum Werks XXVIII delivers the energy and power that you’ve been hungry for in your rock drum tracks. In this high-energy library of rock drum grooves, we’ve mixed the feels of uptempo Bonham-esque rock, Bun E Carlos-flavored power pop, and Dave Grohl alt-rock in one powerhouse set of grooves that will push your music hard.

You Want Rock Drums That Rock Hard?

Big, loud rock drums. That’s what you’re after. And, we went in and capture those and added the BPMs you’re looking for as well. Want to take your tempos up a notch? Drum Werks XXVIII serves up the high-octane rock drum loops with no apologies. Hundreds of powerful rock drum loops ranging from 125 BPM to 180 BPM  deliver the powerful rock drums that are never out of style.

Perfect for fans of John Bonham, Simon Phillips, Alex Van Halen, and Dave Grohl proud, this is the groove inspiration you’ve been looking for in rock drum loops. Pure, live rock drums. No beat detective. No sequenced samples. This is live, steaming, sweaty, raw rock and roll – the way it was meant to be.

Get your hands on over 600 MB of big and bold rock drums, with a matching and complete 200 MB complement of drum and cymbal samples. Loud, fast, and versatile – that’s what Drum Werks XXVIII is all about.

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Drum Werks XXIV offers 600+ MB of versatile 6/8 drumming between 30 bpm and 60 bpm in straight 8ths or shuffle feels.

Drum Werks XXV delivers 6/8 grooves and fills from 70 bpm to 100 bpm.

Drum Werks XXVI Rock Ballads will inspire your songwriting with a versatile collection of live ballad drum tracks covering tempos from 40 bpm to 100 bpm.

Drum Werks XXVII Groove Rock Drums will inspire your next rock songwriting project with simply rocking grooves. Powerful groove rock drum loops, settled right in the heart of the “groove zone” between 90 bpm to 120 bpm.

Drum Werks XXVIII is for songwriters who need  hard rock, classic rock or alt rock drum tracks. Grooves sets ranging from 125 BPM to 180 BPM will deliver live, punchy, and powerful rock drums to your recordings.

Drum Werks XXX features over 500 punk-rock and punk drum loops and samples for whatever your brand of punk music. If you need it fast and aggressive, your music deserves the true attitude of SoCal punk as well as classic East Coast and British genres.