Beta Monkey Drum Werks VIII Now Available in REX2 Format!

Drum Werks VIII | Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Rock Drum LoopsAnother one for the collection! Drum Werks VIII is now ready to ship as REX2 format drum loops. Non-stop rock grooves, geared for a wide range of writing styles, just waiting to get your next tune going.

A must-have for anyone who needs live and acoustic drum loops with the raw rock energy that define modern alt-rock music. As well as being for alt and indie rock songwriters, this loop pack offers the type of drum grooves and fills will also find a home in other genres such as pop, experimental, and electronic music.Drum Werks VIII is from the same recording session as Drum Werks VII – feel free to match any of the beats and fills from either collection for seamless playback.

If your music needs live studio drums, Drum Werks VIII will be a solid choice.

Preview and purchase the new REX2 format loops from Drum Werks VIII REX2…