Nobody does the Blues like Beta Monkey: Drum Werks XXIII

Blues Drum Loops - Drum Werks XXIII

Authentic live blues drum loops – 12/8 Blues, Shuffles, Charleston Shuffles, Blues-Rock Rhythms – Drum Werks XXIII will deliver the blues! If your songwriting is lacking the authentic playing of an experienced blues drummer, Drum Werks XX has the blues, blues-rock, and shuffles you’ve been searching for.

Get Authentic Drum Loops for Blues, Blues Rock, and other Blues Styles

Get the grooves that defines all the blues greats. Whether you’re inspired by traditional blues stylings of Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, B. B. King or go for a more rock-infused Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton or Joe Bonamassa vibe, these blues grooves will build the the foundation of your next blues or blues-rock project and inspire you with the true feel and touch of a veteran bluesman.  You can’t touch these feels with virtual instruments or MIDI tracks – that’s for sure.

With a comprehensive range of blues drum styles, Drum Werks XXIII delivers.

Whether you need no-nonsense 12/8, shuffles, Charleston shuffles and other shuffle variants, Drum Werks XXIII will bring out your inner bluesman. Rhythms ranging from 45 BPM to 145 BPM will deliver authentic live blues feels.

Over 600 loops weighing in at over 1 GB and 200+ MB of multi-velocity drum, cymbal samples give songwriters a wealth of swinging blues grooves to choose from.

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