Beta Monkey Drum Loops Metal Songwriting Contest

May/June Style: Metal

We heard some brutal metal sent in for the contest. It was a testament to not only what can be done with the Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania Series of pure metal drum loops, but the absolute creativity and passion of the metal artists around the world.

While all of the entries made great use of the Double Bass Mania metal drum loops, we went with the ones that left the most “punch to the throat” impression. A big thanks to everyone for sharing – check upcoming emails for the next songwriting contest genre!

Here is the winning entries for the May/June 2012 Songwriting Contest:

 “Faceless Wonder” Scott Boss (using Double Bass Mania III and Double Bass Mania IV Metal Drum Loops)

“Entre Lobos” Enrique Lopez Hidalgo” (using Double Bass Mania III Speed Metal Drum Loops)

The winners will be notified via email and a Beta Monkey t-shirt will be on the way. Let’s hear some great new music for next month’s contest (check your email for the next contest’s style)!