2017 was business as usual, what else can we say?Taking care of customers, new and old, for all styles of music that need the sounds of live acoustic drums!

But, we definitely were not as prolific in terms of putting out new drum loops and samples for all you out there asking for more. That’s our focus for 2018, without question.

So, we want to thank the thousands of you out there who put your faith in Beta Monkey drums for your music in 2017 – we wouldn’t be going into year #16 without you! And, a big thank you as well to all of you who take the time write asking for more great drums (we get it — there really isn’t anyone out there putting out great live drum samples — not sure why no one gets that!) as soon as we can release them. You keep us moving forward into 2018.

To everyone, a happy (and musical) new year!