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What are the best drum sample packs?


What are the best drum sample packs to improve your songwriting? For starters, let’s be honest. There are tons of drum sample packs online. But, finding the drum samples that will work best for your music is often tricky given the sheer volume of choices (ranging from amazing all the way down to useless). We […]

Midi Drum Loops or Live Audio Drum Loops?

Should Musicians Use Midi Drum Loops or Live Audio Drum Loops? An In-Depth Look into this Long-Debated Topic So, you’re inspired, and you want to write some new music. But, no matter what ideas you have going in your head, you are likely are going to need some drums to truly take your rough ideas […]

Using a Metronome to Practice?

Using a Metronome to Practice? Five reasons you Should (Sometimes) Lose Your Metronome Introduction Let’s start off this article by getting this out of the way. You should practice with a metronome. No matter your instrument. There’s no better way to improve your sense of time. That perfection of time, punctuated by an endless stream […]

Popular Songs Written in 3/4

Popular Examples of Music Written in 3/4 Time: A Historical Look at the Use of the 3/4 Time Signature in Popular Songs While we have previously covered different time signatures in other tutorials, today we’d like to explore a time signature often forgotten about when thinking of modern popular music. While everyone has surely heard […]

Converting Audio Drum Loops to MIDI

Converting Audio Drum Loops to MIDI

Take Your Music and Songwriting to the Next Level: Converting “Audio Drum Loops” to MIDI In this tutorial, we will cover a number of topics about converting audio drum loops to MIDI loops. These include: Introduction Hands-On Treatment for Small Batch Conversions Dedicated Software Options Keep the Feel, Add the Melody Parting Thoughts and Final […]

Download Online Drum Loops? Three Reasons Why You Should.

Why Use the Best Drum Loops?

Why Download Online Drum Loops? In this article, we examine three benefits of downloading online drum loops for musicians and drummers alike. Introduction Every songwriter has or can easily download drum loops. There’s no shortage of free drum loops out there if your music is of the electronic sort: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, […]

5 Essential Sample Packs: Rock Drum Loops

Rock drumming means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about high-energy and power. For others, however, it’s more about a deep pocket and play-for-the-song mentality. While the rock genre is vast (just think of all the rock genres: classic rock, hard rock, Southern rock, blues-rock, pop rock, alt rock, to name a […]

Popular Examples of Music Written in 6/8

SharkBite Studio Live Room

Some of our Favorite Songs in 6/8 Time While drum loops in 6/8 have a long tradition here at Beta Monkey, we’d like to talk about something else: namely our favorite all-time grooves in this unsung but grooving time signature. Songwriters have always found the best drum loops for different styles and time signatures in […]