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Classic Backbeats II Review – MusicTech Magazine March 2019

Classic Backbeats II Product Image

MusicTech Magazine Reviews a customer favorite: Classic Backbeats II In the March 2019 edition of MusicTech Magazine, reviewers took a good look at one of our all-time favorite drum loop collections: Classic Backbeats II. This old-school library of drum grooves, all inspired by the timeless drum beats of 50s and 60s, really delivers that early […]

Sometimes You Need a Reminder

Audio waveforms of drums

A Beta Monkey user reminds us of what makes Beta Monkey different We received an email recently. At first view, it was a nice compliment about the work we do here at Beta Monkey. And, of course, it was a testament to the non-stop work by a very talented artist, Simon Reich. Simon has been […]

Jazz Essentials II Jazz Drum Tracks Review – MusicTech Magazine August 2018

MTM Magazine August 2018

Live, unedited jazz drum tracks… that’s what Jazz Essentials II is all about! When you think of jazz, you think of free-flowing improvisation. Free, unfettered, exploration of a a musical idea that demands space and time to develop. Jazz is about communication between musician and musician as well as musician with the audience. At its […]

MusicTech Magazine Review: 9/10 Stars for Double Bass Mania VIII Metal Drum Loops

Double Bass Mania VIII Modern Metal Drum Samples Product Image

MusicTech Awards 9/10 Stars for Double Bass Mania VIII We just released another slamming metal sample library in the Double Bass Mania Series. And, so it’s always nice to hear that others see our work the same way we do: as the most usable and versatile live drum loops available anywhere. And, what makes this […]

Drum Werks XXX Punk Drum Loops Review: “Drum grooves with raw attitude and impeccable timing”

Modern Punk, Punk Rock, Punk Pop - Drum Werks XXX Product Box

Drum Werks XXX Review: “Drum grooves with raw attitude and impeccable timing” MT Verdict 9/10 A varied and powerful sounding loop library with a good balance of simple patterns and tight playing, alongside raw energy and exciting fills. Drum Werks XXX Punk Drum Loops, one of our latest drum loop releases, is a featured review […]

MusicTech Magazine Review: 9/10 Stars for Drum Werks XXVII

Groove Rock Drum Loops - Live Drums for Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Nice to see one of the solid hard hard-rocking additions to the Drum Werks Series received received so warmly by our friends over at MusicTech Magazine. You can read the full review in the September 2016 edition, but this summary should suffice: Uncluttered, driving rock grooves with a punchy sound, which would work well as […]

MusicTech Magazine Review: Studio Percussion Toolbox Library

Percussion loops - Studio Percussion Toolbox Product Box

June 2014 MusicTech Magazine Review: Studio Percussion Toolbox Library Music Tech Magazine reviewed our Studio Percussion Toolbox release and, once again, pointed out the usability, versatility, and value of our drum loop collections. This review clearly recognized the high-quality and versatility of this collection of percussion loops. What did they think? Besides their “Best Value” […]

Sample Libraries: On Test Drum Werks V Review

Drum loops for all styles of rock, alt rock, blues, and more: The Drum Werks Series of Drum Loops and Samples

Drum Werks V Review from Sound on Sound Magazine Sample Libraries: On Test Published July 2005 By Dave Stewart, John Walden & Paul White Software > Sound Library Drum Werks Volume 5 ***** ACID Beta Monkey Music are a US-based company specialising in competitively priced drum loop collections. Their various titles are mostly aimed at […]