Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk – Songwriting Challenge Winners!

We gave our users a chance to win a free downloadable collection of drum loops with a simple challenge:

Take a small selection of loops from our latest funk drum loops release Rock Hard Funk III and create an original musical composition that would capture the judges’ ears! And, this was no easy task, the provided sampling taken from Rock Hard Funk III was only a fraction of the disc, with no more than a handful of essential grooves and a few fills.

We knew the best entries would have to make do with this limited set. And, they did. They cut, pasted,
twisted and mangled the 75 MB of loops to fit some truly interesting and captivating pieces. Some were a little bit on the rock side, some definitely had the funk, and some were somewhere from another planet.

These are the songs that got our feet a-tapping and our heads a-nodding!

1. “Nighttime Hallucinations” by Tom Noyd & His Staff

2. “Monkey Business” by Simon Reich

3. (tie)

“Beta Monkey Contest RHF III” by Mike Jandreau

“Your Monkey Or Your Wife” by Angelo Furlan

Thanks to everyone who sent in their songs – what a wildly diverse collection. And, although, we couldn’t have picked every submission, we wish we could have – there were so many great tracks that rocked hard nonetheless.

Look for future challenges as new Beta Monkey drum loops are released.

The Beta Monkey Crew
Beta Monkey Music

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