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All of the products listed as Bay Area 01 Sessions were recorded in the same studio on the same drumkit. The Bay Area 01 Sessions were recorded and mixed by one of metal’s leading producers/engineers, responsible for some of the most influential metal releases in the past twenty years.

Mixing and matching loops and samples from any of the “Bay Area 01 Sessions” will be seamless – all samples and loops will blend perfectly.


This hard rock and metal drum loop library bundle was recorded in the cradle of metal and thrash: The Bay Area. The Power Combo Pack includes Double Bass Mania VII and Drum Werks II: Reloaded together for over 2 GB of loops and drum samples.


Double Bass Mania VII is 'the' sample pack for loud, intense modern metal. Insane metal drum loops for modern death, deathcore, djent grooves with a powerful, high-definition drum mix.


Speed, deathcore, tech metal, or djent. If it's heavy, it's here. 900+ metal drum loops to create powerful metal drum tracks and over 250 MB of single shot drum samples to create even more.


Simply put, these are bigger, louder, and heavier hard rock drum loops than you'll find anywhere else. Supercharge your songwriting projects with the powerful hard rock drums they deserve.