Beta Monkey Music Release Blues Drum Loops12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, blues-rock shuffles

Beta Monkey Music announced the release of Drum Werks XII, a comprehensive blues and blues-rock drum loop library. Featuring over 675 samples, the disc offers traditional 12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, rock shuffles, up-tempo boogies and more.

“We are very excited to introduce the new blues library to our ever-growing library,” said Rich Rice, Creative Director at Beta Monkey Music. “This product was geared for anyone craving traditional blues drumming feels in their music. We feel it captures the soul and sweat of the essential grooves of blues and blues-based music and can be a great weapon in any bluesman’s songwriting arsenal.”

With a wide span of tempos from a laid-back 60 BPM Groove Set™ to a blistering boogie set at 180 BPM and multiple tempos in-between, Drum Werks XII delivers a versatile collection of blues drumming samples. For even greater songwriting flexibility, a complete matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set of all the drums used to record the drum tracks is included.

“With so many musicians asking for a no-nonsense blues disc, we feel this one really delivers what they have asked for,” Rice added. “We are proud to present a collection of blues drum loops that fills that need at a price anyone can afford.”

Get your hands on Drum Werks XII blues drum loops now.