Beta Monkey Releases New Collection of Slow Rock and Ballad Drum Loops

Ballad Drum Loops - Drum Werks XXVIDrum Werks XXVI Ballad Drum Loops takes the tempos down, inspiring your songwriting with a potent toolbox of drums to compose rock ballads and other styles on the softer side of the musical spectrum.

With an all-live and acoustic collection of loops ranging from 40 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXVI: Rock Ballads will lay the foundation of your most sensitive and emotional compositions for today’s working songwriters and producers.

Need to Slow Things Down a Bit?

If you’re inspired by The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Aerosmith, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton or any other artist who has lived on the “softer” side of rock, then these loops will serve you and your music well.

Of course, all songwriters need options when it comes to inspiration. We’ve got you covered there. With over 700 MB of drum loops and nearly 200 MB matching multi-velocity drum samples included in this new sample library, you have options.

Whether it’s intense rock ballads, spacious acoustic rock, mellow classic rock, It’s all possible with the rock ballad drum loops offered on Drum Werks XXVI.