Beta Monkey Drum Loops Recording and Video Contest!

How to import Apple Loops into Garageband, Logic We’re always delighted to come across your musical creations on the web, particularly the ones that have been cropping up on YouTube. So, we thought we might make it a little interesting for everyone with this promotional contest!

What’s this contest all about? Create a YouTube video that uses our loops and explains how you use our grooves to help you do what you love: create music. You can record yourself recording the song, playing your best solo over our drum tracks, or even create a more ambitious MTV-Style video of your song.

For those of you that teach, you could present a video lesson explaining some aspect of your instrument or songwriting. Or, if your music has been used in a commercial, then that could work as well! It’s truly wide open and only limited by your imagination and creativity.

In short, the contest is open to any type of work, commercial or otherwise, no matter the style. Of course, the only stipulation is that you use either our loops or samples in your creation.

Contest Rules:

Music is part of us all, so we want to see and hear anything that speaks to what you are about, whether you’re a death metal guy, a bluesman, or a pop specialist.

All styles welcome – the only requirement is that you use our drum loops in your video and make note of Beta Monkey and our website ( in the video summary. For those that always ask, “Who should I credit for the drums? Who’s the drummer? To that, it’s easy. Just credit “Drums by Beta Monkey” and that will easily suffice.

Entries will be judged on originality and quality and everyone has a chance to win. We’re looking for anything and everything – the winners will just have that certain “something” that stands above all other entries. All decisions are final and will be solely at the discretion of Beta Monkey staff. Again, we know what we like when we hear it and usually leave at just that: our “gut” reaction. So, you may win or you may lose. Either way, you’ll likely have put together some great music and a catchy video that will ultimately get your music out there to everyone. So, What are you waiting for?

Here are a number of great examples of what can be done:

Guitar Jam:

Guitar Jam II:

Guitar Jam:

Guitar P.O.V.:

Animated Video:

Guitar Lesson/Instruction:


Enter as many times as you wish – no limit to the number of videos posted/entered. By submitting a video, you grant Beta Monkey permission to use your entry for promotional purposes. Although unlikely, Beta Monkey reserve the right to cancel the contest and awarding prizes if a minimum number of entries are not received or if no entries meet the minimum standards of the contest. All decisions made by our judges will be final. By entering this promotional video contest, you agree to all terms of this promotion. Contest winners will be announced on our website. Good luck and enjoy the grooves! Let’s fire up those DAWs and let the riffs fly!

And, for those of you who do submit that “special” kind of song? Here you go:

1 Grand Prize: Ten (10) Beta Monkey discs of your choice.
3 Runner-Up Prizes: Three (3) Beta Monkey discs of your choice.

How to enter:

  • Submit your video to YouTube (or other video site, including your own website) and email the link to
  • Need help posting your video to YouTube? Get help for creating and uploading videos to YouTube Share your videos with Beta Monkey here..