A Beta Monkey user reminds us of what makes Beta Monkey different

We received an email recently. At first view, it was a nice compliment about the work we do here at Beta Monkey. And, of course, it was a testament to the non-stop work by a very talented artist, Simon Reich. Simon has been using a number of different Beta Monkey drum libraries over the years, including a few of the Rock Hard Funk Series, the Drum Werks Series, and the Jazz Essentials Series. He’s tried many different drum loop apps and drum loops, but he’s always the first to tell us that we are his “go to” place for quality drum tracks.

We’ve seen his work grow and evolve – he never fails to create such beautiful music in whatever genre he chooses. So, it goes without saying, we owe a enthusiastic “thank you” to Simon for trusting his music with us and for always keeping us current on his latest recording projects.

But, let’s go back to his email that came in sometime in January of 2019. Here’s what he wrote:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your fabulous company. Your drum loops are awesome & certainly helped me to reach No1 on the New & Hot Jazz chart on Soundcloud.
Keep pumping out those great, feel driven beats!!

Now that I have Sound Replacer on Pro Tools, your single hit samples also become a necessity in my producers arsenal, as sometimes the recorded drums in sessions aren’t quite up to scratch & it’s a fabulous resource to then replace it with the multi velocity samples your packages provide. 🙂

Simon Reich
Artist & Musician


As we read his words, it really struck us. What we offer here at Beta Monkey is actually unique when you compare to the other sites you’ll find online selling drum loops and samples. Much of what he shared with us really took us back to when we started releasing our drum recordings way back in 2001! We had a vision then of what we wanted to offer recording artists, and it’s clear that our original vision remains as vital and inspiring today as it ever was 18 years ago.

Let’s dig a little deeper and go into what we mean by commenting on a few lines from Simon’s email.

Your drum loops are awesome & certainly helped me to reach No1 on the New & Hot Jazz chart on Soundcloud.

If there is one thing we always wanted to happen with our loops and samples, it’s how we could help musicians and recording artists reach their musical potential and goals. Let’s face it, not every has a drummer on call, or even a proper space to record drums. We had access to a number of great drum rooms in New York City and Los Angeles, and, even more important, we had access to many of the best drummers in these towns.

We just wanted to share this with everyone we could. We went out, recorded, edited, and assembled over 50 different sample libraries since those early days. And, at last count, we’ve shared these with over 70,000 customers in countless countries around the world. We always kept the prices fair, and customers always kept coming back for more. Did we help musicians out there create new music and even reach some of their musical goals? We think we did, in even greater numbers than we ever thought possible.

Keep pumping out those great, feel driven beats!!

We have since the beginning always recorded live drummers using acoustic drums. And, if there is one thing that you will always capture when you do this, it’s definitely “feel.” While other sample companies were more than happy to edit loops to metronomic perfection, slicing and dicing away so the groove would line up with saccharine perfection to the grid, we just said “no.” What’s the point? Why record drummers with platinum albums under their belts, in rooms where the drum tracks of so many famous and iconic songs were recorded, to just go and hit the quantize button? No thank you. We never wanted that lifeless perfection and it seems pretty clear that neither did any of you.

If you’re looking for that sort of robotic vibe, we’re sorry to disappoint.

…your single hit samples also become a necessity in my producers arsenal… it’s a fabulous resource to then replace it with the multi velocity samples your packages provide.

Something you’ll NOT find on many loop libraries? Matching samples of all the drums used in recording. And, we’re not just talking a single snare hit or two and a kick sample. We’re talking a full range of drum samples, capturing the softest hits all the way up to the full-force strikes. Because we offer a complete multi-velocity collection of samples with all of our loop packs, so many users have found them invaluable. Whether it was to create new parts that were not covered with the loops, or even to augment and custom existing loops, the versatility they add to every Beta Monkey pack of drum loops is obvious. When we started doing this back in the day (again, 2001 – it’s been a long time!), no one did it. It just wasn’t done.

And, as the years rolled by and other company’s copied the idea, they never were as thorough as what we offered. To this day, few, if any, sample producers bother doing this. Maybe it’s too much work on their part, or maybe they don’t care. Sadly, it might be both.

Let’s wrap this up, shall we?

What came in as an innocuous email of praise proved to be much more: a reminder of what we are still doing right today that we have been doing since the beginning. Providing musicians and artists of all styles with some of the best damn drum loops and samples you will find. Inspirational and versatile, with plenty of feel and vibe, that’s what Beta Monkey loops are all about.

We have to thank Simon once again for the reminder.

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