Beta Monkey Releases Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk – The Ultimate in Funk Drum Beats!

Drum Loops for Funk, RnB, Funk-Rock and More - Rock Hard Funk IIIFunk drumming is all about the feel, the groove, and the pocket — all the rhythmic elements that make funk beats nod your head and tap your feet.

And, that’s what we’ve delivered on Rock Hard Funk III, the latest powerhouse collection of funk drum loops in the Beta Monkey catalog.

You can’t program the feel or soul of these live grooves. Capturing the rhythmic nuance and history of funk, rock, hip hop, RnB, Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk blends it all together in musically inventive grooves that speak to those who can hear the difference. While it’s EZ to program for modern pop styles, sometimes you need something more. Something a lot more.

Your New Drummer for Live, Studio Drum Loops for Funk, RnB, Funk Rock, and All Things Groove

Tired of lightweight limp loop collections offering way less and charging more? We have seen enough of those too. Build the ultimate in hybrid funk drum tracks with over 800 MB of loops, over 450 two, four and eight bar drum loops for song inspiration. Demand quality and quantity!

Whether you need the roots of funk or any funk style derivative, Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk will inspire with a truly unique mix of groove styles. Grooves sets ranging from 60 BPM to 130 BPM will deliver authentic live funky feels. Delivering over 800 MB of live funk drumming and more than 200 MB of matching drum samples, you can’t touch the funky deliciousness of Rock Hard Funk III with virtual instruments or MIDI tracks.

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Beta Monkey releases Rock Hard Funk

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  1. Ben D says:

    Nice sample library. I checked out these funk loops and like what I am hearing. Any deals running this month?

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