How about some DOOM METAL?

Had enough of the flaccid metal samples from other companies? Over promising and under delivering with 200 loops (and still with the nerve of charging $50)? They talk a good game, but don’t bring the serious power and groove to the table.

That’s why Beta Monkey has the been the #1 independent drum loop company in the world for nearly 10 years – we deliver quantity and quality. And, this month, a brutal heaping of heaviness as well. Get the drums you demand – big, heavy, and powerful – with Double Bass Mania V Doom Metal and Double Bass Mania VI Triplets of Doom!

Introducing the slowest drum loops we offer – Double Bass Mania V Doom Metal

Doom, stoner, sludge metal drums - Double Bass Mania VDouble Bass Mania V Doom Metal is an all-out assault of brutally thick and hypnotically heavy doom metal drum loops. With a tempo range between 25 and 60 bpm, we laid down the ultimate in doom, stoner, and sludge metal drums.

You get straight-ahead drum tracks as well as insane double bass runs to satisfy the insatiable thirst for heavy drum grooves with space as well as power.

Double Bass Mania V: Doom Metal is for anyone needing heavy, ultra-slow and spacious drum loops to deliver the rhythmic backbone for your nastiest and sludgiest riffs. Single kick, double kick grooves, multiple drum loop variations, drum fills, and a complete drum and cymbal sample set, Double Bass Mania V delivers the sludge and dirge. – the only metal drum loop disc of its kind anywhere, for anyone writing classic and modern doom metal, stoner doom, death doom, epic doom.

Over 800 loops in ultra slow tempos from 25 bpm to 60 bpm and full matching drum kit samples are included with purchase.

Learn more and order the doom metal loops and samples offered in Double Bass Mania V today.

Want more doom metal? Double Bass Mania V was recorded at the same session as Double Bass Mania VI, with DBM5 being straight time feels and DBM6 being triplet-based grooves. Double Bass Mania V and VI were recorded and designed to complement each other.