August 2012 MusicTech Magazine Review – Drum Werks XXII: Ska Drum Loops Library


MTM Verdict: “…Expertly played ska beats that are packed with natural groove and character”

The fine folks over at Music Tech Magazine gave us another solid review for the latest round of releases this year, notably the Reggae and Ska Drum Loops from our “L.A. Returns” Sessions.

While a departure from our usual hard-rocking stuff, the versatility and quality found in all of our drum loops is certainly on display here in this collection of ska grooves and fills.

What did they have to say about these tasty go-to collections? A few excerpts (you’ll have to go out to the local news stand to buy a copy if you want to read every last word) from the review:

“Luckily, live drum specialist Beta Monkey Music has brought in one of L.A.’s top session drummers and produced a tasty pack of 631 ska-inspired loops.”

“The massive folder of fills is an excellent resource for padding out any drum arrangements…”

“This is a flexible and well played collection that’s packed with natural rhythm…”

For the full review, visit MusicTech Magazine.

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