March 2013 MusicTech Magazine Review: Double Bass Mania VI Triplets of Doom – Doom Metal Loops


MTM Verdict: “Although aimed primarily at doom metal producers, the triplet swing makes this is a surprisingly versatile collection of weighty, live drum grooves and fills.”

The staff at Music Tech Magazine likely have never heard a drum loop product like this one before! But, they were game to hear something different and something unlike the usual sample releases they regularly feature. So, we gave them what they asked for and waited for the review to come out. Turns out they had some rather complimentary things to say.

What did they have to say about these sludgy, low-bpm chugging grooves? A few excerpts (you’ll have to go out to the local news stand to buy a copy if you want to read every last word) from the review:

“As you would expect from a metal-based drum library, the production is incredibly solid, with punchy kicks and snares designed to cut through a wall of guitar and bass distortion. As the loops are also on the slow side, there’s a huge amount of space between the hits, which can be filled with all manner of brutal, chugging guitar riffs.”

“What really surprised us about these loops, though, is that when you take out the metal-style double kicks
you actually have a highly versatile collection of beats that could easily be used in any number of other genres
outside doom metal, making this a versatile pack indeed.”

“a surprisingly versatile collection of weighty, live drum grooves and fills.”

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To preview and order, visit Double Bass Mania VI Triplets of Doom Metal Drum Loops.