The Double Bass Mania Series – Still Inspiring Metal Drum Tracks

Every now and then you get sucked down the Youtube wormhole and you come across all sorts of things. This video came up and we heard the drums and thought, “Hey, wait a minute, these drum tracks sound familiar!”

Sure enough, the audio was constructed from the metal drum samples and loops in the Double Bass Mania Series libraries (sounds like Double Bass Mania II, 95% certain). It was a great view and got us to thinking why we do what we do – to give musicians the world over a chance to play with some of the best damn drum tracks out there (metal or otherwise).

We never have any idea of who will use our drum loops, and we certainly have no idea how they will be used. But, in the end, they are still getting used and abused to no end… as the following video will attest to.

Enjoy the heaviness and here’s to more metal spewing from the rhythmic depths of Double Bass Mania!

Be sure to check out more of these videos over at dmometalguitar YouTube channel.


Hear what other great music musicians are creating with the metal drum loops and samples from the Double Bass Mania Series.