Beta Monkey Music Releases Complete Drum Tracks for Jazz

Jazz drum tracks - Jazz Essentials IIA different approach for the next installment in the Jazz Essentials™ Series. Jazz Essentials II  offers complete takes live jazz drum tracks with essential jazz grooves in wide range of tempos and styles. We captured the live feel and phrasing in a 2GB collection of full drum tracks!

Perfect for playing along or for grabbing just the bars you need. An absolute wealth of traditional jazz, played with impeccable taste and time. Jazz Essentials™ II offers users nearly 2.1 GB of live jazz drum tracks in tempos ranging from 60 BPM – 200 BPM.

Jazz Essentials™ II Drum Tracks is now available for $49.99 in both disc and downloadable formats. Whether you play traditional jazz, latin-jazz, or anything needing some swing, this collection will deliver a wealth of live jazz drum tracks to your songwriting sessions.


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