Beta Monkey Releases New Collection of Classic Rock Drum Loops

Groove Rock Drum Loops - Live Drums for Rock, Hard Rock, Classic RockDrum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock Drum Loops will inspire your rock songwriting with 100% live, powerful acoustic rock drum loops, straight from our drum room to your home studio.

No cliche sample replacements. No unrealistic sequencing. No stiff quantization. Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock was inspired by rock’s greatest drumming performances and played by one of the best studio drummers in L.A.

Hitting the Sweet Spot of The Rock Groove Zone

Covering 90 bpm through 120 bpm (a range of tempos we call the “groove zone”), Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock offers dynamic rock drumming styles covering hard rock, classic rock, and alt rock grooves. Each Groove Folder’ contains the essential rhythms you need to create your music. Main groove patterns, verse, chorus, fills, and more. If you can drag and drop audio, then you can create professional drum tracks instantly with Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock.

Because of our innovative “Single Session” sample library approach, you get a consistent drum sound across the entire collection of drum performances found on Drum Werks XVII. All drum loops will sit easily and perfectly into your mixes – ideal for larger, long-term projects needing a consistent drum mix across multiple songs.

This drum sample sample library weighs in at a hefty 850 MB of pure, live rock drumming. And, to top it all off, you also get an extensive collection of matching drum samples to complete this powerhouse library for rock songwriters.

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Industry Praise for Drum Werks XXVII:

In the September 2016 edition of MusicTech Magazine, Drum Werks XXVII went under the microscope. Here’s what they had to say:

Every loop has been expertly performed and recorded with the same settings, making it easy to mix-and-match grooves, even with other packs from the same series. You’ll find a range of beats and fills across four folders, with tempos ranging from 90 to 120BPM, and each fill has been named to indicate which drums were used.

Uncluttered, driving rock grooves with a punchy sound, which would work well as the backbone to a song.

Drum Werks XXVII Hard Rock

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