Beta Monkey Releases Live Brush Drum Loops: Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes!

Sometimes when you want the real thing, there is simply no substitute. And, if you want to capture the heart and soul of country music, you need to get down to Nashville. Beta Monkey Music’s Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes™ captures the authentic sounds of Nashville, laying down an entire disc of brushed drum parts for traditional styles of country music.

Our third installment in the Pure Country Series is a complete country songwriting package, featuring over 400 acoustic brush and stick drum loops and a complete multi-velocity sample set taken from the drums used to record the drum tracks. If you need the real thing, all the nuances and textures of brushed drum parts, laid down with impeccable taste and time, then Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes™ will deliver, true Nashville inspiration for less than a night out at your favorite honky tonk.

No MIDI sequencer can get the human feel of brushes on the drums

With over 400 brush drum loops, including trainbeats, ballad patterns, Johnny Cash style beats, this is comprehensive package of drum loops for songwriters. All loops are performed exclusively with brushes and as perfectly at home in country music as any other style requiring live, acoustic brushwork.  The loop and sample pack includes files for all song elements: count-ins, main grooves, groove variations, fills, intros and endings. In essence, all the parts you need for songwriting and drum track construction are included.

A complete songwriter package with live, acoustic brushes – it’s doesn’t get any more real and versatile than Pure Country III Nashville Brush drum loops.

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