Beta Monkey Drum Loops Rock Songwriting Contest

January’s Style: Rock

We received 279 song submissions for the January songwriting contest. And, it quickly became clear that there are many definitions for “rock” out there. From acoustic ballads to power pop to full-blown metal, we heard a wide range of songs that could all be argued as “rock” (goes to show anyone that it is a difficult task to throw a label on any musical work!).

It was a tough call and we had a number of great tunes that didn’t “win” (although writing the song alone is accomplishment enough) because they were just a little too far outside of the rock realm. It may have been too light, too heavy, or in some cases too experimental.

But, regardless of who we chose, we could hear the passion and conviction behind each and every song. As drummers, we envy all you guitarists that can write and express musically what’s in your hearts. Anyone who thinks music has seen better days doesn’t know what musicians are creating day in and day out. We know – we heard nearly 300 of these recordings!

All of the music submitted comes from our rock drum loops lineup of products.

Alright, enough talk. we’re sure you want to know – who won the rock drum loops contest?!

Well, actually, three of you guys did. We decided to award limited edition Beta Monkey T-Shirts to artists that spanned the rock spectrum, from the Alt-Americana edge through the guitar rock middle to more aggressive hard rock (but not quite metal) territory. We just couldn’t pick one over the others – each one was selected for entirely different but valid reasons. That said, here are the winning entries:

 Alex Brenner: “Can’t Stop Remembering You” / Drum Werks VII

Daren Woodall: “Apex” / Drum Werks IX

Jeremiah Kelly: “Mind Tangle” / Double Bass Mania II

Winners will be notified via email and Beta Monkey t-shirts of their choosing will be on the way.

Let’s hear some great new music for February’s contest – check your email for this month’s style.