Beta Monkey Drum Loops Metal Songwriting Contest

March’s Style: Metal

We received more entries than we had anticipated for the March Metal Songwriting Contest. The styles ranged from old school metal and industrial metal to power and death metal – what a wide range of metal songs submitted. Believe us, it was NOT easy narrowing it down to three winners.

It was difficult to choose because so many songs were just so heavy and had 100% metal vibe – everything that makes metal what it is. We went with gut reaction, what struck us immediately and held our attention throughout the tune. distinctly different. Each one of the winning entries showcased the Beta Monkey drum loops in brutally different ways and were flat-out metal (regardless of stylistic differences). To everyone who entered, horns up – \m/!

So, who won?!

Here are the winning entries for March’s Metal Songwriting Contest:

 Eric Williamson: “Flashback” / Double Bass Mania II

 Scott Boss: “Limb from Limb” / Double Bass Mania IV

 Kyle Young: “Red Lettering” / Double Bass Mania IV

Tom Cline: “Into the Line of Fire” / Double Bass Mania II

Mike Pelosi: “Forces of Evil, Part I” / Double Bass Mania IV

Winners will be notified via email and Beta Monkey t-shirts of their choosing will be on the way. Let’s hear some great new music for next month’s contest: ODD TIME. Submissions due by May 31, 2011.

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