Beta Monkey Drum Loops Odd Time Songwriting Contest

April/May’s Style: Odd Time

We were really floored with the diversity of entries for this contest. The styles ranged from classic prog rock to Zappa-inspired romps to styles we can’t even begin to label. Really, a totally and beautifully random collection of music linked by only one common element: the use of odd time meters. We chose to go with only one winner for this month’s contest which made it even more difficult in deciding on a winner.

While all of the entries made great use of our two odd time discs – Odd Time Meltdown I and Odd Time Meltdown II – some even used 4/4 loops, sliced and diced every way imaginable, to create odd time drum loops arranged in diversely creative ways. A big thanks to everyone for sharing their deliciously odd compositions!

So, who won?!

Here is the winning entry for April/May’s Odd Time Songwriting Contest:

The winner will be notified via email and a Beta Monkey t-shirt will be on the way. Let’s hear some great new music for next month’s contest (check your email for the next contest’s style)!