Introducing Beta Monkey Drum Werks XXII, drum loops for ska and ska hybrid styles


Ska Drum Loops - Drum Werks XXIIInspired by a wide variety of ska drumming performances, Drum Werks XXII Ska Drums is an all-new collection of ska drum loops that brings the authentic ska rhythms to your music.

Live Ska Drums Never Felt So Good!

If you’re after live Ska Drum Loops and Samples, the types of beats that Ska, Uptempo Reggae and Ska Hybrid Styles are all about, then you’ll find no more versatile and inspiring collection. Packed with over 600 ska drum loops, Drum Werks XII offers drum grooves and drum fills ranging from 50 bpm to 200 bpm and over 200 MB of matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.

Perfect for modern ska and rock-reggae hybrid songwriting styles, Drum Werks XXII Ska Drums includes basic grooves as well as more syncopated accented ones, with full snare shots and cross-sticking. The perfect companion to Drum Werks XXI Reggae Drums – pure, ska-inspired rhythms for a variety of musical settings.

Drum Werks XXII will lay down the groove foundation for any traditional ska project, providing the slinky funk and uptempo energy you need. This collection of ska drum loops is also ideal for any ska and reggae influenced music like Drum & Bass, Dub or Dubstep.

If you’re after live drumming for your ska drum tracks, this collection is hard to beat in terms of quality and quantity of high-energy ska loops.

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