Bought “other” loops that let you down?

If you shop around, you’ll notice we always beat the competition in terms of price and value. We offer no-nonsense low prices every day and deliver loop releases with hundreds of inspiring and usable grooves. No over-priced, underwhelming drum packs here.

But, sometimes you are mesmerized by the hyped-up sales pitch that is somewhat non-descript and doesn’t tell you the full story. Lists and lists of gear used, name-dropping at every chance, and hyperbole after hyperbole.

So, you think you are getting a massive collection of usable drum grooves (because so and so played it on a bubinga-rosewood-birch-maple-mahogany drumkit through ultra-boutique pre’s made by little elves once every twelve years)… only to find you have little to show for your purchase. Lots of lofty talk… until you download the product and realize you’ve been taken for a ride.

Well, we’re here to remedy your mistake. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Email us your story. Tell us what you purchased and how it let you down (while expletives are understandable, try to keep them to a minimum).
  • Based on your experience and musical tastes, we will send you our list of recommended Beta Monkey libraries with a coupon for 50% your first Beta Monkey purchase.
  • Get it off your chest. Feel better. Get loops that will truly work for you. And, SAVE 50%.
  • Send your horror stories here: Here is my let-down story