Why Beta Monkey?

No matter your musical instrument or songwriting, Beta Monkey drum loops and samples can help you write more efficiently and creatively. We have nearly every drum genre covered with the kinds of essential grooves everyone needs. No matter who you are, our loops and samples will help you do what you do.

Hard-hitting rock, alt-indie pop, blues, jazz, fusion, odd time, country and metal — Beta Monkey drum loops are 100% live and acoustic drums. We deliver powerful songwriting tools for all musical genres.

As the world’s most popular independent drum loop producer, our sample libraries deliver incredible bang for the buck. We’ve inspired over 95,000 artists worldwide to record, edit, and mix their music with easy-to-use and natural acoustic drums.

Unquestionably, Beta Monkey’s instantly downloadable drum sample packs deliver professional studio audio quality and powerful creative control throughout the songwriting process. We’d like to think it’s because we have the right drum tools for everyone.

The Beta Monkey Difference

Great Drums: The Kind Your Music Needs

While other loop sellers offer heavily processed, heavily effected, and repetitive drum sounds, Beta Monkey offers a wide variety of clean, pure drum loops. The one comment that consistently comes back to us is that our drums are incredibly versatile for many musical genres.

Because we avoid the heavy compression and reverb so commonly applied elsewhere, we leave you with the headroom to make our loops fit your music and NOT the other way around. We prefer to give YOU maximum control over the drum sounds. The choices are yours.

And, as our user-submitted music demonstrates, there is a simple truth and beauty to what we believe in and offer.

Great Prices: Get More and Pay Less

We offer the most competitive prices around. Compare our prices anywhere and you will find that you get two or three times the drums for any competitor’s price. Sure, we could charge $49.99 for any of our loop sample packs, but we won’t. We’d rather have you get two or three libraries, love them, and come back for more. We do a huge amount of repeat business and price is certainly an important factor. Bottom line? Pay more elsewhere or get more here. It’s that simple.

Great Service: Always Here to Help

We make sure you get the right product and we stand behind our product. Need help before or after purchasing? We are here. Try calling Sonic Foundry after getting burned by one of their loop releases – you’d be lucky to get through to anyone before they laughed in your face. Our customers send us their music and praise daily – It’s not by accident that these things happen.

We pride our company on the best customer service available anywhere – just ask any of our intensely loyal and satisfied customers. Like what you see but still not sure about ordering? Email us! Ask questions or just say hello – you will be heard.

Now that you know what we’re about, let’s get you the best drum loops and samples for your music!

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