MusicTech Magazine Reviews a customer favorite: Classic Backbeats II

In the March 2019 edition of MusicTech Magazine, reviewers took a good look at one of our all-time favorite drum loop collections: Classic Backbeats II. This old-school library of drum grooves, all inspired by the timeless drum beats of 50s and 60s, really delivers that early rock and roll vibe.

Using a vintage Ludwig Black Oyster 60s drum kit, we set up a classic four-microphone arrangement and hit record. The vintage sound we were after was there. It was in the drums as well as in the room! Having a seasoned L.A. session drummer behind the kit didn’t hurt things either. Experience with the drum parts of those early Rock ‘n’ Roll records (as well as the Motown and Chess Records grooves) made this recording session a breeze.

Simply put, it was one of quickest and easiest collections of drum loops and samples we ever tracked. An experienced studio session player, great acoustics in the room, three hours, and four microphones – that’s all we needed to create one of our all-time best-selling drum sample libraries.

So, when MusicTech asked to review this pack, we were more than happy to oblige. They took a good listen, put it through some real-world testing, and came to some conclusions. Not surprisingly, they thought of it much how we do. In short, it’s a great-sounding and versatile drum sample pack for anyone after that pure, undeniable vibe of the iconic beats that defined a musical genre.

A few highlights of the review:

“An excellent collection of grooving drum loops with subtle live details and plenty of variations to help with arrangement.”

“The loops are either quite long with subtle details, or there are multiple versions with different variations, meaning it’s easy to build a complex, lively and flowing, full drum performance.”

“Despite the rock ’n’ roll origins, the grooves here could also be used in a variety of productions, especially live soul and jazzy hip-hop.”

Read on to learn everything they had to say.

Beta Monkey Music Classic Backbeats II Review March 2019
Beta Monkey Music Classic Backbeats II Review March 2019


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