Beta Monkey Releases New Country Drum Loops: Pure Country I “Rocking Nashville”

Modern Country Drum Loops - Pure Country I

Beta Monkey Music’s Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ is an all-new country drum loop sample pack, capturing the authentic grooves and sounds of Nashville in one powerful sample library.

Beta Monkey Music went straight to Nashville, the heart of country music, and recorded in one of the premier drum rooms in town. Add a seasoned pro behind the kit, with both the playing skills and knowledge of the genre and you have the absolute authority on country and country rock drum styles.

The set delivers main grooves, groove variations, fills, intros and endings – everything you need for quick and easy drum track construction. A complete songwriter package for writers who want less time building drum tracks and more time writing music.

Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville is a complete country songwriting sample pack, featuring over 500 acoustic country drum loops in nine (9) different Groove Folders™ and a complete multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set. If you need real drums laid down with authority and feel, then Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ will deliver true Nashville inspiration.

What’s included in this sample library?

  • 524 (625 MB for 24-bit; 424 MB for 16-bit) original, license-free drum loops.
  • 91 (72 MB for 24-bit; 48 MB for 16-Bit) multi-velocity drumkit samples (kick, snare, toms) and cymbal samples (hihat, ride, crashes).

From ballad feels to shuffled country swing to all-out double-time feels, Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ will cover a wide range of your country and country-rock drum track needs.

Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ Country Drum Loops is now available for $29.99 in both disc and downloadable formats. Whether you play a Tele, Strat, or Les Paul, there’s a groove in here for everyone!

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