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Seamless Loop Transitions

Seamless drum loop transtions

Take Your Drum Loops to the Next Level: Seamless Loop Transitions Introduction We all know what real drums sound like when played – they ring, they rattle, they vibrate. Unlike many other instruments, drum kits are a collection of distinct sounds. There’s the low thump of the kick, the crack of the snare, the punchy…

User-Submitted Video Using Jazz Essentials II

Jazz Drum Loops, Jazz Drum Tracks - Jazz Essentials Sample Series

Jazz Essentials II Jazz Drum Loops: Commercial Our drums show up everywhere. Check out this one, using the full-take live jazz drum tracks from Jazz Essentials II. Video Info: Content Marketing for The New Summer Lamb Burger. Music from Beta Monkey Music, editing together tracks from their Jazz Drum Tracks collection. If you need some…