Beta Monkey Reviewed in April ’05 Recording Magazine!


Check out what Recording Magazine had to say about our Drum Werks Vol. V:

Beta Monkey Review Recording Magazine

“These drums are all one kit, recorded very cleanly in a damped but not totally dead room. All the emphasis is on getting the sounds down as simply as possible, leaving sweetening to the recordist. For any given tempo there can be a couple of dozen different grooves with different elements emphasized or left out, plus halftime and doubletime loops, intros, fills, and enough extras to assemble a very convincing drum track.

Special attention is paid to hi-hat and ride patterns, with tons of variety presented for each tempo.

Those little touches combine with the overall clean and clear sound of these drums to make Drum Werks 5 a real treat for engineers who like to put their own audio magic on instrument tracks rather than having them arrive all dolled up and ready to go. Beta Monkey has a wide variety of products organized by style and data format; check out their web site for more details.

Oh, one more thing: did we mention this library costs well under thirty bucks? Instant no-brainer!”

Mike Metlay Recording Magazine