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Beta Monkey User Profile: Simon Reich

Simon Reich performing live

Get to Know: Simon Reich Simon Reich is an award-winning pianist and composer from Victoria, Australia. Despite a later start than most, he turned music into a full-time profession. He shares his insight and work as a long-time Beta Monkey user.   Simon Reich began composing music in his teenage years, but in most cases, […]

Sometimes You Need a Reminder

Audio waveforms of drums

A Beta Monkey user reminds us of what makes Beta Monkey different We received an email recently. At first view, it was a nice compliment about the work we do here at Beta Monkey. And, of course, it was a testament to the non-stop work by a very talented artist, Simon Reich. Simon has been […]

Metal Drum Tracks Still Flowing from the Double Bass Mania Series!

YouTube Screenshot of customer using Double Bass Mania drum loops and drum samples

The Double Bass Mania Series – Still Inspiring Metal Drum Tracks Every now and then you get sucked down the Youtube wormhole and you come across all sorts of things. This video came up and we heard the drums and thought, “Hey, wait a minute, these drum tracks sound familiar!” Sure enough, the audio was […]

Live, acoustic drums? What a concept!

A nice find shared with us, making great use of the classic sounds found on Classic Backbeats II If you’re after the sounds of live acoustic drums played in the styles that launched rock-n-roll, the grooves and fills from Classic Backbeats II will do the trick. These are the kind of drums recorded the way […]

User Submitted Track Using Jazz Essentials II Drum Tracks

User submitted video using Jazz Essentials II

Live Jazz Drum Tracks in Action – Jazz Essentials II It’s always nice to hear what our drum loops and drum tracks can actually do when put into the right hands.We go to the best rooms and hand the sticks to some of the best players in the business so you can make your songs […]

User-Submitted Songs: Double Bass Mania Modern Metal in Action!

Double Bass Mania VII Modern Metal Drum Samples Product Image

The Only Real Metal Songwriting Resource Getting It Done! What can happen when you grab your very own copy of Double Bass Mania VII or Double Bass Mania VIII? What can you do with the right tools to create powerful metal drum tracks? What can our metal drum loops do for your music? Here are […]

User-Submitted Video Using Jazz Essentials II

Jazz Drum Loops, Jazz Drum Tracks - Jazz Essentials Sample Series

Jazz Essentials II Jazz Drum Loops: Commercial Our drums show up everywhere. Check out this one, using the full-take live jazz drum tracks from Jazz Essentials II. Video Info: Content Marketing for The New Summer Lamb Burger. Music from Beta Monkey Music, editing together tracks from their Jazz Drum Tracks collection. If you need some […]

User Submitted Music Using Beta Monkey Loops

Beta Monkey Drum Loops User-Submitted Music Showcase SoundCloud

User Submitted Music Using Beta Monkey Loops One thing that has always separated us from the pack of loop sellers/producers is the quality and quantity of the final product (i.e., your music!). We used to keep up on everything we could find posted online or sent to us, but do so less and less as […]

Beta Monkey Drum Loops in Action!

Angel Reca – Florida based guitarist has been playing Hendrix and Hendrix inspired music since the seventies, he is one of the best in the business when it comes to Hendrix! The video features the bluesy-rock, rock drum loops of Drum Werks IX – get the same drum tracks behind your music. Learn more about […]

Introducing New Metal Drum Loops – Double Bass Mania I: Reloaded

Drum Loops for Metal - Double Bass Mania I Reloaded

Need Your Metal Drum Loops to Rip It Up? Introducing Double Bass Mania I: Reloaded! Bigger. Louder. Faster. Double Bass Mania I Reloaded metal drum loops are all-new for 2013. New content from start to finish: new sounds, new samples, and new grooves. We took the pure metal spirit of the original Double Bass Mania […]