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Who doesn’t like free stuff? But, free drum loops from other companies means providing your email address. And, you know what that means.

After a barrage of daily emails about how you can “Save 90% — Today Only!”  on their products, you begin to question your decision to get their “free” stuff.

There was a price after all – namely, your privacy (as well as your sanity). We can’t tell you the horror stories told by our customers who tried other companies’ free stuff, but, the word “regret” seemed to come up often.

However, Beta Monkey does it a little differently. We offer choice selections from some of our ‘best drum loops’ (to be honest, they’re all pretty darn good!), completely free for users to test and evaluate.

We also do drum loops a bit differently as well, but you can be the judge of that. And, best of all, you don’t have to pay anything to find out what sets us apart from the rest.

Looking for free rock drum loops?

Yeah, we have those. Free country drum loops? Of course. Loops for metal, rock, blues, funk and other styles? Download the free download pack and try creating some new drum tracks today.

But, most important, download these free drum beats and fills to try out in your recording software and put the loops up to the most important test of all: your ears.

In the download file below, you get free drum loops for GarageBand and Logic (APPLE Loops / AIFF format) as well as free drum loops for Cubase, ProTools, Ableton Live, Reaper, FL Studio (16-bit and 24-bit .WAV format) and REX2 format (see list of programs).

In other words, download our free drum loops now… with no strings attached. These are, quite possibly, the best free drum loops you’ll find anywhere. We hope you see how our grooves can help your music and come back for more.

Like what you hear on the demos? Information about the sample packs comprising this free download are noted in the downlodable .zip file.

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What’s included in this free drum loops download?

  • Double Bass Mania I Reloaded Metal Demo : This balls-out collection of metal drum loops includes 91 beats and fills in three loop formats: 16-bit .wav, 24-bit .wav, and APPLE LOOPS (AIFF). The tempo is 120 BPM and is definitely a powerful pack for anyone playing modern metal.
  • Double Bass Mania VII Demo : Next up is another brutal installment from our Double Bass Mania Series. This one is definitely a hard-hitting and savage collection of metal drums. Tracked and recorded in Oakland, CA, this one is for all you deathcore players but will inspire all sorts of modern metal drum tracks. It’s loud. It’s fast. It’s metal. What more do you want?
  • Drum Werks IX Rock Drum Loops Demo – Nearly 80 MB of no-nonsense, hard-hitting rock drums. These drums were tracked in a spacious drum room using a Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit. It’s quite possibly our favorite rock drum sound we’ve gotten over the years. The real secret of the sound, though, was the room. We just set that kit up, tuned it, mic’ed it up and the room took care of the rest. Little to no processing was even needed. Some obvious EQ and balancing of the channel tracks to get that perfect balance between the close mics and the room mics and we were good to go. This free folder of loops includes 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS/AIFF, and REX2 loops.
  • Drum Werks X Punk Demo – One of all-time best-sellers. Lots of folks dig that energy and simplicity of punk drumming to be sure. 82 loops in 16-bit .wav, 24-bit .wav, and APPLE LOOPS (AIFF) formats.
  • Drum Werks XII Blues Demo – These are the essential grooves for the blues, from 12/8 to shuffles. Although a limited number of trial drum loops are in this folder, we’re sure it will inspire new blues tracks for all songwriters. Just about 30 MB of audio in this bluesy folder.
  • Drum Werks XIV Brazilian Demo – Essential Brazilian rhythms to inspire you to a new level of groove!
  • Drum Werks XVIII Rock Demo – Lots of rockers out there, so we thought we’d include another free pack. These beats were recorded in L.A. and really capture that L.A. sound – thick, punchy, balanced. Like a lot of great recordings of drums, it really comes down to the basics: a well-tuned drum kit played by an experienced drummer recorded in the right space. That pretty much precludes any drum mix issues and makes it a breeze to finalize the drum sound. These loops are for all the rockers out there, whether you’ve been in the game for years or are just getting started.
  • Drum Werks XXII Ska Demo – Everyone loves ska. High-energy, fun, infectious grooves. Doesn’t matter if you like the originators or the Johnny-come-lately bands of the 90s!
  • Odd Time Meltdown II Demo – Some many other sample content producers just don’t have a clue about odd times. We had to do something about that. Here’s 20 MB of deliciously odd meter grooves.
  • Pure Country I Demo – These freebie country drum loops will inspire ballads as well as country rockers. Shuffles, swings, double-time beats, Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ is your ticket to great country and country-rock drum tracks. These free country drum loops are a great way to get to know what we have waiting for you in the Pure Country Sample Series.
  • Pure Country III Brushes Demo – You just can’t program brushes. It has to be the real thing or just don’t bother. Hear what a skilled country studio drummer can do with this all-brushes pack.
  • Rock Hard Funk I Demo – A beautiful mix of funk grooves with a heavy emphasis on experimentalism. These mini trial is literally a drop in the bucket compared to the massive collection of funk grooves found in the complete sample library.
  • Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk Demo – Some really strange and wonderful beats on this one. We intended it for modern funk players but we’ve heard it used in all sorts of different contexts. And, it’s little wonder when you consider the rhythmic timelessness of the grooves of James Brown, P-Funk, and early hip-hop. These hybrid beats defy categorization!
  • Studio Percussion Toolbox Demo –  The internet is flooded with cheesy, MIDI-programmed percussion loops. These, on the other hand, are the real deal. Are you ready to handle what live percussion loops sound like (not to mention what they’ll do for your music)?

So, there you have it. Over 500 free loops weighing in at over 600 MB of useable audio content in .WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 file formats.

Don’t say that Beta Monkey doesn’t love you – enjoy!